Monday, November 12, 2012

Projects and Friends..

Hello there my dears.. 

Hope you had a happy Monday.. 
One of my favorite days of the week as you all know.. 
So much potential available today.. 

With that in mind I took a couple of pics.. 
This is our Dining / Living Room... 

I made a list of to do things.. 
This room is at the top almost.. 

I need to once again reorganize my Sun/Craft room ..
 I really need to do this so that I can start my Christmas gift list... 
Just as soon as that is done I would like to get this finished by Christmas, too.. 

Here is another view of the room...

As you can see the style is not the one I prefer.. 

I LOVE country primitive.. 
Now this is a wee bit country and too much of the old style Victorian.. 

 I love my antiques as they were mostly handed down to me from my great aunt and such.. 
So... it is not the furniture that I can change but I really would love a whole new look that is much more Country.. 

How can I do that on a very tight budget and not a lot of redoing...

I don't think Terry will let me change the floor although I would love wood.. 
He just has too much other stuff that needs done worse ... 

This project is in my hands alone and anybody that I can con  coax, 
bribe beg or blackmail  persuade to help me... 

I think Terry might paint if I could get all of that wallpaper and gross  old fashioned border off.. 
I think I could do that.. 

Then what?  
I already hinted that perhaps we could get rid of the couch set but I guess that is not going to happen.. 
We will be changing to a smaller house sometime and this will do for us until then.. 
We seldom use this room as we have the family room on the other side of the wall ... 
Oh well..

The wood wall there is British Columbia Cedar so we were told when we bought the place.. 
I would love to paint it a lovely creamy shade.. 
Brighten it up a bit..
 I had him convinced to do that awhile ago but men sometimes change their minds.. 
Do you think that would be a good idea?

Then paint the other walls something not cream but not dark either.. 
New window dressings and what else do you think? 

Shonda is a great help with this type of thing but she is more modern then I... She has good ideas, though... 
I should call her.. smile..

I know my friend Tammy is reading this and we think a lot alike when it comes to decor but she can do whatever she likes.. 
Her husband has no opinion and lets her do her thing.. 
The thing about her situation is that she does the work.. 
I don't... He does.. 
So, he has an opinion.... 

I would love to hear your ideas..
Speaking of friends.. 

I had a lovely beginning to my week today.. 
I met with two of the best friends a girl could have.. 
Pam and Tammy... 

We meet at what I call the halfway house for a lovely lunch.. 
Halfway between their homes and mine..

This is my friend Pam.. 

Isn't she a sweet looking thing? 
Just like my sister in every way.. 
People even think we look alike.. 
eh, Pam?  

And this is Tammy and I...

Do you think we are having fun?  

We chatted and laughed and acted scandalous.. grin..

And ate far too much.. 

This is the dessert favored by us all.. 
Guess what it is?  

Anyway, my friends I have so much to be thankful for.. 
I have some of the dearest friends there are... 

I saw this and just had to add it..
Isn't that true?

And my friends always come through for me.. 
Jesus is my best friend and of course Terry but God has also provided me with some here on earth that mean the world to me.. 

You girls that I may never meet are some of the sweetest.. 
And even though some are older and some are you dear younger keepers out there I think that you are all so awesome... 
Thank you for being my friend.. 

I hope you have time to leave me some of your ideas or just a note...

God bless... 



  1. Hi Faye, my suggestion for the room is to get rid of the border, (a horrid, ghastly job but shouldn;t be too bad considering it's only a border:)than paint will really freshen things up.
    Part of me thinks the wood wall could suit a primitive country design. Have fun with it!

    1. Hi Lucy.. You are right.. That border must go.. smile..
      Thanks for the visit and advice.. xo

  2. Hi Faye,yep think a coat of paint will change things in a big way,the border needs to go I am thinking.The wood wall could actually serve to help things look more your style.Love the pics of you and your friend,she looks to be a dear. Friends do help the world look so much brighter and I am glad to count you one.Blessings,Jen

    1. Hi Jenn.. Thanks for dropping by and I do need paint.. Friends do make the world go around, eh? xo

  3. Hello Faye!

    Good luck with your redo...don't we all need a change sometimes! Painting always brightens up a room...I would vote for that for starters.

    Your comments about friends...just too precious! It is amazing how we can make wonderful friends through blogging...all over the world! It definitely does a body good...

    Sweet blessings, dear friend,

    1. Hi Laura and thanks for visitng.. Yes, a redo would be so nice.. Just hope hubby agrees.. smile.. xo

  4. Evening Faye......yes, I agree, paint will look so refreshing and also think the border must go.........Blogging friends are the best, I have meet so many sweet friends, so great to see you and your friends, very touching.......Blessings Francine.

