Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cold weather days ...

Welcome to the Blessed Hearth this day.. 
So glad you dropped by.. 
Hope all is well with thee.. smile.. 

How is the weather in your part of the world?  

We had a couple of warm days and one was even record breaking.. 
Then overnight  the temps dropped back to very cold.. 
Typical, I guess for this time of the year..

The hunting season will soon be over for another year.. 
Our oldest son and oldest grandson got their deer.. 
A little bit of excitement for them.. smile.. 

Trevor and I had a little laugh together.. 
He has my Dad's gun ... 
Dad would go hunting every Fall without fail but the dear man never shot a deer.. 
But his gun shot one this week.. sigh...

I wish he could know.. smile.. 
He is certainly in a better place and we would not wish him back but sometimes you just wonder what he would say.. 
He never had a son and now we have all of these boys.. smile.. 
Sorry about that but sometimes I just get to missing him.. 

On with the show... grin.. 

I don't have anything very exciting or creative for you all.. 
Just another post of my doings as we say here... 

The thing about being retired is that you run the roads a lot.. 
This week we went to the farm for a day...

Made another broccoli salad... 

Set the old harvest table once again just for the two of us..

Made a banana bread and burnt the edges again.. 
That dumb  great stove... grin.. 

Made a casserole of chicken, rice and mushrooms..

Then ate too much of it.. 
Well, actually I only ate half of my chicken and Terry only ate half of his.. 
Brought the leftover casserole and chicken home and just added some carrots and chicken broth and had the best soup... 
You know me and my soup.. grin.. 

Terry went back to the farm today but I stayed home and did some much needed cleaning.. 
This pantry needed it badly, believe me.. 

I love it when it is all tidied up but it does not stay that way.. 
See that little flour canister there?

Isn't it dear?

I found it yesterday when we went to town at the thrift store.. 
Only $1.99... 
I know I did not need it but how often can you find something like that for two bucks?

Oh.. and I bought a huge old cloth Santa for three dollars.. 
I think I can make him prim.. 
I will let you know.. later, that is.. smile.. 

After all of that hard work cleaning today I decided since we both are going to stop eating sweet stuff on Monday that perhaps I might make this tonight for dessert.. 
It was very good... 
Here is the recipe I have used for many years.. 
Just click HERE..

We did not have ice cream.. 
Terry and I cannot have it in the house.. 
We both said at the same time tonight how nice it would be to have a scoop.. 
It was still delicious even without it.. 

Well, my dears I guess that is all for tonight.. 
I had a lovely conversation today with a dear girl in Maine.. 
Thank you for the lovely chat, Julie.. 
We do hope to meet in person some day.. 

Take care my friends and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
The comments are the icing on the cake as far as blogging goes..

I know you don't always have time to leave me a note but when you do it makes my day.. smile..

God bless..


  1. loved this post!!
    buck fever, hunting time!
    good for him, nothing like granpa's gun!! grin!
    I love your pantry & the canister!
    the table & the casserole look so great!
    so nice visiting with you!

    1. Thank you dear heart.. Always look forward to hearing from you ...xo

  2. Evening Faye ! I do love your pantry soo cute ! Wow ! great finds ! I had the same tins as you do there the tea, flour. coffee etc ! I love apple crisp , the meals you have here look soo Yummy ! Do you have the Banana bread recipe and if so would you mind sharing it if you haven't already I would love to give yours a try ! Well off to get Papa and my cup a tea for the evening ! Have a good evening my friend and thanks for sharing all you do !

    1. Hi Elaine.. Thanks for dropping by and yes I have the bread recipe.. I will look it up and either email it or put it on my next post..
      God bless you my friend..

  3. I always get hungry when I read your blog. :) I like that "find" that you got there, how cute!

  4. Your pantry is like my "dream" pantry, Faye. Your apple crisp looks so good, ice cream, whipped cream on top, yum. xo

    1. Hi Barbara... Thanks for being so faithful and for your sweet comment.. xo

  5. I would have liked to see a before picture of your pantry ;) It's so clean in there now it would be a shame to mess it up by cooking-LOL

    1. I didn't want to scare anyone, Lindsay.. LOL... I was thinking the same thing... But we do have to eat sometimes.. grin.. xo

  6. Dear Faye: If you happen to follow your Live Traffic Feed, you may have seen hours upon hours of "Houston, Texas" the past three days as I have tried to read every blog post since you began in 2010. I want to email you personally but when I clicked "Email Me" at margin, it told me that the blog didn't have that feature? How may I communicate with you? My email is I look forward to your reply...
    God bless you, dear lady!
    Houston, Texas

    1. Hi Lori... Sorry about that email thing.. I will try to fix it.. smile..

      My email is or

      So glad to have your reading the blog and look forward to getting to know you as well..
      God bless you, too...

  7. Dear Faye,

    Love the sounds so much like home! We are all hunters...yes, me included! LOL! (Though I'm hardly big enough to hold the gun!) My youngest son is the only one who has gotten a deer yet...and he did it with his little pick-up! We are hoping to get out a lot next sweetie has a few days off from work. You should see me in my camo! LOL!

