Saturday, February 4, 2012

Country road take me home... .

Good Evening... 
Just sharing some pics that I took today when we went for a little drive  to check up on our old farm.. 

It is a winter's day here in rural Eastern Canada... 
It is not really a cold day and as you can see we do not have a lot of snow... 
Usually. there is much more..
I am not complaining.. smile.. 

Prosser Brook is not even frozen over..

Our old barn looks kind of lonely on this dull winter's day...

The rural roads are snow covered up here in the hills...

An old barn ...

A big old house .. alone and neglected...

An old church which has been empty for many years...

Lumber cut and ready.....

Clearing land for a huge water reservoir for the city.... 
Some of this land used to belong to my family... 

We used to go swimming in this creek ...

Another old barn ...

There are many horse farms here in New Brunswick...

The road was cleared to our friend's camp .. 
The fire was burning but no one was home.. grin..

Some beautiful berries in the snow...

We need to go home now.. 
Hope you enjoyed the little field 

Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow, my dears.. 
Love to you all...

Let everything alive give praises to the Lord!
Psalms 150: 4


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    1. Oh Faye what beautiful photos. Thanks for taking us with you on your road trip. I love the song Country Road its an oldie but a goodie! We here in Ontario have no snow left which is strange for this time of year and its already feeling like spring and mild even some buds on the trees and bushes are visable and my Daffodils are poping above ground . Have a wonderful day !

  2. I love when I see a new post from you, Faye, I enjoy your writing style and your photos are always just beautiful. I feel bad for those animals in the snow. I am glad you are back home safe and sound. I am not a winter gal, even though I have lived my entire life in the Northeastern part of the US. xo

  3. That's a wonderful drive. I love the photos! Thank you!

  4. Faye, your photos brought back a lot of memories of traveling the back roads of Albert and Kings county with my parents when I was a youngster. We often went for Sunday drives on those roads. My mother had a spot all picked out that she wanted to put a little cottage on. :) Prosser Brook is pretty but it's sad to see the old barns, school and houses empty and forlorn isn't it? Thanks for the visit back in time. Have a blessed Sunday. Pamela

  5. OH MY how pretty:) Here in PA we are having such a strange, mild winter! I love the horses and barn pics, thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Oh yes mam....I enjoyed my field trip and always do...
    I think this was the most pleasant and serene tour you have given us...I am a softie for Winter photos and these are just fantastic.
    Hope you don't mind but I snagged a few for PINTEREST!


  7. Hi Faye,
    I really love your snow pics. It reminds me so much of Oregon. Oh, and that old house and beautiful. I wonder what kind of stories those buildings could tell :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  8. Oh My....Your photos are just beautiful! Thank You for sharing them with all of us...

  9. Oh, what beautiful pictures these are. I've almost forgotten what snow looks like.

  10. Very enjoyable, Faye! It was so nice to get out and take a sweet ride with you and Terry. The old barns, school house, pics of the road and Posser Creek are a delight. Wonderful photos!!


  11. Just beautiful Faye! Oh I would love to live in one of those buildings :) We were expecting snow the past few days but none yet. Have a most blessed day in the Lord!

  12. Thanks for taking us along for the ride, Faye... it's nice to take a trip through such beautiful countryside without ever leaving the house. :) Although now I think I need to put on some heavier socks because seeing all the snow made my feet cold. *giggle*
    I get sad over seeing those old houses and buildings~ I imagine at one time there were sounds coming from inside like laughter and children playing, and now... silence. *sigh*
    I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow... ((HUGS))

  13. Oh my goodness. I love these pictures. So peaceful. Thanks for allowing us to go on that journey with you!

  14. Great pictures as usual. I like pictures with snow, and with barns. I love barns and the country.

    Have a lovely Sunday. Take care, Janet W

  15. Don't you wonder what the old house...and school house were at one time? I imagine the family that may have lived in the house. Bustling with daily life...children running in the yard..same with the school. Katie

  16. AMAZING PICTURES!!!! Love the old house and school pic's

  17. Hi, Faye:
    It's so beautiful and so vast out there. Thank you for taking us along
    on your day trip so that we can see your part of the country.

  18. Great, characterful pictures, Faye.
    Such an atmosphere about them. I really like your post. I'll be back!
    Love, H

  19. Happy Sunday....thanks for the drive in the country....I love the old country roads they have a way of taking us back to quieter days and a slower pace in life...we need that...God bless

  20. Good Morning Faye-
    Oh my! What Breath taking photos.
    So Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  21. What a lovely drive! I just love to get out and go in the car... Are you sure you didn't have another kid at one time?

  22. What beautiful pictures, Faye! Can I come for a visit?? :-)
    Hope you don't mind that I pinned some of them, and a few of your Christmas pretty. I even pinned the sweet snowmen you sent me so everyone else can see them too. Hope you have a great week! :-)

  23. I so enjoyed the trip you took us on...I loved the country roads. Everything is so beautiful!!

  24. Faye, it's been a while since I've been by to visit. These were amazing pictures!! I especially liked the ones of the old barns, the school house, and the old home; arouses my curiosity as to whom lived and worked here. No snow here ~ yet!

  25. Just beautiful Faye Henry!
    Ya know I just love the snow and oh the country roads..
    Hugs to you Friend

  26. What wonderful pictures.


  27. What a great post! I love seeing photos of the area where people are from. The snow photos are beautiful and it looks like it was still snowing, OH how I love Winter, I will miss it when it is gone this year. Every day feels like a perfect gift from God!
    Hugs, Cindy

  28. Oh i loved this little trip. Love the old buildings with the snow.

    Love Ya,


  29. So gorgeous! We rarely see see snow so this is a treat just seeing it in photos. Love the title of your post. I always sing that song when we are traveling down country roads.
    Have a blessed week!

  30. Hello Faye,

    Such lovely pictures. My, they could be made into cards!



  31. Loved every picture posted here.I love old barns,camps and empty buildings...all of these places can hold so many stories and so many wonderful memories.If only the walls could talk and tell the stories.I often wonder about the history that has gone on in such places.Thanks Faye it has been pleasant as usual to visit your blog.

  32. Gorgeous photos! Only our God can create such beautiful, pristine surroundings like that! I'm so thankful for the beauty in His creation that he blesses us with daily. It's all around if we would just open our eyes to it.