Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red is for Valentines and old barns...

Hi ladies.. 

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day.. 
My dear husband surprised me by taking me out to a wonderful dinner...

I had this evenings menu all planned and had even made the bread when he came in from outside and instructed me to get ready as he was taking me out.. 

I did not get a chance to do a valentine type of post that I had planned..

Here is the best I can do.. grin..

Red is for Valentines and for old barns.. eh?

I took these yesterday on our way to the city.. 

and our lovely flag ...  

I could watch it dancing in the wind all day..
I have a thing for flags blowing in the breezes.. smile.. 

Happy Valentines Day from Canada... 

Love to you all...


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. love the barns, love the red, would love to live out on a farm!
    Happy Valentine's Day to you also!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! As always, I love your photos. So peaceful.

  4. I enjoyed your photos. I love the beauty of those big old barns especially red ones and more especially red ones in the snow. We don't get snow like that, usually a couple inches once or twice a year. Your flag is nice blowing in the wind. There is a car sales place in our small town that flies a giant American flag and I agree with you that I could watch it all day. We were taught to respect any flag so I have a thing for flags also. Shannon

  5. Hi Miss are you? I have always considered your Canandian flag one of the most beautiful! Gorgeous picture. I love the old barns especially since I grew up on a farm with many barns. I hope this Valentine's Day was one of the best for you and Terry. How nice of him to take you to dinner. Surprises are wonderful!

  6. Hi Faye,

    Thank you for your email. I just love barns. And anything country or primitives or rustic.

    Glad you had a nice Valentine's Day dinner. :)

    Have a wonderful day. Take care, Janet W (((hugs)))

  7. Happy Valentine's Faye Henry!
    Now that would be my perfect RED DREAM BARN.
    Just beautiful. Your hubby sounds like a real sweetie to me.

  8. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's dinner, Faye~ and those red barns are just perfect! My hubby walked by the computer while I was reading your post and said, "wow... I'd like to see what kind of tractors are in those barns..."
    Not very romantic, but.... :)

  9. What a nice surprise for you! I hope you had a lovely time. I love the barn photos. Beautiful against the sky and snow. Have a great day! Blessings, Pamela

  10. Glad you had a great day. Alas, I made dinner.

  11. Happy to hear you had a wonderful day. Great photos as always. xo

  12. What a lovely surprise you had!
    Did you say " But I've nothing to wear! "?
    (And then he should say " You look lovely just as you are...")
    I am sure you did, anyway.
    xx H

  13. How come barns look best painted red? They are great and how sweet of your Sweet to take you to dinner!

  14. I love looking at pictures of old barns. Have a wonderful day.


  15. Gorgeous! I love barns. I love red barns. I love red barns in the winter snow.

    What a sweet surprise, I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's dinner.

    Have a wonderful week~

  16. Surprises are always fun. I love the red barn against the beautiful white snow. I love snow in pictures, in real life? Not so much.

  17. well what a nice surprise from your sweetie..I love the red barns..glad you had a great day..and I hope today is just as good.;)

  18. Lovely, Faye. What a sweet surprise from your husband. He's a keeper.

  19. red is the only color for Valentine's Day! whether it be on a heart-shaped card or on the side of a country barn!! what a lovely surprise evening you had...

  20. I love red barns and I really love our beautiful red and white maple leaf flag.
    Glad you have such a sweet hubby who surprises you still after all these years. God blessed you with a good one.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  21. What a sweetie! Hope you had a great dinner, and a nice evening together.
    Love those red barns!