Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old China and a Memory Box...

Good Evening dear ladies.. 

A little bit of a post tonight...
It has been a sunny but very cold day here in Eastern Canada ..
 I am still laying low with this cold but am on the mend..
Thank you, dear Lord.. 

I was looking for something today in my china cabinets and decided to take a few pics for you.. 

I know I have shown a few before but it was a while ago.. grin.. 
There are a lot of you ladies who love old pieces of china like I do.. 

When I started this blog it was to be snippets of my day.. 
Just little things that take up the hours as the Keeper of this home.. 
Hopefully, something will encourage or inspire you..
So.. with that in mind I am afraid you might find me a bit eclectic at times.. smile..  

I was putting some things away this afternoon and I came across  a shoe box from Christmas.. (I can not throw out shoe or chocolate boxes)  grin... 

As a small girl they were my treasure boxes.. We only had chocolates at Christmas and shoe boxes were rare but when we did 
I would do my best to be allowed to have them..  I used them to put in my wee special things..

I think this little soul was born with a creative mind..

We were a very poor family but I did not mind.. It is amazing what
a child can do with  a little box and a piece of fabric or perhaps an old Eaton's catalogue.. 
Throw in a few buttons from Mama's blouse and Grams loving advice and I would have a masterpiece.. grin.. 

So, today I thought I would make myself one ..

Just for old times sake... 

A roll of postal paper and a piece of wrapping paper...

A glue stick and a marker..... 

A little box to put special little reminders of my days.. 
Perhaps a card from someone dear, a grandson's picture of a special day, a shell or stone or maybe a flower... 
A reminder from the year 2012.. 

Maybe.... a church bulletin for the Sunday that our son comes back to God.. 
Will you help me pray for that?
Bless your hearts...

Thank you sweet friends for your visit.. 
God is an awesome God and who knows what this year might bring.. 
Let me know if you make yourselves a little memory box.. 

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.. 

Keepers of the Home this Saturday.. 
So... if you live near Sussex, N. B. please feel free to join us.. 
Email me at and let me know ..



  1. Oh,I do wish I lived closer so I could join your group.....and I will say an extra prayer for your wish for your son. I think it is a great idea to make a memory box. Yours is very pretty. xo

  2. I love your little box. I'm praying for your boy.

  3. What a sweet idea. I had an old wood hanky box that I kept things in but I don't remember what ever happened to the things or what they were. That was too long ago. I'll pray for your son and I would love for you to pray the same for our son. Thank you and may you be blessed! Pamela

  4. Such a lovely post Faye. I remember my love for old Whitman Chocolate boxes. And that smell lingered for such a long time. Thanks for sharing. Love the box you created. Have a blessed Wednesday.

  5. You are so creative, dear lady. I love what you made today, very sweet. And yes, I am still praying for your son.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  6. Hello Faye, Oh I wish I could attend the "Keepers of the Home" gathering on Saturday. It always sounds very inviting. I adore your china pieces. I, too, love old china. It has a beauty that they do not make now. The little doll has her original dress on? And the china head is gorgeous. You have inspired me again.... to make the memory box for 2012. My keepsake box is full. This is a great idea. Maybe that will be a good project for tomorrow!

    Have a restful night and say your prayers like a good girl!

  7. Such beautiful china and I especially adore the little tea set, it is so cute!

    I have made boxes like this in the past for me and for my kids when they were babies to put their birth mementos in. I haven since bought store-bought boxes for other mementos as they grow but my favorites are definitely the hand made boxes. They are very special!

    I will be praying for your son to make his way back to God.

  8. It's inspiring the way that you find joy in the
    simple things. Thank you for your example :)

  9. Hi Faye,

    Those pictures are lovely. And what a great idea for a Memory Box. I remember saving little things as a child. :) be a child again.

    I will pray for your son. Please pray for mine too. It has been years since he went to church. I don't know if he still prays or not. :( He is angry with the world now and with everyone it seems. Since he went to Iraq.

    Take care my friend, Janet W

  10. Lovely box, dishes and doll.
    Oh what treasures. I just love it all.
    Praying for your dear son and my children as well.
    Love to Faye Henry

  11. That is a nice idea. Playing with boxes brings back so many memories. When I was little, my mom, who is very creative, made us girls cute little baby cradles out of the round oatmeal boxes. I had barbie beds and furniture made out of ...I hate to say...(Kotex boxes). One time, I had one of "those" boxes out and even used one of those products as my barbie bed....when my oldest sister's boyfried came I am in the middle of the floor playing with barbies and their unique beds..and homes...too funny! I can still hear my sister... "MOM..make DickyBird go play somewhere else" - I was too little to even know what that suff was... Do you suppose kids now a days even understand the concept of that type of creativity??? Blessings from Wisconsin - where I grew up poor but blessed in the knowledge of HIM.

  12. What a wonderful idea for a memory box. I also really love your china pieces. I have been collecting tea pots, but I'm being drawn to tea cups and saucers as well.

  13. You did a wonderful job on your box...I think a memory box is a great idea. I'll be praying for your son, and for you to feel better.♥

  14. Hi, Faye:
    I love your sweet memory box. And your little china pieces are sweet.
    Prayers will go out for your son. Your cold is still hanging on, oh dear.
    I wish you'd get all better soon.

  15. *Sigh*... I sure wish I lived close enough to drop in on one of your meetings, Faye... however, I have a feeling your circle of ladies would be thinking "this crazy gal from Tennessee needs to go back home..."
    I enjoyed your little box so much... You have the most beautiful handwriting! I was the same way when I was younger, I used to love to latch onto one of my Daddy's cigar boxes. I loved the smell, and it was just the right size for keeping leaves I'd found in the woods, or maybe a feather... *grin*
    I will remember your son, because there was a time... someone had to pray for me to return..

  16. Faye your memory box idea is so have so much talent and creativity.