Monday, January 9, 2012

Want to name 5 Simple Pleasures....

Hello there sweet friends..
A simply beautiful day here in Eastern Canada ..
The sun shone and the temps were just right..
A wonderful Monday to begin the week..

I thought that I would share 5 simple pleasures of my day with you.. OK?

  Checking the bird feeders and watching the early morning visitors would be number one..

We had a small flock of these first thing this morning..

Another simple country pleasure today was this new notebook..

A lovely gift from a dear friend... Imagine 400

Number 3 simple pleasure has to be this little guy..

Sammi... unconditional love... every day.. smile..

Number 4... Just a simple garden salad for lunch..
I can eat salad almost every day.. So long as there is a simple homemade dressing..
Basil, garlic,  oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper is today's house
What is your favorite salad dressing?

And last but not least... Number 5 which is this new book...

I enjoyed going through it.. It has a lot of good green ideas in it..

Here is a floor washing recipe for you...

Into a bucket of warm water mix together...
1/4 cup of liquid soap
1/2 - 1 cup of white vinegar..
To enhance the fragrance you can add a few drops of essential oils of choice (lavender, orange) along with a few drops of tee-tree oil if desired..

Well, my dears that is all for tonight..

 Would you like to leave me a list of  5 of your simple pleasures..
Or more if you like.. smile...

Thank you so much for your visit and a welcome to the dear new followers of the blog.. So happy you have joined the site.. 

I am really looking forward to hearing from you all.. 

May the Lord richly bless you this week.. 




  1. Those are lovely simple pleasures and photos !
    My simple pleasures are :
    1. The nature that surrounds us
    2. Our Miggy and Harley
    3. Our Country Cove Life
    4. My Photography
    5. Papa's wood workings
    Have a wonderful day !

  2. I like your list of five pleasures all except for the salad, I would have to pass on that. But give me a plate of homemade fries or mashed potaoes and I am good. lol!
    Love Ya,


  3. Ranch is my favorite dressing.

    Five: let's see there are so many.
    1. Rain & wind right before a storm breaks.
    2. The library, just my most favorite place,
    3. Hugs & Kisses goodnight.
    4. A new book, no one has read before.
    5. When someone does something unexpectedly kind to me. Because I know that is the Lord loving on me through them!

    Have a great week!

  4. Favorite salad dressing? Thousand Island : )

    Simple pleasures I enjoy ...
    1. The peace & quiet of early morning before the sun comes up.
    2. Watching birds at the feeders.
    3. My cat Sophie curled up on my lap.
    4. Snow falling.
    5. A wood burning fireplace.

    Blessings, Shirlee

  5. Love the song of Finches
    You had a lot of them.

  6. I'll keep it to 5
    I like those unconditional tail wags and kisses too...
    Natural settings
    Seeing Deer
    the sound of windchimes
    a good nap
    a good laugh, big puffy white clouds
    oh boy I could keep on...blessings to you, going to try that floor cleaner.

  7. Simple Country Pleasures:

    1. Notebooks and journals for lists, reminders, etc.
    2. A very good book.
    3. Hugs, hugs and more hugs from my grandchildren.
    4. Homemade soup on a cold, snowy day.
    5. Enjoying my family heirlooms.
    6. A beautiful bouquet of flowers.

  8. I love this..simple pleasures..

    Getting a phone call last night at 5:30 telling me I had low census on call..Which means..I didn't have to go to work. It always reminds me of snow days as a kid..unexpected and so loved!

    Kadens giggle.

    The smell of coffee already brewing when I get Seth has started it. AND the boy can make a mean pot of coffee! He claimes the trick is not measuring it.

    The way my house smells when I have tarts melting.

    Hugs from my boys.

  9. I loved your simple pleasures..
    Mine would be my babies
    a nice warm fire left by my hubby on a cold winters day and of course the babies all staking claim to their spots..
    I too love me a great salad..I like a simple garlic vinegar dressing..
    feeling great when I get up in the morning..
    and being able to exercise because I feel soo good.;)

  10. Over The River And Through The WoodsJanuary 9, 2012 at 7:12 PM

    Ahhh...Simple Pleasures. I love yours. Sammi is too cute and I love the notebook with the teddy bear on it.

