Friday, January 13, 2012

A January Day ....

Good Morning my dears.. 

It is a snowy day here in Maritime Canada.. We finally have some snow.. Not that I am complaining about the lack of it.. smile..
I am one who could sail right through Winter without a speck of the white stuff.. 

Don't tell our sweet grandsons.. They are ALL five of them skiers and I am sure that they pray everyday for snow.. 
But  as for their dear old Gram she can live without it.. smile...

When we have some fierce weather here at home my mind always goes to the south of the province to our old cottage in St. Martins..

I expect the Bay of Fundy looks like this today... We actually took this pic almost a year ago when we were down checking it over.. 
I love the Bay... No matter the weather.. The rougher the better, though.. smile..

Terry and his long time friend Luther went wood cutting again yesterday.. They had two days on the mountain and came home  each night with a load of wood each..grin.. 
They were like two little boys going on an adventure.. 
Lunches and all.. 
Today with the snow, though it is not to be.. 

What are you doing today? 
I am heading for my sun/sewing room, I think..

I am in a creative mood as all I have been doing is cleaning and sorting
I find inspiration in there... smile..

Lots of books in this house.. 

Are you a book lover?

  The web is great but give me a book that I can put my hands on anytime.. 
I can put the pic a few inches from my face and not miss a thing..

I was at a thrift store and picked up a few things to redo.. 
So... I may do that or I may sew...

Who knows?

Terry is not up yet so all my plans may change.. 
The retired life is very unpredictable thing..  grin..

I do love this tea cozy... How do you spell that word?

In the UK they spell it one way and here in N. A. we spell it another way.. I forget which is which.. smile.. 
Oh well, you get my drift.. 

I thought I would end up with a pic of a small collection that I have..

The best book of all ... 
The Word of God.. 
 I love Bibles and always pick up little wee ones for my collection.. 
I will show you more another time.. 

This morning I read from  II Corinthians..

Chapter 5 and verse 1 is one of my favorite verses.. 


Isn't that a wonderful verse.. 
That is from the THE LIVING BIBLE.. 

I must go and get at it so I bid you a fond farewell for now..
Have a wonderful weekend sweet ladies.. 
God bless...


  1. This is a beautiful post, Faye. Thank you. I'm going to stitch on my samplers today and I
    think I will read a little from the Bible, too.
    You got me thinking with the verse from II Corinthians. I need to feel some Heavenly love

  2. Hello Faye! I'm one of those ones who can do without the white stuff also!
    So many wonderful books in your home but the Word of the Living God is best!
    Enjoy your day!

  3. What a lovely post to start my day with. I'm trying to catch up on blogs after being away for awhile. We still haven't had anything but hints of snow here in VA. Since I no longer live for snow days - retired school teacher here - I don't mind. I will use that verse in a sympathy note that I need to write. (We lost a 47 year old husband and father of three.) Have a great day.

  4. Faye ... Most definitely a wonderful verse! I'm looking forward to seeing your Bible collection one day : ) I love tea cozies but never get a chance to use them : ( Love the snow photos! I'm in agreement with your grandsons ... the more snow the better : ) Today I had better get my new laptop up & running or John will take it back to the store ... lol! Have a wonderful day dear friend! Blessings, Shirlee

  5. Morning Faye . Papa and I woke up to a blast of winter at 6am. It is still going strong now at 10am . Lovely photos and post . Today I will be just puttering around . I am retired but Papa isnt wish he was oh well thats the way the cookie crumbles . Coffee time for me now had my tea early this morning lol . Stay warm and safe and have a wonderful day !

