Monday, November 5, 2012

Winners and such...

Hello everyone ..

Just wanted to let you know that the winner of the little owl was picked by Mr. Henry.. 

And it was Julie

Julie is a dear girl who just recently started her blog and she and Janice have also started their own Keepers of the Home meetings over there in the northern part of the state of Maine.. 

So Julie if you would email me your mailing address I will be sure and get it out to you... smile.. 

I am a winner, too.. grin.. 

I won this dear little package..

A couple of darling woolie gingerbread that smell heavenly.. 
Along with some gingerbread buttons..
 So cute and tiny and a piece of lovely gingerbread flannel.. 

I love them and it truly made my day when Terry brought the package to me from the post... 

I very seldom sign up for giveaways simply because I do not win..
 I know you cannot win if I don't try..

had a little spicy giveaway and I signed up and WON..

Thank you, dear friend... 

How was the weekend for you girls?
We mostly just poked around home here.. 
I love weekends where it is not rush and go but just puttering away.. 
Terry put two new garage doors on last week.. 
Then we had church yesterday... 

Pretty boring as far as something interesting for the blog but I did make a few meals.. 
As I have nothing better to share here are 
 a few weekend food pics... 

I tried something new.. 

Black Lentils.. 
This is called Ada Bil Hamod..
Lentils with Lemon Juice and can be found HERE

I was into the Bulk Barn and saw the lentils.. 
Black lentils..
 Ahhh.. something different I thought.. 
Then I came across the recipe and gave it a try.. 

I really liked them but you know who would not even taste it.. 
No adventure in that man.. grin... 

This is more his type of food.

Homemade Potato Scallop.. 
Do you ladies make this? 
I believe it is my Mom's favorite recipe... 
I only make it once in awhile and serve it with ham or such..

And of course a day rarely goes by that there is not some kind of soup in the pot... 

My version of Hamburger Soup... 
Do you make that?  
This is simply hamburger, onions, celery and garlic cooked together until the meat is browned and cooked.. 
Add some beef broth or water and simmer for awhile.. 
A bay leaf and some dried lovage if you have it..
Then add a can of diced tomatoes and some veggies (I used green beans as I was in a hurry but usually I add carrots) and a bit of pasta or rice or potatoes... 
Keep adding liquid as needed.. 
Lots of parsley, salt and pepper.. 
How do you make your Hamburger Soup?

And I thought I would share this pic.. 
They were standing at the end of the driveway talking.. 
One dear little man broke his thumb playing dodge ball.. 

Sweet, though, eh? 
A dear old Dad and his boy and grandson.. 
Notice how the boys are listening to the words of wisdom...
So blessed... 

Take care dear hearts... 
Thanks for dropping by.. 
Tomorrow I hope to start making some lists... 
Coming up with some ideas and plans for Christmas.. 

Hope to hear from you all.. 


  1. Congrats Julie!
    Congrats Faye!
    I really dislike hamburger soup, if you tasted Mamaw's soup (my mother in laws)you would understand. She is a great cook, but definitely not that!!! Maybe I could take her some of yours, and show her the difference?
    grinning, I would not dare!
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. Congrats to the winner of the owl and to you on your win too! I haven't made potato scallop in ages. Time to do it again. I hope you have a wonderful week Faye. Hugs, Pam

  3. Oh Congrats to you both for the sweet give away's ! Faye all looks wonderful and sounds Yummy to . Those are the best days for Papa and I just puttering . Have a lovely evening !

  4. Another nice blog full of all interesting things that I like! I am so glad that Julie won the owl. She will find a special place for your owl, Faye. She has a wonderful, interesting and fun blog! AND I am happy to see you won the little gingerbread guys from Trace.....I can almost smell them now. They are so cute! Now, Jim probably would try the black lentil soup but I doubt he would eat much of it. I would love it, I think. Jim would gobble down those scalloped potatoes at least once a week,,,if I would make them that often. He loves the ham cooked right in with the potatoes. And Lastly,....that is exactly how I make my hamburger soup...sometimes I add a little broccoli or small pieces of cauliflower and we really like barley in it. But upi and I cook that pretty much the same. And I hope everyone tries your recipe because it is delicious and very easy. So, Faye, did I miss anything tonight? oops...sorry about your grandson...hope he gets well quickly . Oh, and I started lists for Christmas today, too. Today it was a few weeks, I will start to get tired of it! But it is the birthday of Christ and we need to remember that.

    Later, Sweetie.

    Susannah (Sue)

  5. i love lentil soup, Faye, and the black or brown lentils were the ones my mother always made. Your hamburger soup sounds good, too. With some crusty bread, yum. Congrats on your win and to the winner of the sweet little owl. xo

  6. CONGRATULATIONS TO JULIE on winning your adorable wool owel...she is a winner!!
    And congrats to you too dear lady winning Trace's giveaway of Gingers! They are adorable.
    Love the photo of the men/boy - great photo the texture.

    1. Missed talking to you on Sunday! The 24th is a go for our Keepers arrangement at my house- maybe I'll try to call you over the next couple of days to fill you in. I actually made potato scallop last week-delish!

    2. I have no idea why my comment ended up here??!!

  7. Congrats to Julie on winning that adorable owl! Love the ginger that you won from dear Trace,congrats on that one!Sweet pic of the boys bet that thumb hurts. Yummy looking food,made me hungry.LOL!Have a great day,Jen

  8. The food looks delicious! I am making soup so much right now. It really hits the spot on cold evenings.

  9. Thank you, Faye! I still can't believe I won! I read your post twice!! I see you are a winner, also! Yay!
    Your poor dear grandson. He's young, so he will heal quickly, but just sad it had to happen. Is it his writing hand? I am just healing up from a broken wrist, but it was not my writing hand, thank goodness.
    Your soup looks wonderful. My mother taught me how to make it the same way, but like Susannah I add barley. My mom was born and raised in Canada. Did I ever tell you that? Somewhere over near Rivier-Du-Loup, I believe.
    Tonight is my craft class night so I better gather my things.