Thursday, November 8, 2012

Company at the farm today..

Hello everyone.. 
So glad you dropped by the Blessed Hearth.. 
My, it is cold here.. And we had snow.. Terry said he heard the plows out about 5 a.m.  
I am glad I did not hear them or I might not have got out of bed.. grin... 
You probably all know by now how I feel about the Winter weather.. 
Oh well.. Spring is on it's way as my better half always puts it.. 

Thank you so much for all of your precious comments last post.. 
I know I sometimes get up on my soapbox but I think that is what blogging is all about.. 
I am glad you came back.. smile.. 

Today we were at the farm... 

It was windy and wild there but that was a good thing since Terry had to stay inside and work on the back porch.. 
He also hung the shelf in the above pic for me... 
The kitchen is small so this space comes in handy.. 
I need to change a few things but that will come later.. 

When that was finished... 
(I had to hold the shelf so he could hammer a dowel in for me.. Then he stripped a piece of copper wire and I made S hooks to hang some things... )

I made this fancy lunch.. smile.. 
Tomato Soup and my style of panini sandwiches.. 
Bread with tomato and cheese weighted down with a copper teakettle.. 
And one of the Grandma's Pickles that I did in the Fall.. 
Wow... are they sour but so good.. 
No.. Terry doesn't like them...
Reminded me of Gram and Kings Landing...

Oh and I made a loaf of bread and put it out by the wood stove to rise and we both peeled a few pumpkins and I put them on to cook.. 
I cut my thumb and all we could find to wrap it with was paper towel and electrical tape.. grin..

Then after the dishes I started making this..

My Mom and her hubby and son were going to drop in so I wanted to make a dessert...

I saw this on a site and pinned it to my PINTEREST
mini pies

But I could not find the right tin.. 
I even looked on EBay and Kijiji... 
No luck..
(if any of you dear girls know where I could buy one of these then please let me know) 

Well anyway..
We were in St. Martins yesterday and finally got it all closed down.. 

It was a very dull but windy day.. 
And cold.. 
Anyway as I was gathering a few of my soap making and candle supplies I noticed a tin that I had in case I wanted to make prairie cakes or such.. 
I thought it might work for the pies.. 
I packed it and brought it home.. 

Probably this is your last view of St. Martins from me for awhile...

It seems so forlorn to me at this time of year but the residents love it because all of us Summer people have flown the coop and returned home.. smile.. 
They have their town back...

On with the story... 
I took it to the farm with me today and scalded and cleaned it.. Dried it on the wood stove and thought I would give it a try.. 

About that time my Mom and Gerald and Hardy arrived.. 
My Mom is a pie maker extraordinaire.. 

I had to finish these with her watching me... 
That's my excuse why they do not look so great ... grin.. 

She said to me how much fun it is doing things like that.. 
I agree.. 
It was fun but I forgot to take a pic when they came out of the oven.. 

They don't look as good as the ones in my pin.. 
Their pan is bigger so I need to practice or pray I can find the right tin.. 

Mom had brought me a jar of her mincemeat and I used it along with a bottle of my apple pie filling and of course the pumpkin we cooked.. 

I forgot to take pics of Supper as there were so many people in that little kitchen.. 

My Mom gave me the most wondrous compliment.. 
She wanted to know how on earth I had made such lovely flaky pie crust... 

Imagine that... 

Here is my recipe.. 
Don't tell though as it is a secret and is completely opposite what they tell you to do... 

Faye's Pastry Recipe.. 
3 cups of flour 
1/2 of a pound of lard.. 
1 tsp. of salt.. 
up to 1/2 of a cup of COLD water.. 
The secret is to use soft lard and use your hands to work it all in before you add the water 1 T. at a time with a fork.. 

They always say to use cold lard but this is how I always do it and everyone always goes on about how flaky it is.. 
Try it and let me know how you make out... 

Here is for the pumpkin pie filling.. 
I forgot the recipe so this is what I made up.. 
2 c. of pureed cooked fresh pumpkin 
3/4 cup of white sugar
1 tsp. of salt
2 tsp. of our homemade pumpkin spice
Stir well.. 
Add 3 eggs... 
1 can (12 oz.) canned milk.. 
Blend really well .. 
The oven there is so hot that I have a hard time not to burn stuff but here at home I would cook it at 400 degrees F. for 15 minutes and then turn it down to 350 degrees F. until the centre is firm.. 
About half of an hour, I think.. 

This is all for tonight, I guess.. 

Thanks so much for your sweet visit and welcome to our new friends on the blog.. 

I am zonked.. Heading to bed.. 
It is pouring rain outside so my window will be open.. smile.. 

Luv ya all..  


  1. Hi Faye, how are you this evening? I love your cozy country kitchen and especially that enamel topped table and all the vintage things around it. I'm glad your mother liked your pie crust! Those pie tarts look scrumptious. It rained a bit here after supper so most of the snow is gone now. I hope you have a nice weekend. I think the sun will be shining but it will be cold. Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Pam.. And you sweet comment..
      You have a great weekend, too..

  2. Dear Faye,

    Your pastries look scrumptious! I, too, am a fan of working the lard in before adding COLDDDDDDDD water! I set mine in the freezer with ice cubes in it for about 10 minutes or so before I use it...something my nana taught me when I was a little lass.

    We had our first taste of snow this morning as well in Maine. My heart is just not into winter yet...I've been enjoying the beautiful fall too much! Oh, well, time to get those indoor projects done, I guess!

