Thursday, November 22, 2012

Celebrating with our friends...

Good Evening everyone.. 

As promised I am back with pics of our day celebrating Thanksgiving with our American friends.. 

We traveled up to the farm and stopped to say hello to our neighbor.. 

He seemed to be having a great day.. smile..

Just mentioning that the weather is sure great this Fall.. 
Glad that the Canadian Thanksgiving is over for another year..

We arrived at the farm and Terry made the fire.. 
It was still warm from being there yesterday..
After putting the chicken in to roast I decided I had best get at the baking for our special dinner.. 

That old  lovely stove is always a bit too hot but it is all right.. 
I also put a cider cake in the oven and some corn bread.. 

Later in the day I set the table.. 

Just for the two of us.. 
Oh well, we had you guys in our thoughts and said a wee prayer for you all.. 

There was chicken,gravy,
 mashed potatoes, carrots, squash. cornbread, pickles and a bit of Canadian flair.. 
Fiddleheads with Butter..
Terry told me to tell you that.. grin... 

Here is the cider cake with cider sauce... 

Terry had the pie and I had a bit of this.. 
There is enough food left for a couple of meals and then a soup.. 
We really thought my Mom and Step-Father were coming up, too.. 
They were up yesterday and we must have tired them out.. 

Hope you all had a blessed day.. 
We did.. 
So thankful for this time together that we have, too.. 
God is good.. 




  1. Everything looks soo YUMMY Faye . I love your cute table setting for the two of you. great photos to ! Have a wonderful evening !

  2. Oh!!!! Everything looked so so good, pretty table, good food and everything is cozy.....Hugs Francine.

  3. Your Thanksgiving table looks beautiful Faye! Your photos are lovely and the food looks so delicious. Hasn't the weather been beautiful this past week? I had an awesome time in NYC but it's good to be home. :) Blessings, Pamela

  4. Hello Dear Heart.......Glad you had a good day at the farm. Enjoyed looking at your wonderful pictures of all your delicious food. My daughter-in-law had the best Thanksgiving dinner. It was deeeeelicious!! I am so thankful to have been with family today for the whole day! Talk to you soon.

    Thankful for you and your blog......

  5. Yummmy!
    I am ready to join you.
    Loved the turkey photos.
    Blessings to you Friend

  6. Looks yummy but makes me full looking at it! HA! We had family here and a good time. I gave away most of a flat apple pie to our son and family. Then my sis wanted to trade her pumpkin cheesecake for the other flat apple pie....well ok. Good trade since I like her pie as well. I have another crust in the freezer so i can make another pie again. Going out to Baumans and get more since they are on sale. Have a good week!

  7. Everthing looks great. Your dishes are so pretty. I was wondering if you would like to share the recipe for the cider cake and sauce. It looks delicious. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. I'm loving the cornbread...molds? It threw me for a loop. Corn on the cob? No! it's cornbread in and from cast-iron molds. I assume cast-iron. ;)

    IT ALL looks so yummy.

    Our turkey yesterday - dressed out - was 33lbs. Done over an open fire/pit thingy... outside. My BIL enjoys that sort of thing.

    gobble, gobble.

  9. Jammie ...

    I like your pics. Especially the two first :-)

  10. Hi Faye;

    It sounds like you had a lovely day at the farm. The weather sure has been cooperating with us this year.


  11. Everything looks delicious! I love your dinner plates; they are beautiful! You always make everything look so cozy and inviting :)

  12. Faye, I would have gladly taken your guests place at your warm and inviting table!
    Oh, so pretty and plentiful!

  13. Did you go on a road trip?? Take me!! LOL

  14. Well, it looks like I'm too late for dinner, Faye... I'll bet you've already cleaned up the dishes, haven't you? :)
    Everything looks so wonderful.
    And Mr. Tom looks like he's pondering about where all his friends have gone... *grin*

  15. What a lovely table setting! Everything looked so nice, and the food looked SO good too! I'm so glad that you had a blessed day. :)

  16. Of Faye, It all looks so delicious! How romantic just the two of you on the farm. Lovely!!!
    Love Ya,

  17. What a beautiful table setting...all I can say is yum...yum ;)
    Blessings friend