Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Inspired....

Good Morning dear friends.. 
Today I am doing this posting for you but also to get myself inspired... smile... 
I am sitting here in my chair drinking coffee and planning the wonderful day that God has for me... smile.. 
I can actually hear birds outside of our window and the sun is shinning.. I feel SPRING in the air.. 
I have so enjoyed this Winter and I am not rushing time but with the change of seasons soon to be upon us I need to focus.

I know there are a lot of new ones to the site and you may not know that we live in St. Martins beside the Bay of Fundy  for several months and we have a wee shop  that we open in the 
Summer months..

So... I try and make as much as I can rather than buying it.. 
The economy has taken a toll on tourist business everywhere and 
so I need to be frugal.. 
I know.. I need to be frugal regardless... smile.. 
But today, Lord willing, I want to make lists and get ideas and get inspired as to what to make for the shop.. 
The days will soon pass and I need to get at it.. right? 
Anyway... here are a few pics of the shop that you may have seen before... Or maybe, not... smile.. 

A little of this and a little of that... smile..

Homemade dolls and old lace.. 
My first loves.. grin..

Prim teddy bears and old chairs... love them all..

Oh, that Summer sun streaming through the windows.. 
Old boxes, pillows, a typewriter or two...

Lots of primitive crafts and cupboards...

Little gatherings of olde stuff... 
Sewing boxes, lavender stuffed pin cushions, stitchings and who knows... smile..

Old bedroom furniture....

Old mirrors, quilts, and books... 

I sold this doll... Her name was Bekka..

I love making potpourries.. 
This is a Sweet Annie one...

An old bed makes a great rack for old quilts..

Gorgeous old dresser full of my homemade salves, lotions, and balms...
Prim candle holders and lavender by the scoop...

I will need to get my herb gardens growing to make such things as gardeners salve, lip balms, deodorants, powders and such.. 
Oh... I do love to create.. 
That was fun... Now where is my list book... grin...

Hope you enjoyed this...
 So wish that you all could all visit some day... 

Thank you for stopping by and I am looking forward to hearing from you all.. 

Have a blessed day where ever you may be.. 


  1. Good Morning, Faye:
    I had no idea that you had a little Summer hours shoppe. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
    You have some lovelies, to be sure. I love the old doll, I think her name is Chloe? Love the pencil face. And the quilts, ohhhhh, are they 1930's feedsack calicos? Gorgeous. I can see you whipping up the homemade soaps and balms.

  2. Did I have fun here today or what????
    I love your sweet little Summer Shoppe...oh if only I lived closer!
    Faye, you have such a way of displaying things to make them so attractive and appealing.
    We had 49 degree temps yesterday and woke up to snow this morning...go Spring today!

  3. I love it when you start "getting inspired." I look forward to seeing all that you are making. Please post about each thing as it gives us all such wonderful ideas. I definitely want to make dandelion jelly as soon as ours start blooming. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. I have been visiting you for a while but,have not seen these very sweet pictures of your wonderful shop...thank you so much for sharing...can't wait to see what you create to fill it more...blessings

  5. Hi Faye, I never, never tire of seeing the wonderful pictures of your wee shop. It is a beautiful shop, too. But... you need to get going! Before long, you will be heading to the cottage and you need to be ready, my dear girl!!!! I can't wait to see the coming pictures of all that you will be creating!!!

    Have a great day!

  6. I so wish I lived close because I would spend A LOT of time in that shop! Actually, perhaps it's good that I don't live close. LOL!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures, Faye.

  7. What a wonderful tour.
    Thanks for sharing some of your shop with us.
    I'm so ready for Spring.
    I have a list of to-dos a mile long.
    Question is how many will I actually get accomplished this year? LOL!
    Time always flies by too fast during Spring and summer.
    I guess because it is so much fun. :)


  8. I am definitely going to see you and your shoppe this summer. Are you having pancakes today?

  9. Oh how I'd love a visit - you are an inspiration!

  10. I love your photos, it's like going into a storybook cottage full of all the things I love. Hope to see more as you have time to share.

  11. Faye, I just love your shop inside and out ! You are an amazing crafts person ! Your photos are wonderful ! I would love to have my own shop one day with art, hand crafted items and photography from our locals and have my photos in it as well and Papa's woodwork ! That is one of my dreams , still have time to make it come true . Have a good day !

  12. Handmade items are so extra special. I wish I could visit your shop one day....(sigh). I would have fun helping out, too. I know I would learn a lot from you! Do you have mail-order or online shopping? ^o^ xo

    1. Yes, I do, Barbara... Just email me if you see anything that peeks your interest.. Some of the stuff is gone, though as those were taken last Fall..
      But who knows there might be something you like..
      There are shipping charges and I only take money order or cheque..
      Very old fashioned.. smile..

  13. I had no idea!! I love this. The gardeners salve sounds so intriguing. And I love that old stand-up white mirror.

    WOW! I wish we lived closer. ((smile))

  14. Faye, these pictures put a yearning inside me; I'd love to be able to visit the little shop. Those linens are gorgeous!

  15. Since I just joined your blog a few months back, I did not know all of this. How fun it would be! Then you get to take the rest of the time off... you are doing it right, girl! You have a beautiful shop and I would visit you often if I lived close.

    Have fun with your list making (I always enjoy making lists, hehe)~

  16. Faye, I woud LOVE to spend a day in your little shoppe... I just know I would find all kinds of treasures. You'd have to close your doors, though~ there probably wouldn't be anything left... *wink*
    I love your little dollies best of all... and the quilts are gorgeous too.

  17. Hi Faye,
    Since I am fairly new to your blog...I didn't know that you had a little shop. What a wonderful shop it is!!! Thanks for sharing it with all of us. I do shows here and you have inspired me to want to get busy making new creations.

  18. Hi, Faye, I so wish I could spend some time in your shop. Maybe some day!

    Have a great night.


  19. Hello Faye,

    I love your shop in St. Martins, there is always so much neat stuff to look at. And there is always that something special that we all leave with. I hope you can find your list!

    Love Ya,

  20. Faye.. what a darling shop. I would love to spend hours there seeing all your wonderful things... and most of all, chatting with the shop keeper :)
    Hope this is a wonderful week for you !

  21. Hi Faye. Your shop is just the cutest and filled with so many sweet things. I definitely need to take a long drive to St. Martin's this summer. I didn't know you were so talented to make balms and lotions etc. It must keep you quite busy. Thanks for the little tour of your shop. Hugs, Pamela

  22. hi faye!
    oh, my!! that pic of tri-color sage makes me so anxious for spring! that's my favorite sage! along with chocolate mint!! i can't wait to pot up some for my deck! your shop and home remind me of days long back then would have been fun, hard work, but fun to hand-make everything!! i sew, quilt, knit, xstitch, etc. i recycled lots of jeans into vests, old clothes into quilts & teddy bears, etc. now i knit non-stop! spring is in the air in Iowa!! ^)^linda

  23. Wonderful post! Everything is just picture perfect. Love your Song as well. My favorite of all the hymns!

  24. I will definately be down for a visit you in St. can even make a list of things that you want help with before I come :)

  25. I love your beautiful prim is your decorating eye.;)

  26. I love all of your beautiful things! I keep going back to look at what you surround yourself with! I'm going to put your blog in my list of favs so that I don't miss anything! Love seeing your home! ♥

  27. What a beautiful shop - would love to visit, but would be quite a trek from FL. Enjoying your blog and creative ideas. Blessings, Leah :)