Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Want to go to the top of the mountain?

Good Evening my dears...
How are you ? 

 The weather here in Eastern Canada is cold but still just a skiff of snow on the ground..

Terry needed to go for a drive to see about cutting some wood..
We had to drive up a mountain side...
The road was just a wood road but frozen hard..

Terry decided he had better get out and make sure the ice was frozen solid.. smile..
Can you see what is in his left hand..
Yup.. a Tim Horton's cup.. grin..
It is a long ways up there..

You can see for miles when you get to the top..

See the cut in the woods way over there...
That is where the windmill farm is...

Look what I noticed.....
A dear little bird nest...

Here in Eastern Canada we cut down trees and then we replant them...

Can you see the hills WAY over there?

And here are some windmills...
At one point we could see 32 of them...
We need to head back down the hill...

And here we are back on the highway for home..
The sun is going down...

About here I started wondering what to have for supper..

And then I REMEMBERED  something:-):-)
I told Terry that I had forgot all about the big pot of stock that I had left on the stove.. It was STILL on.. We were in a hurry to leave and I FORGOT all about it..

Oh, dear Lord.. We had been gone for over 3 hours..
I had made chicken and rice soup for lunch with some of it..
Then I had put another quart of water in but that was hours ago..

We were about 10 minutes from home..

Terry went a BIT faster but I could only PRAY..
Anyway... to make a long story short..

We arrived home and there was the stock still simmering away..
The bones and all were still covered with water and the stove was on 3.5 which is about medium..

Oh... Thank you, Jesus... A miracle, I am sure..

I have not  done that before..
Do you think I am losing my marbles? 
I do... smile..

After Terry and I got our strength back (he said I had scared him half to death.. )  he checked the fire and I made this for supper..
Maritime at Heart Casserole..

We Maritime Canadians love our fish...

Thanks again for dropping by and for your lovely comments..
Take care of yourselves and your sweet families..



  1. Lovely pictures, I'd go up there for sure! No wonder it scared you to pieces. God sure is good, I thank Him for taking care of you two, and your home!

  2. Oh what a fun trip up the mountain...but it looks so awfully cold Faye.
    Your stew (if that's what it is) looks divine!
    Great post!

  3. Beautiful Faye! And that stew/chicken & dumplings/whatever looks delicious! Blessings, Shirlee

  4. Oh Faye, you had my heart racing... I hope everything was going to be okay... whew! Thank you Jesus for not burning the house down or the stock! =]

    What a beautiful trip up the mountain! So much beauty, I love the way you can see for miles and miles. I also enjoy watching those wind farms. They are popping up all over the US, I'll stop on the side of the road and just sit and watch. My mom thinks I'm silly and say they all look the same. But something about how giant they are and move so gracefully really draws me in.

    What a wonderful way to end the day... with a delicious casserole, yum!

  5. Thank you for taking me on your wonderful ride up the mountain. You and your sweet hubby take such fun adventures. We spend many an afternoon combing the country side here. Lots of fun...and it is such sweet time to spend togeether!

  6. How Scarey..I'm glad all was well. Thank you God! Supper looks wonderful. Do you have a recipe? Katie

  7. I was so excited going up that mountain. And I have to admit I was scared riding on the icy road. Just not use to that here in the South. Loved the view from the top, but was really scared coming back down especially since Terry was anxious to get home. Was praying all the way down. So proud all was well at home. Yes, can't say it enough God is SO GOOD!!. I find I question myself more and more the older I get as to whether I have cut the stove off our made sure the heater was safe before leaving home. You were greatly blessed today Faye. I am so thankful for you.
    Blessings my friend

  8. Faye what a lovely trip up the mountain and back. Thank you. Made me miss our mountain home though. Sighhhhh.... Wonderful photos.

    I need to go back up to our mountain and take some pictures and put them on my blog. I will do that as soon as the snow is gone..that might be in the summertime lol Really.

    I am surprised that your weather is so mild. I have a friend in Canada on this west side where last winter it was crazy. And if I remember right the entire country was like that. I hope that that doesn't happen again.

    Whew! Thank goodness all was well at home. I was worried. Really :) Your dinner looks so yummy too. :) I was like ok, where's my spoon? lol

    Gotta run, take care Janet W

  9. The mountain road is beautiful and that casserole looks delicious! I am gonna have to get off here and eat breakfast!

    Have a great day.


  10. After such an adventure I would love that fish too Faye :-)
    Thank you for such beautiful photo's. Looks a tad too cold for me. Beautiful scenery........ There were a couple of tree's blown down around the village, someone is keeping warm tonight.
    Happy New Year Faye
    :-) xxx

  11. Beautiful pictures! They have been discussing putting windmills on top of one of our mountains. Many are for it and many are against it. I am so thankful your home was okay and that the stock had not boiled dry. God is good. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. Hello, Faye... thanks for taking me up the mountain with you, even though you almost ruined dinner... *grin*
    The scenery is so beautiful, and you snow is gorgeous.
    I'm going back to read all the posts I've missed... I haven't been a very faithful visitor lately, have I? :0)

  13. Isn't it amazing how He always looks out for us? I'm glad everything was alright when you got home. Thank goodness for a Savior who watches our homes for us while we are gone. What a blessing...

  14. Oh Faye,
    What a beautiful little trip you had. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.
    Sheesh... I am so glad that you didn't have a fire with the soup!
    I've about done the same thing myself.
    Not fun!

    Hope you have a good day.

  15. How scary! At least you didnt get a call to say that the fire department was at your place, because the stuff on the stove was burning and making alot of smoke. This happened to me a while ago and I couldnt even rush back home because I ended up getting a flat tire and the guys couldnt get the spare off the van. So two hours later I arrived home the fire department was gone and the pot of burnt potatoes were out on the ground. What a stink! But no damage thank the Lord.

    I am happy that all was well.

    Love Ya,