Saturday, January 14, 2012

A wee collection..

Good evening everyone.. 
It is another Saturday evening.. It has been a very cold day.. Last night the wind was howling but tonight it is calm out there.. 
I had mentioned this week about my wee Bible collection.. 
I just thought I would share a few of them with you.. 

This one is a Common Prayer Book and not a Bible but it belonged to my Great Aunt Emily.. 
March 6, 1911..

Sweet, eh?

I have 2 little colonial chairs and they make great wee Bible shelves..

Terry headed for the woods again this morning..

He and his friend are having a great time.. 
He must be tired, though as he has not been getting home until after 8 p.m.
Tonight I have a little treat for dessert.. 

Homemade Lemon Pie.. 
I am not a great pie maker but it will pass.. 
I hope ... smile..

A nice cup of tea ...

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day.. 
Have a blessed one dear girls.. 

I am slowly learning how to use the Picasso thing that I uploaded..sigh...
It didn't come with instructions..

A week of learning for me as far as the computer goes.. 
Slow and sure... smile..

I have a little creative idea for next week..OK?
Starting Monday, I hope...

Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to hearing from you..


Psalms 119:11
Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee...


  1. oh I love the prayer book and bibles..and I love how you have them displayed..very unique..hubby is getting lots of wood and one cannot have too much wood..nice to have it on hand when you need it..and that pie looks yummy..that a tall glass of milk for me please.:) have a wonderful rest of your weekend.;)

  2. I love those tiny chairs holding the bibles....your lemon pie looks good. Recipe? Enjoy your weekend, xo

  3. Your collection of Bibles is so precious!

    I bet your pie will be wonderful. What a special treat on a chilly evening. The wind is a howlin here, and we aren't cozyin up with pie...but are cozied up nonetheless.

    Hope tomorrow is a restful day for you, Faye. Take care!

  4. Good evening Faye, My daddy was a Baptist preacher and he wore out so many Bibles. We were always taught to always respect a Bible and never throw one out. When he passed and then Mother went to the nursing home before her passing, I could not do away with any of the Bibles. So I too, have a collection of old Bibles. One was my grandmothers family Bible that has births and deaths written in it with a quill pendating from the 1800's. Yes, they are priceless. Love the way you have your displayed. That pie looks delicious and I am sure Terry was proud of it after a long day cutting wood. My mister cut all summer so we have a supply already seasoned and split under the shed. Love seeing your snow. Take care and stay warm.

  5. Hi FAYE.... I have my Grandmother's and my Grandfather's bibles. I am so very glad that I have them. Both were used very much. They were the kindest people and I feel honored to have their Bibles. That cup of tea with the lemon pie looks so good. I did not have my tea today and I missed it. Your photos are lovely. I noticed. Good luck to your hubby, Terry, with the cutting and the hauling of the wood. He is a real 'worker'....and he sticks to his jobs until he gets done what he needs to do. You will be so warm and cozy this winter.

    Yes, "Tomorrow is the day the Lord hath made...let us be glad and rejoice in it".

    Have a blessed and happy Sunday..for both you and Terry.


  6. Those Bibles are wonderful, Faye~ and I love how you have them displayed in those cute little chairs.
    Your pie looks delicious... what is the old saying about "there is no such thing as an ugly baby"? In my opinion, there is no such thing as an ugly pie. :O)
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. I love your Bible collection. I had one of my mother's which she dated 1925, but I have lost track of it and my heart is broken. Blessings to you.

  8. What a wonderful collection. And how you have displayed them is great. I love bibles. I have picked up a few at our town library when they have book sales twice a year.
    When I was a missionary in Italy, I bought an Italian prayer book at the Vatican. I am not catholic though, but I like having books in the language to practice my Italian reading and speaking.

    Faye, I love visiting here. Your posts always make a difference. A while ago I was about at my wits end. And this post calmed my down. :) Thank you. Take care, ((HUGS))

  9. Hi Faye. Another great posting. The pie looks sooooo yummy. Trust terry had another great day I the outdoors! Luv the bible collection. Ur primitive style is so fitting to u. Luv ya bunches and have a great day! Be blessed!!!!!!

  10. Thanks so much for sharing photos of your Bible collection Faye! I just love them! I love the snow picture too : ) And lemon pie! Yum! One of my favorites! I can't make a pie no matter how hard I try & my mother was the pie making queen. Go figure : ) Have a wonderful Lord's Day dear friend! Blessings, Shirlee

  11. Hi Faye..
    I've been reading some of your past blog posts, and I have missed reading what you've been up to.
    Love your Bible collection...and the way that you display them.

    Keep warm and safe.

  12. I love the Bibles on the little chairs. You have the best ideas!

  13. Isn't it wonderful when vintage books have the little autographed beginnings?
    And I say that it's the taste that counts for baked goods.

  14. What a wonderful collection! And I love the look of them displayed on the chairs.The pie looks yummy, you have put that in my mind now- oh no! Thanks for sharing the verses, always need to be reminded. Wishing you blessings this week, stay warm!! Sara

  15. Old bibles are so precious, as you look through them, you can't help but wonder about the people who have held them, read them and studied them. I love to read their notations in the spaces.
    I have my mother's last one that she used before she passed away. A keepsake.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  16. What a wonderful collection of old Bibles. I have several here too and should have them out on display. I like the little chairs yours are sitting on. Picassa is a great tool and I find it easy to use. I hope you get used to it. There are many things to learn in this blog world but learning is good for the head. :) Did you get my email today? Blessings, Pamela

  17. Love the little wee bibles. How sweet. I have my grandaddy's old bible and I cherish it. I need to find a way to display it. The pie looks delicious too!

  18. Hi, Faye,
    I enjoyed looking at your pictures...I love the way you have them displayed. I have some, new and old, different versions, and I like to keep them around everywhere. It's nice to have one nearby that I can just pick up anytime and read.
    That pie looks so yummy! Hope you have a great week!♥

  19. Thank you Faye for sharing. I love looking at old Bibles and isn't it wonderful to know no matter how worn or tattered they become, it is still the most precious book ever written. I love lemon pie too. It is my favorite. Hugs from West Virginia!

  20. Trying to get my right name to show

  21. You have some very old bibles. They are beautiful. Your pie looks delicious. I am not very good a pie crusts. Enjoy your day and God bless.