Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday's Ramble and Roll...

Good Evening everyone.. 
We have had such a beautiful Saturday here in the Maritimes of Canada.. 

Very windy out so I thought I should get a few more things dried on the line.. 

It has been a very busy day but the best kind of busy.. 
Just doing things I wanted to do.. 
No pressure to get something done for a particular reason.. 
Just doing it because.. smile.. 

At Cow Town in Sussex they have 50 pounds of squash on for 13 dollars, I think... 
Terry's garden only had about a dozen of them and as this is one of our fave veggies we bought a bag.. 
I am also trying to do the $!00.00 bulk buying challenge so this fit the bill.. 
They will not keep all Winter so we freeze it.. 
Usually, we cook and scoop and freeze but a customer in the shop told me she does it this way.. 

Just peels, cubes and freezes it and then just has to cook it.. 
So we are giving that a try..

Costco now has Honey Crisp Apples which were cheaper even then the market... 
I would have bought them there but they did not have seconds.. 
The price at Costco was the best and I was afraid I would not be able to get any more.. 

I dried the whole lot of them.. 
I think it is a 6 pound bag which is not much but cost $10.00
A lot of wonderful snack food though.. 

When we were down to the cottage this week I picked some more herbs..

Some lovely oregano.. 
They have not had much frost yet.. 
The benefits of being by the Bay of Fundy... 

After we peeled and cubed the squash I just put them in plastic bags..

Took the air out with a straw and Ta DA... 
All finished... 

Mom told me that my Aunt Leatha used to do hers that way, too.. 
How do you girls freeze your squash..
 Or do you?  

Don't these look good?

After they are dried I store 36 slices in a brown paper lunch bag (si they don't get soggy like in a plastic one)... 
Why 36 slices you may ask... grin.. 
Each apple had about 18 slices so that is equal to 2 apples.. 
When Terry and I go for a drive or some such thing then I grab a bag and we each have an apple for a treat.. 
Dried that is.. 

Here is a close up of that table cloth that I had hung out on the line..

Isn't that beautiful?
I bought it at a auction, I think.. 
Reminds me of Scotland.. 
The home of some of my ancestors.. 
We have some Irish ones, too.. 
eh, Christine... grin..

Some more herbs from the cottage..

I grew a big pot of basil mint for the first time this year.. 
I loved it and will try to get it again next Spring, Lord willing.. 

I put it in a salad today..

Another bottle of homemade salad dressing.. 

Why do people buy this stuff?  
Homemade is so much tastier and better for you.. 

Dustin and his lady were here today after they had been to the Farmers Market this morning.. 
She told me that they had the same kind at the market and she told Dustin to tell me how much it cost..

He said it was $16.00 :-)
She looked at me and laughed at my expression.. 
She said she bought it once.. 
Oh my..
 Even if it was 100 percent organic I don't think that even makes sense.. 
Do you? 
Anyway.. half of that loaf went home with her.. smile.. 

Then I did up a bunch of bottles... 

They need to go to the cold room until they are needed for the next time.. 

Some quinoa salad.. 

A nice Saturday lunch and I was craving it.. 
Do you ladies make it?  

Then here is a gift from my Mom..
Another box of lace that I had at the shop.. 
I may have showed this to you before.. 

I can't remember but it is for my lace cupboard since it came from Mom... 
You know how I love this stuff..

And a gift from our youngest son.. 

What could you buy Faye Henry from the Farmers Market and make her day?

Homemade Patchouli Soap.. 
It smells heavenly.. 
What a dear lad he is.. 
We enjoyed their visit as always.. 

Well, dear hearts that is all for tonight.. 
I should call this Ramble and Roll... grin.. 
I think I will.. 
I do ramble on sometimes and roll from one topic to another..

Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow.. 

It is also a day of Remembrance here in Canada.. 
So thankful for a free nation made possible by our dear veterans..
We must never forget... 

God bless ...



  1. Your quinoa salad and that loaf of bread look so delicious. And the dried apples, too. I had an old Amish recipe for pie made with dried apples. I need to look for it. Have a lovely Sunday, Faye, a day of rest. ;-) xo

    1. Thank you, Barbar.. You have a great evening..xo

  2. Evening Faye, always enjoy your posts, make me smile and hungry.....those dried apple slices look so yummy......beautiful blanket on the line, love the smell of laundry dried outside.......We are in a winter storm watch this evening, snowing, blowing, wonder what the morning will bring?????? Yes, Rememberance day tomorrow, I wear my Poppy proudly......Blessings Francine.

