Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Tidbits...

Happy Monday my dears.. 

I thought that I would share some weekend tidbits with you all..

I have been home alone for a couple of weeks as Terry has been away working.. I was down with the cold as you know so I did not get out and about.. 

So.. we went for a drive on Saturday as I posted about.. Thank you all for all the lovely comments..I am so glad you enjoyed our little field trip.. smile.. 

On Sunday morning we went to church and then we decided we needed to go to St. Martins and check on our old cottage and the shop... 
It was a beautiful sunny day as you can see by the pics..

The Bay of Fundy was so lovely in the Winter sunshine... 

A nice calm but cold day...

Everything was fine with the old place.. 

We did not stay but headed out to our daughter's house.. 
We had not been there for awhile so it was so nice to visit.. 

We stayed and Dave (our dear son-in-law)  cooked a wonderful supper for us..
 It was lovely to see our grandsons, too.. 
They are growing up so fast.. 

They are looking forward to the Summer when we are living at the cottage and they can come out and help with the shop.. 
 They are quite the salesmen, you know... smile..

Whenever we go I enjoy looking around and seeing Shonda's decor ... 

I admired a lovely snowman on her window sill and guess what was wrapped up and sent home with me.. 

Here he is ... A gorgeous snowman lamp.. 
He feels right at home on my windowsill now.. grin..

Gorgeous, eh!!
Thank you, dear hearts..I love him.. 

I still have snowmen up and about for another week or so.. Have you girls put your snowmen all away yet?.. 

Oh and I baked a chicken.. 
A Jamie Oliver recipe.. 

It was baked on a bed of carrots, garlic, onion and celery.. 
Drizzled with olive oil and sea salt and pepper and stuffed with a pierced lemon and fresh rosemary... 
Very delicious... Tender and good..

With it I sauteed up some spinach in olive oil and garlic, salt and pepper.. 

Very tasty.. And good for you.. right?  smile.. 

This week I need to start making lists and gathering plans for the shop for the coming Summer.. 
Being down there this weekend kind of reminded me to get at it.. 
I need to get creating... 
More on that later.. smile..

I had a creative urge and dug out some magazines, scissors, glue and a marker..

and a package of Kraft paper book covers... smile..

I wanted a calender for 2012.  

I usually buy one at Chapters after they go on sale for 75 % off.. 
But this year I could not find one that I liked.. 

I love the UK Country Living magazine and would love one of their calenders but they cost way too much for this Canadian.. 
I decided to make my own version.. grin..

It sure is not as nice as the one they have... 
But their pics and another free calender taken apart did a nice crafty one.. 

Big enough to write all over the page.. 
Appointments and such.. 

To be honest, it is not quite finished but you get the idea.. 

Well, sweet ladies... thanks for visiting.. 
We had to postpone our Keepers Meeting due to circumstances last Saturday but it is on for this Saturday.. 

Looking forward to it... 
Several new ladies coming so bring your hearts in hand and come along..

If you would like to attend please email me.. 


Take care and I will be looking forward to hearing from you all..

God bless you all..


  1. Aren't you a smarty pants making that nice calendar! I'd love to know what you're making for the shop this year. I'll be there.

  2. Hi Faye,

    Oh my, what great pictures. It's great that you had nice weather for the trip.

    Your chicken and salad look yummy. I wish I weren't so far away. :)

    I love visiting you here and I also loved the little field trip last time.

    Take care, Janet W

  3. What a great post. You've been very busy. I've never seen St. Martin's in the winter - love the blue sky, water and the white snow. Do you have a craft shop there in summer? Guess I need to make a trip down. It's been a while. The snowman light is cute - crooked glasses and all. The chicken looks so delicious! Great recipe. I love your home made calendar! What a smart lady you are. :) I also enjoy the British Country Living and the March issue is out. I must pick one up this week. Have a blessed week my friend. Pamela

  4. That snowman lamp is the cutest thing I've seen. He'll never melt away.

  5. That snowman lamp is just too cute! What a great idea, making your own calendar with those wonderful pictures....I wouldn't have thought of that! Love the pictures of the bay and the snow, looks so cold, though!


  6. How cute is that snowman lamp? I love his eye glasses. Very sweet daughter you have, Faye. The snow looks so pristine and lovely. I can't wait to see what you will be creating for the shop. I love your calendar. xo

  7. Oh dear, Can't believe I didn't mention that I think your snowman lamp is so cute and that your calendar is wonderful. Great idea. :)

    Take care :) Janet W

  8. Beautiful pictures! The chicken looks soooo good, Faye. Lovin' the calendar , too.
    Take care of you and yours, now.
    Love, H xxx

  9. Once again you amaze and inspire me Faye! What a productive lady you are. I am hoping to see you on Saturday but will let you know for sure.

  10. Hope you are feeling much better - i think you must be as you have lots of creativity back again! The calendar is a great idea!
    Best wishes

  11. Dear Faye,
    Oh, your snowman lamp is so sweet! How sweet of your daughter to send him home with you. I don't think I've ever seen a snowman with glasses. No, I haven't put my snowmen away yet. We've hardly had any snow, so I'm hoping we'll at least see a couple inches soon. :)
    How clever to make that calendar! You did a great job.
    Hope you're having a wonderful week.

  12. Luv the snowman- luv all the post. I have fell behind and need to catch up. Luv u my dear friend!

  13. What a fun post! Your calendar came out beautifully!!! Hope you don't mind, but I Pinned it to my paper art board **Wink~Hugs, Lori

  14. Waht a great idea to make a looks awesome!!
    Love the cute!! I put my snowmen away a couple of weeks has been so warm here that it feels like Spring instead of Winter.

  15. Love your snowman light Faye. I still have all my snowmen out. I will not put them away till March sometime. I like your calendar idea too.


  16. Hi, Faye! I am so happy I am able to comment. I have been having trouble commenting, but I am still reading. :) That is the cutest lamp ever! So sweet of your daughter to give it to you. Your calendar is turning out so cute. I have a chicken calendar that came free in a Hobby Farms magazine and a goat calendar that Quentin bought me on clearance at Tractor Supply. I love them both. :)

    Have a great Wednesday.


  17. Sorry to hear that you have been sick. I hope you are feeling better by now dear friend.

    What a beautiful Sunday you had, the pictures are gorgeous! Always nice to visit with family. Cute little snowman you got to take home with you. =] My snowmen are still out and about. Not sure when they will be packed up. We are still waiting for our first snowstorm here and wonder if we'll even get snow this winter.

    What a nifty idea to make your own calendar! Plus you get to pick the pictures that you like the most, love that idea! Yours is so cute!

    It's good to catch up with you Faye, I hope you have a wonderful week ahead~

  18. Hi there,

    Wow! I love the new pictures that you have at the top of your blog. That fireplace looks so cozy and inviting....sigh...

    Take care my friend, Janet W :)