Thursday, February 16, 2012

Arranging things...

Good evening everyone.. 

How art thou?  

I thought I had better get to posting a picture of little gift that my Mom gave me the other day.. smile.. 

I didn't mean to keep you guessing but we were blessed to attend Bible Study last night and then today I was working at a project or two .. 
Anyway... here it is...

A very old print of bluebirds.. 
Precious, eh!

I noticed it in her little den and started making some broad hints.. grin.. 
And as you know she caved in and gave it to me.. 
The dear thing...

 I know I am a pain but she told me when she comes here next she expects to leave with her arms full... lol.. 

This probably would not be every one's taste but I love old stuff..

Actually, before we visited them we had gone to a thrift store and I had bought this little cloth for two dollars..

I am sure that is why I noticed her print.. smile... 

Anyway, I brought them both home....

I tea dyed the cloth because that is how I prefer them..
And then I remembered this little nest and eggs that I had on one
 of the tables.

I put the three of them together..

This pic does not do them justice.. Sorry about that.. 
But you get the gist... smile..

I had also posted about the bread I had made for our Valentines dinner that didn't happen... 
Well, not here at home, anyway... smile..

I used the THIS RECIPE and just made one large french loaf.. 
Brushed on some olive oil and sprinkled on some kosher salt just after it had raised.. Oh.. I made 3 slashes with a sharp knife.. 
Baked it in the oven for 40 minutes and voila.. 

I had planned on using it for the centrepiece.. smile..

As I had a bunch of thyme I made a small crock of herb butter to go with it.. 
Just mix up a stick of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil, a small crushed clove of garlic and some fresh herbs.. 
Arrange it all  on a bread board and everyone will enjoy the centrepiece.. Right?

I thought you might like this neat little way of fancying up your table once in awhile with some old silver.... 

Lacy napkins and a piece of lace.. 
I saw something similar on Pinterest (of course) and did my own thing.. 

I came up with the idea of using some old music sheets for place mats.. smile..

It is nice to be fancy sometimes, too.. 
We don't have to do bread and butter all the time.. 

I need to tie up the ends of some of my last postings and questions.. 

A lot of you emailed and asked about the Keepers of the Home.. 
I am hoping you don't mind waiting a bit as I am guesting on a blog about it in a few weeks .. I will answer all your questions then..  OK?

Now, thank you sweet ladies for dropping by and for your wonderful comments.. 
And welcome to all of the new ones who joined the site.. 
I will visit your blogs very soon..

Terry is back home again (thank you, dear Lord) and so my time is not my own.. grin... 

I do have something very important to share with you all tomorrow, I hope.. 
So.. check back if you can.. 
I am not trying to be mysterious but it is too complicated to go into now and I need to check out a few things before I mention it.. 

Psalms 117
1.  O praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people.
2.  For his merciful kindness is great toward us: and the truth of the LORD endureth for ever.. Praise ye the LORD..



  1. Hi Faye, I love the sweet bluebird print and the table runner too. They go well together. The loaf of French bread looks so good. Oh my. It would be an edible centerpiece that wouldn't last very long for sure. Have a great Friday! Hugs, Pamela

  2. Hi, Faye! That bread looks delicious and I love the bird picture!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. I love your little bluebirds! They always seem so quaint, like a sleepy English cottage. Just love your photos! That bread! Sure looks so good, makes me want some. I'd love to have just one warm slice right now. Smiles! Hope to hear more...,,,, Always!

  4. I love all your bluebirds...the symbol of happiness. They went to the right home, I see. Your bread looks delicious. xo

  5. I love how you put the bluebirds together. Also, that bread looks so delicious.

  6. Faye
    I love your bird print and the sweet vignette you created with it.
    Almost all of my old prints came from my MIL
    I look forward to hearing what's up tomorrow!!.

  7. I love old stuff too :) And love receiving my mother's things...hehe

    The needlework reminds me of pillowcases my grandmother used to make. When she passed, I found a few of them in her things and put them behind frames and on the wall in my bedroom. They are comforting :)

    I love the sheet music idea. I'll have to remember that for our musical Michelle.

  8. Good Beautiful Morning!
    You were right sweet Faye Henry I love the dear bluebird picture.
    I love bluebirds. :) And your dear display too.
    And me oh my the bread looks heavenly. Eat a piece for me please.
    Love & Joy Trace

  9. Oh Faye- you know how I am with surprises, don't you?!

  10. I have pair of similar pictures picked up at a thrift store many years ago and I still love them. I love the wellow background and they are so happy! Our SIL is full blooded Sicilian and bread is always the centerpiece on their table. It goes right on the table cloth and large hunks are torn from it passed to be dipped in olive oil with some s&p and herbs. I find I can eat way too much bread this way as I do not have in my mind that I ate one slice or two because, how much is a hunk?

  11. I love the bluebird vignette! The bread and butter looks yummy, thanks for sharing it. Oh, and about the picture you wrangled away from your is my mailing address.....tee, hee. Gosh, I miss my mom thanks for sharing yours for a moment or two. :)