Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Table Runner Project for you...

Good Saturday Morning to you all..

This day finds us with a bit more snow and some mild temps.. I don't think we are getting the storm that was forecast.. 
Thank you dear Lord..

The blue jays are putting up quite a racket and we have a flock of black colored birds with pointy beaks.. I wonder what they are.. 
They are cute.. No starlings... yet..
And the wind is 

I made a wee project yesterday that I thought I would share with you.. 
That is if Terry doesn't get up first.. grin..

I saw this idea over at Better Homes and Gardens.. 
These mags have wonderful craft ideas, sometimes.. 

Anyway... As you can see... This is a table runner.. I love anything made out of old book pages for some reason.. 
When we were into Habitat for Humanity who have the best books... I found an old children's book.. I thought it would be perfect as the pages were brownish and nice and soft.. 

And I also saved my Michael's coupon for 50% off and bought the new punch..

All you need for this project is in the pic below..

A wonderful old book that you can bear to tear apart (gently), a scrapbook punch and good tape.. Oh and a pair of scissors..

If your book is not old enough I was thinking that you could use brown stamp ink to soften the edges, eh?

You just tape the pages together all along the edge.. 
Do your runner as long as you like... I think just one would make a sweet lamp mat, too.. 
Then punch all along the edges...

They did not do the ends but I was fooling around with the punch and sort of have a so so one... 

I do need to practice with this thing to find out how to get it perfect but that all comes in

I was telling Terry that he will have to be careful when he lays his junk  stuff on the table that he doesn't ruin my runner.. grin.. 
He thinks I should buy one of those horrid lovely plastic sheets to put on it.. NOT.. grin..

BUT... I was thinking that if you put clear mack tack on it and punched it all out at the same time.. ???? 
We shall see.. If the dollar store has clear mack tack...

The punch costs around 15 dollars but I will use it a lot for packaging soaps and stuff.. 
Brown paper bags, book page bags.... all kinds of stuff so I feel justified in buying it..
And of course we can use it for Keepers projects.. smile..

Would any of you girls like one of these?
I was thinking of doing a little giveaway with one.. 
What do you think?

So how are you all spending your Saturday?

Our youngest son was out yesterday and spent the day with his Dad and me.. 

They cut wood and of course, I cooked.. 
I love feeding that child man.. grin.. 
We had pork chops, creamy mashed potatoes, carrots, winter salad, and lemon pie.. 

Then for supper with just Terry and I we had Rice Fritters with homemade garlic sauce.. 
I did not like them at all.. The dear man ate his and never complained.. 
Oh well, better luck next time.. 

Gotta go...

Thanks for the visit and welcome to the new followers.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you all..

God bless..


  1. Your Table Runner truned out great! I don't think that it would last very long on my table...with 2 kids and their spills... I bet that somehow one could even play around and come up with a round one...who knows...maybe oneday we'll get to try out that punch at Keepers ;0)

  2. Dear Faye,
    What a wonderful idea! You made such a pretty runner.
    I love to use those Michael's coupons. We've gotten so many nice things that way.
    I think a punch giveaway is a wonderful idea. ;)
    My husband has a meeting today, so he is out of town. Katie and I are planning to go to the library and the thrift shop later this morning, and probably get some lunch at one of the little diners in our tiny town, if this fierce wind doesn't blow us away first!
    Have a great day!♥

  3. That is a really cute idea. I just took a class on the log cabin pattern, I could also see sewing the paper together. My mind is already thinking of old paper and options I have. Blessings from WI.

  4. Faye, I love this table runner idea. It's really cute and the lace edge just adds to it. I also noticed your old oil lamp made into a candle holder. Great idea. We got about 20 cm. of wet snow here so it's a winter wonderland. The skies are starting to clear and hubby is out with the snowblower. Enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  5. That runner is the cutest thing! We had a massive rainfall and lots of wind last night but no snow. Yay!

  6. What a pretty and clever runner! I think I spied a sign I make on your wall--does it start with "God didn't promise..."?Isn't cooking for a son that has been out on his just the best thing!? My bliss time is when my boys are home at Christmas and everyone is home sleeping under the same roof. I sleep with a very contented smile on my face!! :) Have a warm, happy day.--Jan

  7. Faye, you are so creative. That runner is great. I was thinking of Mod Podge on it somehow? I don't know, my creativity, whatever little I had in my younger years, has gone off to retirement somewhere. :-) A giveaway would be fun, too, count me in. ((hugs)) xo

  8. Good Morning Faye-
    What a Beautiful table runner. I Love the punched edges,
    what a perfect touch! I Love Michaels coupons.
    Use them every chance I get, Lol!
    A Giveaway would be wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing your table runner how-to.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    Sandi Allen

    1. Love your table runner ! Awesome idea ! It wouldn't survive around here , the kitchen table is like a drop off quick spot ! My table runners have to be sturdy and hardy to servive lol . Have a great day !