    Have a blessed evening,

    1. Hi Laura.. Thanks for the visit and lovely comment.. I would love to see you in your outfit... grin.. xo

  8. Buck Day is approaching here in the mountains! My husband is not a hunter, but most of our friends are, and they share the bounty :-)

    Thank you for sharing your day with me blessed! m.

    1. Hello there M... So glad you dropped by and welcome to you as a new follower of the blog..
      God bless...

  9. Oh, Faye! As I told you in our ealier phone conversation, your blog is the sweet spot to my day. Such wisdom, humor, joy and inspiration in your words. One thing I notice, that I love, is that you always set such a lovely table. Even when it's just the two of you. You have inspired me to do the same, so the next time my dear husband comes home to lunch, I will have a lovely table set just for the two of us. Thank you!

    1. Thank you, dear... Hope you have a blessed weekend.. xo

  10. Oh, I see that you have your Create and Decorate magazines out. Aren't they just wonderful to curl up with when it is chilly outside? I have my pile sitting next to me as we speak!

    Oh, I am sure that your dad is looking down so proud of your grandson getting a deer. My boys just got their great-grandfather's guns and they are so proud. My grandfather was a hunter and fisherman and my older son has a great interest in those sports, I do wish Bapa was here to see it so that I could have seen the look on his face when J got his turkey and that they could share stories. We miss them but they are with us still, always in our hearts and memories.

    May God bless you my sweet Faye,

    1. Yes, I love my Create and Decorate.. Looking for some prim inspiration shall we say.. If I could only get time to make something.. grin..
      Thanks for your lovely visit, Kendra.. Always look forward to hearing form you...

  11. I love your pantry, Faye. I wish we had one like that here. I love all your jars..big and small. And I'll bet that most of the things in the jar are from your plants that you have havested and dried. I know you use them all of the time. You have got me using some of the things you use more often, too. That is a great flour canister that you got at the thrift store. I figure....if it is a bargain ...then I can find a use for it!! Wish hubby felt that way. Just kidding. Well, glad grandson got his deer with his Grandpa's gun. He must have been thrilled. You made my night...great post.

    1. Hi my dear.. Yes, there are a lot of herbs in those bottles.. So glad you are using some.. grin..
      Thanks for visiting and I do need to email you again.. grin. xo

  12. Hi Faye;

    I love the picture of your pantry. Mine is nowhere as pretty.


    1. Hello Laurie girl.. I expect yours is much more organized all of the time, though.. Good to hear from you as always. xo

  13. Mmmm~ the food looks so good, Faye... you would think I would learn to stop coming here when I'm on a diet, but.. I'm a glutton for punishment. :)
    Your pantry is so wonderfully organized~ do you do house calls? *haha* I love the little flour canister too... I love finding treasures like that.

    1. Dear Paula.. You always make me laugh.. Why is that? grin..
      Diet and glutton in the same sentence... LOL..
      Thanks for visiting, my dear friend...xo

  14. I loved your story about your dad and his gun. My dad was a hunter as well. I have his deer rifle now. I have never shot a deer with it. I let Hubby do that. Your pantry looks great. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Thanks, Donna.. I always love hearing from you.. I would let Hubby do it, also.. smile.. xo

  15. Your broccoli salad looks delicious and I love also the other pics. Here in the Netherlands you may only hunt if you have a hunting license. Otherwise: no gun in the house

    1. Thank you Jedidja.. I wonder how you pronounce your name.. smile..
      You need a hunting license here, too but we are allowed guns in our homes if they are registered..

  16. It was really cold this morning but it's warming up nicely now. Even though you say it's burned, I'd love a piece of your banana bread! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Come on over, Tammy.. grin.. We will share what is left.. xo

  17. Afternoon
    Oh my could I go for a piece of that banana bread with my coffee.
    Hugs & Love to my Pal Faye Henry
    Woolie Blessings

  18. Faye...
    I love the pantry as well, and the flour canister...Oh, I just adore it! Each time I stop by for a visit, I leave feeling inspired and encouraged. Your home looks cozy and so inviting, to me that speaks volumes of the family and their hearts.

    Question, have you all had your farm long. I'm kind of new around here and am trying to figure out if it was your old home or a home for the future? We just bought a farm in May, and Lord will it will be our home next year. It's 30 acres, we are city people wanting to go country :)

    Hope you have a blessed weekend~

    1. Hi Laura.. I know this bit is complicated about the farm but it was in my family.. It belonged to an aunt but when they had to go to a home it came up for sale and we bought it.. It is just a place where we go and hang out..Snowmobiling in the Winter and such..
      Perhaps in the future if we ever sell our cottage we will go there for the summers and have a few animals.. I would love that at our stage in life.. Who knows what the future holds..
      Yours sounds exciting.. A whole new way of life ...

  19. What an organized pantry you have...looks very "french country". Your chicken casserole looks yummy and I can almost smell the banana bread. It's in the upper 50's here in the Midwest, which is almost a little warm for this time of year. 60's for Thanksgiving. Not complaining...Blessings...Pam