    My Five:
    SNOW :)
    Smell of rain on its way
    Mountain wildlife
    CHOCOLATE..opps more then 5 lol

    Take care, Janet W

  11. I love your blog, Faye. I am going to try this floor cleaner. I also liked the post with the room air fresheners. I found you through Cathyjo. xo

  12. This was wonderful, Faye... I feel as though I know you a little better now.... *grin*
    Here are a few of mine~
    I love the first taste of coffee in the morning (and the smell of it brewing too!); I love the way the sheep smell when they brush up against my barn jacket; I love to listen to my four crazy little roosters crowing very early and distinguishing who is who, (yes I can tell which one is which! *haha*) and I love to hear the birds very late in the evening calling to each other.

    Oh, and I love it when I remember to bring my boots inside for the night so they'll be warm the next morning. :)

  13. Oh Faye, this is a tough one as I have so many but here,s a few. Coming back to my cosy home after being out for awhile.2.My furry friends{4 poodles and 2 kitties}. 3. the health of Family and friends.4. Crafting in my craftroom when its storming outside. 5.YOU! my dear cousin,you always uplift and inspire me and make me happy.

  14. Faye, again we share many of the same:
    1. Feeding the birds at my feeder
    2. Planning and making healthy supper for my family
    3. Looking at my blog and dashboard posts
    4. My animals - going into the barn and being welcome by a neigh, baah or cock a doodle.
    5. My lists and crossing stuff off that I accomplished.

    I made a super easy citrus dressing:
    sunflower oil (found at discount store - LOVE it) honey, apple cider vinegar. I shook it all together and put it on a salad of lettuce, spinich, jullianne (spelling) raw beets, raw pecans, pineapple, orange slices, red onion and drizzed with honey and then the dressing. It was really good!
    Blessings from Wisconsin.

  15. Today's pleasures:
    1. The sun is shining.
    2. The sun is shining.
    3. The sun is shining.
    4. The sun is shining.
    5. And Jesus loves me!

    I love italian salad dressing-the unhealthy grocery store kind. I should learn to make my own!

    I hope you are having a great week.


  16. Love your skies in January, peanut butter on homemade oat bread, sewing, gardening in January, sitting next to my hubby on the love seat...each with a good book in our hands...have a great day!!

  17. Hi there. I'm a fellow New Brunswicker and noticed your comment on Camp and Cottage Living's blog yesterday. Somebody mentioned your blog to me a while back but I forgot the name of it so I'm glad I found you again. I'll be following you now. Stay warm as it's going to be a very cold night. Blessings, Pamela

  18. Morning Faye Henry
    Bonnie Bell lip gloss
    Joy Joy Joy
    p.s love the treasured dough board.

  19. #1- Knowing that Jesus loves me regardless of my shortcomings
    #2- Coming home to all our animals after dealing with the public all day
    #3- Holding a newborn baby goat as it takes it's first breath...never gets old
    #4- watching a storm coming in, the way the wind whips down our holler
    #5- reading all my blog sisters new postings each day

  20. Good morning friend
    1. Opening my eyes to a new day and the words echoing in my mind He loves, He loves. , oh how he loves me
    2. Hearing from a friend
    3. Extra bold coffee
    4. Birds in my backyard
    5. My dog snoring

  21. 1. Fresh coffee in the morning.
    2. Sweet smelling clothes to put on.
    3. Snow softly falling from the sky.
    4. Electric fire burning in the fireplace, it's okay if it isn't real.
    5. The sun shining in the window after the snowfall.

  22. Bugsy
    1. I love when my kids call me.
    2. Digging in the dirt planting or removing weeds.
    3. A warm rain.
    4. St. Martins beach.
    5. Bob rubbing my feet & legs after work.