  9. It's packing day here. I "think" I will do round one on the toybox and stuffed animal bin. I know Kaden will not part with as much as I would. So to keep him busy while I'm trying to pack up his room..I'll let him go through. Then Monday when he's in school I'll go through..hehehe..shhhh...dont tell him! He has SO many toys. His Dad buys him all those horrid noisy cars. He really only plays with them for a little bit then forgets about them. So they are all headed to good will! I need to bring some of Kaden's clothes to a friend too who has three little grandsons. The only thing is I know she's going to want to visit...and I really need to pack. So think I'll save that for the last event of the day! Katie

  10. Such a pretty table runner, and the cutter, isn't that the cutest? I saw and heard a robin red breast in my neck of the woods, such a sweet beautiful sound they make...and then it got real windy and here comes the's ok though it's wintertime after all..isn't it? Mother Nature isn't quite sure what it is supposed to be. Today, I worked on my Kitchy cupboard, did some painting and she is shaping up lovely. It is amazing what a little TLC will do for an old piece of neglected furniture. I'm itchin to put some pretties in there LOL....all in good time. Enjoy your weekend. Your mixer how sweet, and the pie you made...oh my....perfect.. :)

  11. Ps...I made some flaxseed bread today too...different then my usual..I liked it, the family noticed it was different..can't tell whether they like it or not..It makes good toaes. And, today is a work day, every w/e I work...rather be doing it at home though...oh well...the Lord more then knows of my opinion about this...

  12. That is just so lovely, I love it.
    It would look lovely oval in shape too.

    Please enter me in.
    I was wondering, didn't you print on fabris before with your Cousin?
    I have never gotten fabric to print well, but if you did it it would be wonderful and long lasting.
    Perhaps with a bit of eyelet round the edges, just a thought.
    Today we are having a blustery snow flurry day, snow one minute, sunny the next. February borrowing from March, I think. I am working sewing on a table mat, and helping Sweetie patch the fenceline out in the hedgerow where the wrens reside. I'm also working on a short story, doing laundry, and studying soap making from a thrift store book I bought. All in all, a lovely day here at home.

  13. Hi Faye:
    You have a really nice paper punch pattern. I love it. You will get a lot of use out of it with your soap packaging and bath packaging labels. It was well worth
    the money. The table runner is a really cute one, how did you ever think of it?
    Have a beautiful, blessed weekend.

  14. Hi Faye,

    Love your table runner. I think it would be a great idea to have one as a giveaway.

    You always make me hungry when you talk about food. :) Let's see 2,651 miles from my place to yours....if I drive straight through I can get there in 1 day and 21 hours...hmmmm :)

    Ok, that makes me tired just thinking of it. But sure would be fun to visit.
    Take care my friend and have a blessed Sunday. Janet W

  15. Such a sweet and charming table runner! What a conversation piece that will be! Imagine a dear friend over for tea and cookies on a table set with childhood memories! Makes me smile!! Be especially blessed... We are, aren't we!!!

  16. That is sooo cute, I love it. Please stop by my blog for a visit soon. Have a great weekend.

  17. hi faye! i love the paper-punch design! a very unique idea to make a table runner out of old book pages. old sheet music would be a possibility too! i had 3 of my gkids w/me at the JDRF Walk for a Cure today. there were soooo maaannyyy walkers there!! my other gson(who has juvenile diabetes)'s team raised about $5000. that's who we're supporting! if you have a paper-punch giveaway, please enter me in! have a great weekend! ^)^ linda

  18. I love the runner! The book pages are genius, such sweet little photos on them. I have never used a punch, and that's probably because I don't have one. But, if you had a give-away...I think it's a fabulous idea!
    Hugs, Cindy

  19. HI Faye, I love this idea, and will do one for my living room table as soon as I get somewhere to pick up an old book. Not alot of places in Sussex. I will check out Salvation Army this week. A give-away is always an awesome idea! :)
    Hugs to you, Krista

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  21. Faye,

    How absolutely adorable! I LOVE the runner, especially the scalloped edges. I can also see the punch as an investment with many uses :) Thanks for sharing!


  22. That is beautiful, Faye! I love the design the punch made~ I never knew they made such a thing! (I need to get out more....)