Monday, January 23, 2012

A Gifted Conversationalist...

Hello Dearies..

I must warn you that this is probably a boring post for most of you.. 
Although, I do know that there are some of you out there just like me.. 

I was going through some old books today..
A favorite past time of mine.. smile..  

  I must admit that I was sort of tired or perhaps I should say lazy and did not accomplish a whole lot today.. 
Busy weekends do that to an old gal like me.. grin..

I found something that I have been trying to find for a quite some time.. 

About 15 years ago we bought two old hand typed books of poetry at an auction in St. Martins.. 
Some are dated in the 1940s and 50s..

It must have taken a long time to collect and type them up.. 

Most of the lot are written by
 Edgar A.Guest.. 
He must have been their favorite..
Now he is one of mine.. smile..
He does not write spiritual poems but they are so old fashioned..

The book is made up of  papers  which are all different types from parchment to backs of government letters and more..

 Recycling at it's best.. grin..

There are several papers coming loose and in one book I read a poem called :


I loved it but the page was torn and it was not all there.. 
I tried to find it on the web but could not find it..

And then today when I was reading the second book I found the poem in it also but all in one piece.. 
To think it was there all the time.. I don't know how I missed it.. 

Would you like to read it..

Now... I know not everyone loves old poetry but bear with me or just skim down to the bottom.. grin.. 

Here it is... 

I sing of old Aunt Mary Ann,
My grandmother's eldest sister,
Whenever any talks began
no word important missed her.
If six or eight stood around to chat,
In groups at varying stations
She's carrying on from where she sat
Six running conversations..

That trick I've often seen her do
While visiting at mother's ;
She's talk of bonnets to Aunt Sue
And also hear the others.
She'd say "that bit of poppy bloom
Provides a touch that's cheery".
Then turn and call across the room
"No, that's near Thursday dearie..

To those about she'd appear
Attention to be paying,
But simultaneously she'd hear
What all the rest were saying.
She'd say " I much prefer with lamb
Mint sauce to apple jelly.
Excuse me! You're mistaken, Sam,
His first wife's name was Nellie.

It made no difference,  loud or low
Or near or far, no matter,
Aunt Mary Ann was sure to know
The burden of our chatter.
Though now she dwells in happier spheres
Where angels harps are playing, 
Somehow I fancy still she hears
Whatever we are saying...

Edgar A. Guest

I think this poem reminds me so much of a favorite aunt of Terry's.. 
I just loved her and she was a character.. grin.. 

Aunt Blanche was her name..

Whenever I read this I can still picture her sitting on a chair in a busy room and hearing everything.. 
She had free advice for anyone who wanted it.. grin..
We miss her..  

Well, sweet ladies that is all for tonight.. 
Kind of boring, I am afraid.. 
I shall try better next time.. 

Thank you all for your visit.. 

On this new blogger set up I can reply to your comments.. 
So, if you have any questions then check back and I will answer.. 
Or try my best .. OK?

Welcome to the new followers of the blog, too.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all.. 
God bless... 


  1. I love that poem. Don't you think most mothers have that ability? Or is just teachers? Or is it just me and Aunt Blanche?

    1. I loved it ! Just when you think they arent listening you would be very surprised for they can repeat what you said with a twinkle in their eyes ! Awesome post ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. Oh, I LOVE this, LOVE IT :) :) I think the poem is really sweet... :) :) Your Aunt Blanche must have been quite the lady :) :) :) Love and hugs to you, from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Wonderful piece of old poetry! I wish you could find out more about the author. I love old poetry like this. My grandfather didn't write it but he sure could recite it and that he did to all of us grandkids. What memories! Very interesting, Faye. Will you be telling us more about these books and writing poetry from them on your blog once in a while?


    1. Hi Sue.. I did post one other of his poems on this blog here--

      If you girls enjoy them I have several of his that I just love..
      He had a great sense of humor, too..

  4. What a neat book! Love the poem. Reminds me of several people as well!

  5. What a cute poem! I had to chuckle as I'm sure we all know someone like this in our lives. I have heard of Edgar A. Guest but don't know anything about him. Was he English or Canadian? The book certainly is an interesting find. Imagine all that typing! Quite a treasure to have for sure. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Found this on the net, I have read several of his poems. I hope the link works!
    I always like seeing what you are up to!

  7. I forgot to add, I have Grand Daddy's song books. They are old ledgers full of newspaper clippings, songs, poetry, and retyped poems my Auntie typed for him. He loved to sing, he loved the Bible, he loved any type of written stories or words. I can pull them out and photograph them if you would like to see. He died in 1968.

  8. I loved this poem, and I think we all know someone like Aunt Mary Ann! That book is a great find. xo

  9. This made me smile, Faye, because I've known a few Anut Mary Ann's in my time... *giggle*
    By the way, I've never been bored here....

  10. Hi, Faye. This is a beautiful post. I can imagine a lady like that.
    The books you have must be marvelous with all of the different
    papers. That's amazing. I'm glad you shared with us.

  11. Faye what a great find those books were! There are few things comparable to soaking up really old books, especially handmade ones like yours. Thank you for sharing the poem, it made me smile x

  12. Wow, what neat books! Long before the days of spell and grammar check... I love that the pages were reused too (perhaps there was more info than just poems...LOL, like back taxes due)

    1. Actually, the backs are as interesting as the fronts.. grin..
      Remind me to show you sometime...
      God bless...

  13. Really fun - thanks so much for sharing I think those old poems and witty stories are much better than today's so called entertainment.

  14. What a sweet and funny poem! I loved it and the beautiful, tattered old poetry book, too. I LOVE books, the older, the better.
    Hugs, Cindy

  15. Oh Faye,

    Loved it, thanks for sharing.


  16. I'm so fond of old books. How neat that you found this beautiful book! What a treasure. And the poem really made me grin too. I guess we all know someone like that.

  17. Faye
    I love Edgar Guest. I just unpacked his book of poems last week.
    I use to read these to our children when they were little.
    You were lucky to have an Aunt Blanche!