    1. Hi dear.. Thanks for the visit and you are a great blogging friend to me..

  5. Faye, I understand your dilemma with your man. :) They change their minds like the wind changes direction. I agree with the other commenters that fresh creamy paint would really brighten the room. Remove the wall paper border and if possible, paint the panelling cream. Is there a fireplace on the panelled wall that the loveseat is facing? Can you face the loveseats to each other? Or is that a sofa? Can it be placed on the panelled wall facing out to the window. That would make the room feel wider. It looks like you and your dear friends were having a fun time. That coconut cream pie looks so delicious! It is my favourite. Hugs, Pamela

    1. Hi Pam.. Yes that is a sofa and I don't think there is room to move it around.. And there is a fireplace in front of the sofa that we use whenever we use the room... You probably know my friend Pam.. Irva's sister..
      Thanks for the advice.. xo

  6. oh my ... your husband and mine... they're not from the same tree are they? It's exactly what would happen around here. He (mine)has an opinion.

    That's all I'm going to say about that.

    So, is that Coconut Cream?

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Hi dear Bevy.. Yes, coconut cream all the way around.. grin..
      Blessings my friend.. xo

  7. Faye, Could that be coconut cream pie or banana cream pie? What ever it is , it looks delicious! The picture with you and your friend laughing is making me laugh everytime I look at it? And Pam does look like she could be your sister. Scandalous? I don't believe it! Your dining/living room is really very pretty. How about taking down the border. Give it all a good coat of paint and maybe the back wood wall, too....maybe a nice country color. How about some country valances...look on line at the "Country Porch". Yes, and ask Shonda. I love your spinning wheel. I put mine away every year at Christmas time. Take care, Faye.....

    1. Hello my dear.. Yes it is coconut.. And it was so good.. grin.. Yes, that pic makes me laugh, too.. Your advice is excellent and let's pray Terry agrees.. grin. xo

  8. Hey Faye ! I to think a lick of paint would help all though I do like it the way it is but I understand change can be good and yes I was thinking maybe paint the wood wall . We have light colored wood floors and lots of country farm house wood with in natural pine stair case but our furniture in the living room needs to go tattered and worn ! But like you we are on a budget . Papa is working and I am retired . We painted out living room a rosewood colour and have a center carpet in a silvery rose colour ! If you cant change the furniture how about coloured slip covers or pretty patterned ones with English roses on or country prints ,that may help ! I bet what ever you choose will be wonderful . I am so thankful for blogger friends they are all so wonderful and supportive ! Have a good evening !

    1. Hello dear.. Thanks for all the lovely advice.. We will probably be downsizing one of these days and he doesn't believe in changing things a lot.. grin.. Especially, since the dear man has to do most of it.. We shall see..
      I am glad you are one of my blogger friends, too.. xo

  9. Faye, I hate to tell you this but I think it's against the law to have that much fun with your friends at a halfway house.... *grin*
    I love your home... it looks very cozy, even if it isn't prim... I think you'll eventually convince Terry to see it your way. If not, walk through the house with a sledgehammer and he will change his mind. And act like you're going to knock down a wall, not use it on him!! (*haha*)

    1. LOL... You caught the halfway bit, Paula.. I need to go find where I left that sledgehammer.. And thanks for the lovely advice.. grin..
      Luv ya.. xo

  10. I would love to give you decorating ideas but I'm afraid I'm not very good at things like that. I know though whatever you decide will look great as you seem to have an eye for decorating. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Thank you sweetie.. Appreciate the compliment although right about now I am a bit overwhelmed with this room.. We can only hope.. grin .. xo

  11. Oh Faye! This is right up my alley! I LOVE designing and decorating! First, let me say that you have a beautiful home. My mom would love to live there. She is very victorian. I prefer the prim/colonial look.
    This is what I would do with a small budget....make small changes for a big impact. Remove the border. This can be done easily by using a half/half mixture of water and fabric softener. Makes it peel right off. Once you get that off, paint all your walls a nice creamy white color. Paint is and inexpensive fix to any room. As far as the furniture goes...sometimes all you need to do is rearrange it. Face your loveseats to each other by leaving the one facing your dining room in place, and putting the other accross from it.This will open up the room and also create a visual separation between the two rooms.
    Now take the hutch at the far end of the room and slide it just a bit to the left, and then place your wingback chair in the corner, along with a small side table and lamp, to create a little reading nook area on that end of the room. Hmmm? Perhaps the carriage could go in a spare bedroom? My sister in law has one similar to yours in her bedroom, that's why I suggested that. Okay, now that the furniture is in place, stand back and see what you think. Are you happy with it? Now you can change out the curtains for a more prim look. Something simple that won't cover the light...maybe something made from osnaburg fabric that has been stenciled along the bottom. I love that fabric. It has the look of burlap, without the bulk, and it's a bit lighter in color. Really great to stencil on, too. Okay, now that that's all done, you'll need to focus on the accessories. Replace your throw pillows with some prim looking ones...maybe some with stitcheries on them or some made from gingham fabric. Then take a quilt or two and drape them over the back of the sofas or accross the arm of the chair. Quilts will give any piece of furniture a more primitive look. Also, you may want to add some wooden bowls with ornies in them, or some cloved oranges, some framed stitcheries on the wall, prim shelving, and such. Add an oil lamp, old books, candles, pewter, or old pictures on the shelf. You can look on the internet for some ideas. A primitive place magazine is a great place to get inspiration, too. I have their blog on my sidebar, and they also have a pinterest page.
    I hope you like my ideas. I love designing! I'd love to see after pictures of whatever you decide to do!


