Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old photo tea lamp tutorial and a wee blessing...

Hello there my dears... 

Can you believe it is the middle of the week already? 
February is passing by much quicker than January did, I think... 

What a beautiful sunny day we had.. The days are getting longer and pretty soon old man Winter's back will be broken as my Gram used to say.. I don't believe he had much of a back bone this year, eh? 

Oh well... 
I have a little how to for you all tonight..

As some of you know we redid our BATHROOM..
Just click on the word bathroom there and you can see our frugal redo.. 

Well, I had made a wreath for the bathroom  that I had seen on Pinterest with some old photos that I had collected..

Then the other day I saw a tea light but done with old papers and I decided to do one with old pics to match our bathroom... 

Here it is..

It is different from the one that I saw 
on the web...

Anyway.. here we go.. 
You need some old pics or copies of some.. 
You could use ones of your family or whatever..

When I had my craft business I had bought boxes of pics from our dear friend, Julia.. 
I can hardly believe that I am still using them..

All I used for this lamp was a cheese whiz bottle that I had saved.. 

You could use a mason jar but I did not want to waste one.. smile..

Using a pair of scalloped scissors for scrap booking cut some of the edges if you like..
You don't have to do that, though..

Make sure that you have enough to overlap all the way around the bottle..

Pick out two pics and cut out a heart or circle and make sure you place them on opposite sides of the bottle..
I then glued the hearts on that I had cut out, too..

Using modge podge or white glue cover the backs and hold on for a minute.. 
Using your finger rub the picture on good and then over lap another one.. 

Begin with a solid pic and then go to one of the cutouts and work your way around to the opposite side and place your next cutout pic.. 
Do you get it?  smile..
There are only 2 cutout pictures..
So that the light can shine through..

Keep going until finished and use a wet cloth the whole time to wipe away excess glue.. 
Let dry but make sure you have it cleaned up well.. OK?
I did not modge podge the outside and there was plenty there when I was trying to anchor the photos.. 
You could give it a nice coat of modge with a sponge brush, though..

Inside you can use old buttons or whatever for a nest for your tea light..

I am quite sure my dear husband will want me to use a battery operated light.. 

Did I tell you I have been restricted as far as REAL candles go?  grin..

Be sure and tie a lovely old piece of lace around the top.. or jute or ribbon.. 

Lace and old photos how great is that?  smile.

Do you know what was written on the back of this old pic??

Sept. 12, 1953 I think it was 53.. 
I wonder who those lads were?

And now before you all go and try to make your own lamp please come into my sun room with me..

Just for a second.. 
I took these pics earlier today..

Beautiful out there, eh!

I know that I had showed you a pic of the buds but look... 

The lavender has bloomed!!

Spanish Lavender in Eastern Canada in February!!

Inside the house of course but still.... smile..
It smells so wonderful, too.. 

Oh, the dear sweet little blessings that the Lord gives us daily.. 
Little heart pricks that says.. 
I love you, girl...

So, thanks again for the sweet visit..
Welcome to the new girls who joined the blog.. 
I LOVE your comments.. 
They make me smile or even laugh out loud.. 
I am so glad I posted last night after all.. 
Your comments made it so worth it.. 

Love to you all.. 


  1. I loved your post. So glad that I stopped by. I can almost smell the lavender. My favorite!

    Thanks so much for the tut. I think the tea light is awesome...what a great idea for some old pictures.


  2. Dear Faye~ I love your tutorial on the tea light... I have plenty of old jars laying around and this would be wonderful way to use them... but what we all really want to know is, why have you been grounded from using candles? *grin*

    Loved the blooming lavender and the little blessing it was to you... I'm just glad you didn't post one of your delicious recipes tonight because I'm feeling weak. (For a minute I thought you were going to roll the lavender in chocolate or something just to tempt me... *haha*)

  3. Hi, Faye,

    What a sweet little candle! I have saved back some old jars, and I think this would be a great idea. Now I am very curious, why would your husband restrict
    you to battery candles?? There must be a story! :)

    It's definitely been warm around here this winter! My daughter, Katie, went snow tubing with her class yesterday and there was just a little strip of snow for them to use. I'm sure it must have been machine made. Our daffodils are out of the ground about 3 inches already...very unusual for February. I would love to have some lavender. It smells so wonderful.♥

    Even though I follow your blog, your new posts never show up on my dashboard. I know I missed some of them and had to go back to see them. Oh well, Blogger can be crazy sometimes. I'll just have to remember to keep checking back.

    Have a wonderful evening...take care.

    1. Awesome idea to the candle I love it ! I like your french doors to your sunroom and the view from it ! I know you love Lavendar, here is a website to a Lavendar farm 20 min from us its called Lavendar Hills
      I have English Lavendar in my gardens. My Daffodils and Hyacinths are poking above ground now ! Have a wonderful evening !

  4. What a wonderful idea, I am going to have to try it. So glad that you are not getting too bad of a winter. We had a nice sunny day here as well. Males me wish for an early spring. ~Sara

  5. I also wanted to tell you that I love your new header pic. All of the comforts of home are all in one large photo. Love it. Blessings

  6. That is such neat idea!
    Lavendar in winter..hmm..I have never seen it.
    We had beautiful day today too. Spring will be here soon enough.
    Enjoy you blog.