  6. What a peaceful morning.
    On the 11th I hung 3 loads of wash out to dry, on the 12th I shoveled 6 inches of snow.

  7. Very nice pictures. I love books, especially old ones. We are cold here today. Actual temp this morning was 15 with wind chills around zero. Lots of wind, gusts about 40 mph. Today will be school as usual with hopefully some sewing in the late afternoon. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. We share the same weather today, Faye... I woke up about 4:30 this morning and the house was VERY cold... I looked outside and it had snowed a little (not as much as you have...) so I got up and built a fire in the stove to warm the house.... very cozy. (That's how I spell cozy. *grin*)
    Speaking of, I bought a cute pattern for a tea cozy several years ago and haven't got around to making it... it's a hen on her nest. *Hmmmm* You've inspired me to go find it today and see if I have everything I need to make it.
    My hubby isn't retired like Terry, but during his time off from work for his surgery it's been very nice having him home... but I think he's getting spoiled- he's already saying how bad he's dreading going back...

  9. Good morning, Yes, I do love books, I have many, but very few of them are decorating books. I need to do some sorting and organizing today, put the rest of my Christmas decor where it belongs.
    Have a beautiful day!
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. Snow,,, I love it but rarely get it in the south. Sounds like you have a wonderful day in the making. Enjoy it whatever you choose to do. Me, well being here in the hotel room with the mister on a business trip, I am going to try and learn a new craft to me... punch needle. It is cold out here today and very windy. Wanted to roam and hunt some thrift stores but I think it might be too cold to go out. Take care, stay warm. Love the Bible verse. Such a wonderful promise God has given us.

  11. What a beautiful post...your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Reading here felt like I was with a dear friend having tea. You write beautifully.

    We here on the West Coast of Canada are to get snow this weekend. My children are "hopeful"...but they never trust the weather man...LOL. They always seem to be wrong.

    But I did my shopping just in case as I do NOT go out if it's snowing.

    Have a blessed weekend...LOVE your blog.


  12. I too could live without the snow..but there is something so magical about it..just don't like driving in it.. and I love your bible verse today.;) hope you have fun in the sewing room..have a wonderful weekend too;) I am off to get my hair done and get some errands done too:)

  13. Your pictures are beautiful. I love to look at snow, but I don't much like to be in it. My last blog post was about that. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  14. Hi Faye, A lovely post today. I like that version for the scripture for 2 Cor. 5:1. It's foggy here and about zero but no rain yet. Have a blessed weekend.

  15. Your blog is such a warm, cozy, happy place to visit. I love-love-love the first photo with the candle. Great shot! Keep warm and snuggly and enjoy your weekend. xo

  16. Hi Faye
    Have fun with your creating. I would say you should be able to find some inspiration with your mags! We had our 1st 'good' snow today. I'm glad-I
    hate winter without it.
    Have a great weekend-Kimberly

  17. All that white stuff looks so pretty to sons would love more of it up in our local mountains! They are big snow boarders and it has been so dry lately that they have to make snow...but we hear it is supposed to rain and snow this weekend. Have fun creating today...I am sewing as well!!

  18. I loved my visit here. Just seeing your pictures and posts bring me joy! I hope you have an incredible weekend!

  19. Hi Sweet Friend, of my favorite things in the world is snow. And my other favorite thing is reading. I love books. I read mostly religion books. And also decorating books. I used to work in a bookstore. That was wonderful.

    Just finished being on my hands and knees playing with Princess Downy. OHHHH I'm too old for this. LOL She keeps barking like she is saying. " More mommy more" Funny little doggie

    Well gotta run, Take care my friend. Janet W

  20. Thank you for the encouraging verse. It's a good reminder on what we need to keep our eyes on!

  21. Great posting Faye. Lve the water pic and all the inspiration. Luv u bunches! Will c u soon

  22. I can’t wait for that heavenly body...won’t be stiff and sore and I doubt that there will be a set of scales there to be concerned with either! I have lots of Bibles too and several different versions. I usually read from my NIV because I like its study notes at the bottom but the Living Translation is so nice because it is in everyday language...

  23. That snow looks a bit too cold for me Faye. As for wood cutting. hum.... as long as he wrapped up well :-)
    Keep warm and Winter is a great time for reading :-) X X X