    1. Hope you did not have too bad of a storm, Francine.. I love my poppy, too.. xo

  3. Faye, thank you for remembering the veterans after your lovely blog post... I think you had a great day! I could not find Honey Crisp apples this morning... I have one left and will enjoy it... bought some Gala's... to dip in Carmel yummmm... I need a dehydrator (keep saying that).

    1. Sounds lovely, Mary Ann.. thanks for visiting..xo

  4. I got me a dehydrator and haven't used it yet. I did go to the Amish stores here in Iowa and stalked up on theirs; so much easier. Someday I am hoping to use the dehydrator and my bread machine - just been working so many hours; had 51 in last week. But I am so thankful to have a job. I enjoyed reading your post here, I would love to take lessons from you.

    1. Man, you are working a lot, dear girl.. Try to get some rest but a job is something to be thankful for as you say.. God bless ..xo

  5. You have had a busy Saturday. It was a lovely day and did you see the stars tonight? Just beautiful and so crystal clear. Your home made bread looks so good. I can't imagine paying so much at the market! I don't make it but sure wouldn't pay that for someone to do it for me! I always enjoy your ramblings Faye. Hugs, Pamela

    1. We certainly have a beautiful sky here.. Thanks for visiting and your sweet comment my friend..xo

  6. Hi Faye

    Sounds like you had a lovely day today. Your bread looks wonderful!


  7. Faye, I could eat every thing you showed tonight. What scrumptuous looking food. You always make everything sound so simple and easy. And it looks so delicious. I would like to have more time next year and work again with some herbs. I was thinking about putting a dehydrator on my wish list this year but have not made a wish list yet for dear Santa. Your tablecloth is gorgeous. So white and bright and beautiful embroidered thistles. I usually make the sqaush and then put it in containers or bags and freeze it but my sister says to do it your new way. She said it is much easier. I love what you call "ramble and roll". Keep it up! What little bird was up there peeping about my kitchen. Believe me, it is nice but it is not anything like you see in those magazines!!!!!!!!

    Love ya.........

    1. Thank you for your faithful visits my friend.. Glad you are having a little change about anyway.. smile..xo

  8. Dear Faye, I just love your Ramblings.I h've been droping by ,but havn't stop to comment,I never fail to enjoy your postings.So thankful fr them and You.ooxx

    1. Hi Cathyjo.. So so nice to hear from you and so glad you keep dropping by.. xo

  9. Love all the rambling! It is Veteran's Day here in the USA today as well.

    1. Thank you for your sweet visit Lana.. Take care..xo

  10. I've often thought of dehydrating fruit but don't have a dehydator. Maybe one of these days. My daughter in love does though and what she dries is pretty good. It's Veteran's day in USA. Phil and I went to Applebee's for our free lunch since they were honoring that again this year. We were both USAF. Afterwards we stopped at Trader Joes for a few things so I didn't need to go back in a couple's a block away from where we ate, 30 min. from our house...which is the best way to go? Then stopped at Costco for gas and then went to see if there were good prices on turkey...scored at $.99 a lb. 23 lbs...yippee! Raining here today. Have a good week, Faye! Hugs!

  11. Aaahhh! Another peaceful trip through the life of Faye Henry. I just love reading all your rambles and rolls!

  12. Missed seeing you yesterday...looks like you've been busy...I need to get cleaning for when keepers comes over on the 24th...TTYL

  13. Squash. O no ... google translate don't tranlate this word. Is it apple? I like the pics. Especially thar ones with things on the line ...
    I have no clothes line :-) But the first year of our marriage we lived in/at a farm. If I close my eyes I see the washing line, the clothes and behind that the corn field. And the silence ... it was so beautiful.

  14. I always make my own salad dressing. My favorite is lemon juice with olive oil, salt & pepper. So easy and cheap!

    Your dried apples sound delicious. I need to try that sometime.

  15. What a lovely post! Your tablecloth is beautiful --- and your apples look so delicious dried like that. I haven't tried freezing squash as you described, but I think it is a great idea! I love how you used a straw to get the air out!

    Ta-ta for now
    LaTeaDah from Gracious Hospitality

  16. You need to give us the recipe for the basil dressing. I have some that needs to dry...and get used for something. I was thinking of making it up for soap. Ms.Meyer's has some basil handsoap that is divine.
    Your bread looks delish...and I've been able to hang laundry on the line still.
    We're getting a cold front tonight...but if the sun is out and there is a breeze...I hang out laundry- doesn't matter the temp to me!

    Take care, I loved this ramble and roll. Pat