Monday, February 13, 2012

A snowy blowy kinda day....

Good Evening my dears.. 
Winter has finally arrived in all it's glory here in Eastern Canada.. 

It is nice, really to be back to normal, I think.. 

Canada without snow storms and cold weather just does not feel right somehow.. smile.. 

Over the weekend we received about 30 cm. here in Eastern 
New Brunswick.. 
Most churches in the southeastern part was cancelled yesterday morning but we had service last evening.. 

Sunday without church is not normal, either... smile.. 

These pics were taken this morning... 

Beautiful, eh!

The sun was shining so lovely...

It seems so nice and still ... 

And very cold..... 
-22 degrees C.

The wood fires are burning.. 
Notice the smoke coming from  the chimney over on Main Street..

We had to go to the city later this morning.. 
Our snow blower broke and Terry had to buy a part to fix it ...

The winds had picked up and were blowing like crazy...

The fields looked like they were full of  waves billowing towards the shore ... 

We stopped into Moms for a few minutes and they had a huge flock of seagulls drop by for a visit.. smile..

My step father loves birds of any kind... 
He feeds crows, peasants and ducks all year round... 

Mom gave me the dearest present while we were there... 
It was in her little den and I said how much I liked it.. 
She told me that I could not have it right now.. smile..
We laughed about it and sat and had a lovely cup of tea and a piece of her homemade apple pie.. 
Mom always has pie made... 
After Gerald had shown us the puzzle he had finished we thought we had better head for home.. 

It was so cold ... brrrr....

We were in the car and ready to leave when she comes out on the step and says to wait a minute... 
Out they come with THE PRESENT  and told me to take it home... 
Wasn't that sweet!! 
Tomorrow when I get it put  in the right spot  I will try and take a pic to show you all.. OK?

We came home and Terry got the fire going good and I made 
So good on a cold Winter's night.. 

Now he is having a snooze while I chat with you all.. 
Thank you dearies for stopping by and visiting... 

I enjoy your company and so look forward to hearing from you..

 Take good care of yourselves and your dear families.. 
Love to you all.. 


  1. Horray...1st to comment! It really was cold today! Love the pics I'm glad I was in for most of the day.

    1. Oh I love your photos Faye ! YUMMY ! That supper looks good um I clicked to get the recipe and it never came up it may just be blogger ! Cant wait to see what mum gave you ! The weather here in Ontario is much the same you are right Canada just isnt the same with out our typical Canadian winters eh ! Have a wonderful evening !

    2. Hi Elaine... I think it is my fault you could not get to the recipe..
      Just click on the word SUPPER in the post.. Not the word click here..
      It was there but I did not make it sound right..
      The recipe girls is on the word SUPPER...


  2. Beautiful indeed!!

    Have a great night.


  3. Oh...I just can not wait to see the present from Mom!

  4. Faye,
    Lovely pics...but I would much rather be wherever it is hot and green grass and blooming gardens! I should have been a bear so I could just go hibernate all winter.I am so cold.Got a wood fire burning nicely here now...My dad and brother's have gotten my furnace put together this evening...just a few more things to purchase to make er go.Then there will be lovely heat! ...Just waiting to see what MOM gave you!

  5. You are one lucky lady to live in such a magical place. I so love all those beautiful pictures of the snow. And that supper looks so good. I could almost smell it. You are just teasing us with that special gift from your Mom. Can't wait to see what treasure she gave you. Have a blessed evening and stay warm.

  6. HI Faye,
    That's a lot of snow. I really liked the photo with all the seagulls.I had a similar experience when I was driving along the ocean downtown with my father. We stopped to look at the waves. A HUGE flock of seagulls and cormorants decided to fly around me, than land. I think they were expecting a fish treat or something. It was quite a site :) :)

    The shrimp/pasta dish looks really good :) :) Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  7. Hi Faye,

    All the pictures are just beautiful. I love snow a lot as you snow. I wish we could get some. Not just some but a lot. We really need it.

    I agree that Sunday without church is not normal. I don't like it when we miss church. We have missed a some Sundays because of my husbands medical troubles. I am glad that you got to go in the evening.

    I am thankful that I can watch devotionals and scripture discussion programs on TV. And read my scriptures. And I love Sundays.

    And your supper looks very yummy.

    Stay warm and have a great Tuesday. :) Take care, Janet W

    Oh I can't wait to see your present from your Mama!
    Oh the suspense.
    Hugs Trace

  9. Good morning Faye,
    You always take the best photos...have you ever looking into photography as a'd sell lots I'm sure. your snow scenes are always so gorgeous.

    Yummy looking pasta dish! Wish my husband loved it...I don't get it nearly enough.

    Well aren't you going to tell us what the lovely is that mom is going to give you someday??? You are a mystery right

    Blessings and thanks for visiting my blog - you are always a bright spot!

  10. I agree with Karen, above - your pics are always so vivid and catch the subject so well!
    Hope you stay cozy - looking forward to seeing your mom's gift to you!

  11. This southern girl way down in South Carolina cannot imagine -22 degrees! Your cold weather and snow is so happy to look at but I like knowing it will be 60 degrees here tomorrow :)

  12. Could you box some of that snow and send it down to us here in the deep south? Ha! Beautiful pictures. Can't wait to see your present! Have a happy Valentine's day!

  13. You have a lovely blog and I just joined today. Enjoyed your sweet words and beautiful pictures. Going to try that delicious looking pasta dish soon.

  14. Faye~ with all my heart I would love more than anything to visit your beautiful home, but if you invited me right now I think I would have to pass until it was at least 25 degrees.... :) The snow is so beautiful though... and have you ever wondered why it seems so peaceful after it snows?
    I can't wait to see your "present"! Don't make us wait too long, okay?
    Your pasta dish looks so good... and to think I almost made it through a whole post without drooling on my mouse pad...

  15. God's precious earth made beautiful after the coverlet of white!! you are so lucky to be able to appreciate that kind of beauty! as also your skill in putting edible ingredients together to enjoy his nourishment! wonderful post!!!