    Sweet blessings,

    1. Hi Laura.. So glad to have you.. My heart to tell the truth is never into winter.. Although, I do love indoor project time.. xo

  3. Oh what a wonderful post ! I do so look forward to seeing and hearing all you have been up to ! Yummy recipes and photos ! Thanks for sharing your wonderful cooking , baking and crafts with us you truly are a talented lady ! I haven't seen a pan like that for years , my mum used to have one that she made her tarts with . You may be able to find a pan like that at a thrift or antique shop , mum bought hers from England . Night, night sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite hehe ! My mum used to say that to us all the time ! *smile*

    1. Thank you dear heart.. I am still looking for one.. Perhaps someday.. Now if I could get to England..grin..
      Nightie night... xo

  4. Hi Faye;

    I cooked my pumpkins today too!

    I also learned the difference between pie pumpkins and the larger ones we use for Halloween. The Halloween pumpkins are a lot wetter!

    I didn't peel the pumpkins, I just cut them in half, scooped out the seeds and then turned them upside down on a cookie sheet and baked them at 350 degrees for about an hour and a half. I was able to easily scoop the cooked pumpkin off the skin without the struggle I would normally have had peeling the pumpkin. I then set the cooked pulp to drain, and drain, and drain. Next time I will buy the pie pumpkins.


    1. I have tried that method before, dear Laurie but for some reason I like boiling it better. These were pie pumpkins and nice and thick.. Terry grew them and was so disappointed that they were not all big but I loved them.. There were so many to use for decor, too..
      We must get together for coffee.. I know it is my fault.. soon...xo

  5. P.S. Faye;

    I forgot to add, your mini pies looked beautiful!


  6. looks so good, I remember lard from years ago, at home. all these years I have Never bought any, only shortening. my pie crust is not good, probably the lard!
    loved reading your post, like going home to visit on a cold blustery day!
    hugs!, praise from Mom, high praise indeed!

    1. I only use lard for pastry, Ann and according to our Maritime chef it is having a comeback.. Who knew?? grin.. xo

  7. Everything looks so welcoming and cozy.
    From the cute kitchen shelf, to the home-made soup and sandwiches, right on down to the mini pies!
    Thank you for the sharing the beautiful pictures, and recipe.
    I just happen to have some lard, so I'll have to give your crust a try :)

    Sleep tight, and sweet dreams my dear friend.


    1. Thanks for visiting my friend.. Let me know how you like it.. xo

  8. Enjoyed your post. Yummy pies indeed. Can you use butter instead of lard in the pie crust recipe? I have been working on a menu for thanksgiving. Trying to decide what pie to make. Either pumpkin or apple or peach? Will have 13 people here including 2 young grandchildren. Am planning on making fudge and giving it out as people go home, since some of them won't be here for Christmas. It's finally cold here, about 44 degrees F. Sunday was 70 and humid! Not a fall day we usually see. Am tired tonight and gonna go get crockpot emptied of chicken and it's soupy contents and rest a bit. Time change is the pits~take care and God bless~Becky from Oregon

    1. Hi Becky.. We are supposed to have a couple of really warm days next week.. I do enjoy them.. I have to wash windows... Have a great weekend, my friend..xo

  9. Wasn't that sweet of your Mama to give you such a compliment...even when you say she is "the pie maker". You are so lucky to have your Mama. Mine has been gone about 27 years. But she did teach my sister and I how how to make pies. She said - if there is one thing I want may daughter's to learn from me...that is how to make a pie. The church always asked my sister and I for our pies during luncheons and dinners. Mom would have been so proud.

    I'll bet your sweet little kitchen at the farm is wonderful. I love the shelf that you and Terry hung today. Just my type of shelf.

    It has been great to read your blog quite a few times in the last week. Sometimes what I read that you have written puts me in the mood to do it the next day. You are an inspiration to me.

    God be with you and Terry.

    1. Thank you my sweet friend.. So glad for you faithful friends who follow the blog so closely.. I appreciate it..
      A little birdie told me you are getting a new kitchen.. smile..
      God be you and hubby, too, dear..xox

  10. Replies
    1. Love having you, too, dear.. So nice to have new friends.. xo

  11. speaking of pinterest... I can always tell you pins when scrolling through even before your name comes up. smile! :)

    1. There are not many people who know me much better than you, Lindsay girl.. grin.. I couldn't hide if I wanted to.. smile..
      Luv ya.. xo

  12. I found your blog! Its interesting! Thanks.

    1. So nice to meet you, Jedidja.. Love your name..

  13. Snow? Yikes! I'm not ready for all of that just yet. Hopefully this winter is mild like ours was last year.

    Your food looks so yummy! I just want to sit down in your cozy country kitchen and eat a big bowl of that soup :)

    1. Oh Tammy.. I would love for you to, too.. I love your blog and so glad we met.. xo

  14. Hi Faye, What terrific post! In addition, Yum to the pies! We had about 4 inches, and it was so cold. Crazy weather this weekend weather prediction is 60 degrees. Enjoy your day. Hugs and Smiles, Anna

    1. Hi dear Anna... Is your snow gone.. Our's is, thank the Lord.. Nice weather coming up for a few days ...
      Thanks for your visit...xo

  15. Oh, I can just smell those pies now! They look delicious! I always enjoy your blogs. They are a chance for me to sit, relax, and be taken away on a wonderful journey to a friends home that is filled with so many wonderful smells, laughter and love. You are such a blessing and inspiration to so many!

    1. So nice to hear from you, Julie.. Thanks for your sweet comment and you take care.. xo

  16. I think I would love it at your farm :) Blessings

  17. That is exactly the pie crust recipe that I was raised on and make myself. People always praise that pie crust. So many recipes for pie crust these days are so complicated and do not produce the wonderful crust that the simple recipe does. Try brown sugar in your pumpkin pie! It makes a delicious difference!