  7. I love your candle holder idea and the photo wreath in your bathroom too. Really cute and easy ideas. I have a small framed picture of 'baby Stuart' too! How neat is that? And I believe it came from Butternut Ridge at the farm where my mother grew up. Do you know any history behind it? How nice to have lavender blooming indoors in February. Your new header is really nice too! Blessings, Pamela

  8. What a fun tutorial :) :) My aunt is a retired firefighter. I'm living in her home ;) :) So using a real tea light...I'm not sure that will fly in our house...BUT they do make battery-powered tea lights ;) :) :) This a really sweet project :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  9. Hello Faye, Before I forget...I love your new header. I had to take a few minutes to admire each photo! Good job! Your tea light with old pictures is fabulous! What a nice idea. I have some old pics that I bought a while back and this is a good way to use them. Loved the visit to the sun room. OHHHHH...sweet lavender!....!.and it is blooming now! Wow! You must have the perfect conditions in your sun room ro be able to get it to bloom this time of year. Look at all that marvelous sun! Tell Terry that he is smart man to limit your use of candles...but remember...a girl can never have too many keep an on Faye!

    Good night, Faye. You sure do make my day wonderful!


  10. I love those wee blessings, don't you? They always put a smile on my face. God is so very good to us. =]

    Your old photo tea lamp is so adorable! I'm sure it looks wonderful in your bathroom with the photo wreath! I really like the idea of buttons inside the jar to hold the candle but yes, I'm thinking battery operated tea light would be best, hehe.

  11. Hi, :)

    I love the candle. I will save this page to try it later. :)

    Love, love, love the new pictures at the top of your blog. Nice fireplace. :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog today.

    Take care, Janet W

  12. Faye, your lamp is beautiful! Such a neat idea.

    Have a great Thursday.


  13. Dear Faye,

    What a great idea! I've done something similar with saved Christmas cards and ribbons. Lavender in February...what a crazy winter!

    Sweet blessings,

  14. Faye,
    I love the candle...what a great idea!
    Lavender in sweet is that!!

  15. I love this idea. I love that you used an old Cheez Whiz jar. I also love the new header mosaic, great photos, especially the hearth! Love visiting here, Faye, it is so cozy and I love the music. xo

  16. It is a lovely idea for a tea light, Faye! Thank you so much! And for sharing the blessings in your sun room! God is good!
    Best wishes

  17. Morning Faye Henry!
    I love the lavender. So lovely.
    Beautiful jar/photo idea. I would love to give that a try. I need some old photos.
    Guess I need to go to shopping :)
    I always love and ejoy the visit with you sweet friend.
    Hugs & Love

  18. That is just one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! Love how the photo matches up with the heart. It was meant to be!

  19. Hi Faye, I love the idea of the tea light candle with old photos. I am on the look out for some and am going to make myself one but for my living room. I have a few antiques in there and think it will go along quite nicely. When I get enough old photos collected I would love to make one fothe wreat also.
    Have a great day Faye, I feel so blessed to have found out about your blog.

    1. Dear Krista...
      So glad that a LOCAL girl found the blog,too.. smile..
      See you at the next Keepers for sure..
      God bless..

    2. Speaking of Keepers... I can't wait! and I have a guest coming...I don't know if she would have contacted you or not... Horray!

  20. Love that idea, thank you so much for sharing. At the prim store in town she has timer battery operated candles now. I don't know if you have them up there yet but they are great, you twist them on at the time you want them to come on each night, they atay on for 6 hours then turn off and come on again the next night. Wonderful! Saves on batteries because I never remember to turn off my other ones at night. They have short and meiddle length tapers and tea lights (she doesn't carry them yet...I can't wait!).


  21. What a darling little craft that is, I want to make one now. It will go well in my bathroom as well. Have a sweet day, my friend.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  22. Good Morning Faye-
    What a wonderful idea and Thanks for the tutorial.
    i would Love to make one of these, but I don't
    have any old photos. I guess I need to put my thinking
    cap on, Lol! I Love the lavender, so pretty.
    Enjoy your day!

  23. A great idea, and much better than just my simple photos in the blue Atlas Jars! I love the scalloped edges and I'm going to add this to my Pinterst board!

  24. the tea candle looks great with your bathroom decor! i think i'll make one with Christmas cards i've saved. i also wanted to tell you i listen to your music while i knit since i have moved my laptop to a stand beside my chair! from a retired band director, GREAT SLECTION OF MUSIC!!! it's my favorite things to look forward to in the mornings while my husband, terry, is still sleeping!! quiet time to knit and watch the beautiful sunrises!! spanish lavendar is my favorite...its unique form! i always enjoy your posts! ^)^linda

  25. Faye, I love your blog so much and I give you the Versatile Blogger Award. Please see my blog for details.

  26. Faye, I love that you use PINTEREST ideas...I'm glad someone does and shows us how they make them and how they work.
    You have been wonderful to share these with us.
    To date my favorite is this beautiful!!! And it will LAST because the wax doesn't burn down and get black and ugly...LOVE IT.
    Oh my Lavender....beautiful.
    We were at a friends house yesterday and her Lavender was till there from the Summer...but all dry...i ran my fingers up the stalks and goodness you could still smell the essence.


  27. Hi Faye...
    What a darling little lantern.
    Hmmm .. why are you restricted from using candles??
    I hope this doesn't have anything to do with the stove....after all, that could have happened to any of us :)

    I'm so impressed with your lavender blooming. Wow!

    If you look really hard and squint through one eye, you might just see the lilac shrubs getting leaf buds on them.
    Well that's what I tell my sweetheart, any way ....

    Have a great weekend!!

  28. Hello Faye!

    I love your tea light lamp! I have a jar picked out ready to use and recently found an old hymnal (with pages torn, etc.) and will use that instead of photos. The wreath is perfect too!
    I wish I did well at plants. I did purchase an African violet today. One of my goals this year is to try my best to keep houseplants alive :)
    Have a blessed weekend!