Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Winter Dough Board Display..

Hello there.. 

Just a short post as I am in kind of  a blogging mess.  
I could not sign into the dashboard for my blog and had to upgrade to Google Chrome ... It is different and I need to figure it out.. 
Lord, help me.. smile.. 

This pic is of my stove with an old dough board display on it..

This dough board belonged to my dear Mother-in-law... 
I treasure it and I don't leave it on the stove all the time.. 
My sweet hubby thinks I might leave a burner on.. smile.. 
After the episode the other day with the stock pot I now understand him.. grin.. 

Anyway, I am glad you dropped by for a moment.. 
I am sure that  I  will soon learn how to adjust to this new blogger experience..

Looking forward to hearing from you all. 

Sending blessings your way... 


  1. I love your board and your displays, esp. the tote. The shape is just wonderful. The little snowmen put a smile on my face! I do not put a board on my stove, like your husband, I am not sure what I might do! Hope you have a wonderful thursday!

  2. How wonderful that you have an authentic dough board from your mother-in-law, we have to rely on
    making new 'old ones!

  3. What a beautiful display & so much more special since the dough board once belonged to your mother-in-law. I hope to get a dough board one of these days. I switched over to Google Chrome about a year ago & have been very pleased with it. Blessings, Shirlee

  4. Love ur posting - stove looks lovely! Hugs from ur friend

  5. I love it!

    Have a wonderful day.


  6. I LOVE the dough board. I don't have one of I have something to look for...Blessings from Wisconsin.

  7. I have ALWAYS wanted a dough board. How blessed you are to not only have one, but a family heirloom. My husband does woodworking and I can have him make one, then I will have one to pass down and become an heirloom.

  8. That is a beautiful display...I'd like to have a dough board like special. Do you use the dough board now? I had to update the Google business also..we'll get it figured always enjoying my visit with you.

  9. Wonderful display! It is so nice that you have the dough board that belonged to your MIL. It must be very special.

  10. Morning Faye,
    What a nice looking display...I put my dough board away before Christmas but might bring it back out.
    Hey, where did you get that sweet candle hugger????

  11. Love the dough board, I tried having one on our stove but Jene got nervous too. I use the stove so often and I would get tired of moving it anyway.

    Good luck with your computer issues!


  12. Hi Faye, love your bread board displays, need to change mine again board is over 100 years old, it was in our Summer kitchen, wish they could talk, can you imagine the stories they could tell....

  13. What a lovely display. I do have to ask, what is a dough board? I have never heard that term.

    Have a wonderful day.


  14. Love your doughboard (what a treasure) and your display is Beautiful.
    Enjoy your day!

  15. You have a beautiful, old dough board and I like the wooden carrier on top too. I have a 'new' made one that my hubby's uncle made years ago but it's not in use or on display. Stay warm in the cold snap!

  16. Hi girls.. Just answering a couple of questions that you posted..
    Karen.. the lovely candle cosy was made by Shonda... A sweet gift for my birthday made by our daughter...
    And to Cheryl... here in Eastern Canada we call the wood boards that are used for making bread or dough rolled out for pies DOUGH BOARDS or bread boards.. Some across the border or if they are Italian call them noodle boards..
    And to Faith.. I use the Dough Board once in a while.. I have a smaller one that is a pastry board and find I use it more..
    I love this one for the prim decorative touch ...
    God bless...

  17. Faye
    What a lovely treasure. I like your vignette.
    I bet you change it often.
    Yea, I'd probably leave a burner on!

  18. Hello my friend,
    I love the little vignette set up on the dough board, very sweet.
    I don't know why I haven't seen these two posts, they didn't show up on my blog roll for some reason.
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. I have never heard the term dough board before but it is a good idea. It looks very pretty on your stove and I love the candle. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  20. How wonderful to have such a treasure! I see lots of reproduction dough boards but not very many old ones. I love your wooden tote full of old kitchen utensils. I do lots of baking and cooking so they always fascinate me when I'm out antiquing. They are fun to collect!

    I think you will like Google Chrome. I didn't want to switch but my husband said it was better and that was well over a year ago. When everyone was having all those blogger problems, I wasn't at all. My pictures load faster, it's quicker to do a blog post and overall easier to manage in my experience. I've not had any problems. I hope it works out for you.