    1. Wow.. Julie .. You are good... grin.. Is there a decor shop over there across the border.. you would do great at that...
      I will take your advice to heart and do what I can... grin...

  12. Getting the border off would be easy. Just use your pattern marker (I think that is what they are for, you know the wheel with the prongs) and lightly run it over the border this way and that then spray it with a mix of water and a bit of fabric softener. it should come right off. After that i would work off of that beautiful wood wall for the prim look. You could get some big pieces of linen to cover the sofas and then make some simple pillows for them.
    I have the same issue, a lot of family heirloom pieces that are just not very prim but are priceless (a lot of people I read about are not fortunate enough to have these treasures). I am hoping to get my grandmother's corner cabinet but it has a very colonial finish that i am hoping I can just rough up the finish on a bit to help it fit in.

    Good luck!


    1. Hi dear... I was just thinking if I ever took a piece of sandpaper to any of that then Terry might take the big one... Fit.. I mean.. grin...
      I mentioned this post to him and let's just say he thought AFTER Christmas would be much better... I hope to get a bit done, though... xo

  13. I have the perfect solution to the decorating problem - just swap husbands with Tammy for a while!!!! Just kidding.

  14. Hi Faye, you have great ideas for your space. I would agree that painting the wood wall a light cream color would be great. It would brighten up the room so much and look better with the theme you like. I love wood floors as well (we want to change out our carpet for wood someday) so that would also be a great upgrade. Best of luck! :)

    1. Hi Tammy... Wood floor would make such a great change.. I may talk him into that after Christmas... I hope...xo

  15. Hi Faye,
    Love the picture of you & your friend laughing, makes me laugh just looking at it!! Dear friend's are such a Blessing!! Yes your friend Pam does look like you:) where would we be without our dear friends??!!
    I have always loved your home, living room as well. so many great memories of when you use to have your Christmas Open House! Good Old Days:)
    I know what ever you decide to do will turn out lovely!
    Have a great day & take care
    Judy M

    1. Hi dear Jude... Yes, we had a great day..
      And yes.. the good old days.. I think we did that Open House bit for at least 10 years... I just don't think I could do it again, though.. It was fun and exciting at the time..
      You are a great friend, too, Judy.. xo

  16. OMW...must be a man thing- keeping wood "au natural"...I've had the same discussion here! If you need help- just call! I'd love to come help for a few hours- I can scrape wallpaper, but the only painting I like to do is the cutting-in around the ceiling...LOL

    1. I knew you would help .. Linds.. But we will have to go one step at a time with that man.. grin..
      Nice talking to you tonight.. xo

  17. That is such a great picture of you and your friend laughing :) There is nothing better than a good laugh.

    1. Thanks, Marcia... I laugh every time I look at it too.. xo

  18. Oh, as a foreigner, love you style! Add deep red details. (bouquet of flowers, red candles) And I think that your presence in the room makes everything bloom.

    Great pics! Love it tot look in your room. Friday I shall show you my room :-)

    1. Hi dear.. Thanks for visiting from over there.. smile.. Will have to check that out... ox

  19. Hi Faye, well we did have a great day, and what a picture, that Pam sure didn't get any good ones of us did she...haha, I am sure what ever you end up doing will be absolutely have a way of doing things that always look ya had a great day with you two...just got back from Bangor, we had rooms for $35 for two days but came home early,to much things to do here...going to start Christmas ya Tam...

    keep doing your blogs I might not write on them like I should but you sure have a way with ya

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  21. Hello Faye, I would do away with the border, and give it a fresh coat of paint. Move the furniture around to give it whole new look. I just finished painting my bathroom and what a difference. I wish I lived near you; I would love to help you. I am the painter and wallpaper hanger here at our home. You and your friends looked like you were having a great time.Hugs and Smiles, Anna