Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Lovely Day....

Hello everyone... 
How are you all dear hearts?...

Just wanted to share with you the perfectly lovely Saturday we

We woke up to such a wonderful and glorious winter's day here in New Brunswick.. 

I was up a bit early and made coffee and talked to the Lord for a bit.. 
Then Terry came out and we chatted while we had our coffee and he had his breakfast.. (I don't eat it ofttimes... )

Anyway... I jokingly said to him what I would like to do today.. 
He said that it was fine and for me to go and get ready.. smile.. 
What a dear, eh!!

So... We headed to Moncton and went straight to the City's Farmers Market.. 
Oh.... I love that place.. 

He told me we would just take our time and we did.. 
I found a girl (in her twenties, I think)  who sold sprout stuff... 
Wheat grass... ($15.00 a bunch).. Imagine.. 
She used an old fashioned grinder and sold the juice right there..

I can do that at home.. Grow my own wheat grass and have our own juice.. It is so good for you..
And she told me about a store in town that sells all this neat kind of stuff like grain for sprouted bread.. I didn't even know it was there.. 

She was making these neat sandwiches with crisp lettuce leaves and veggies.. They looked so good.. 

And then there was a lad selling all these Middle Eastern Salads.. 
We bought a quinoa one with sun dried tomatoes and feta and pine nuts.. Oh.. it was so good.. I brought it home and tried to figure out how they made it.. grin..

A guy that Terry grew up with had a stall and he was selling his homemade sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice in bottles.. Neat, eh!
People were buying it left and right.. 

Let's see... Oh, yes the homemade soaps.. 
The dear man bought me 3 bars.. 
2 patchouli and 1 lavender.. 
I can smell it right now.. It is sitting on the table.. smile.. 

What else? 
There were birdhouses that Terry enjoyed looking at.. 
He needs to make a few for the shop.. 

Everyone had samples.. So much fun.. 
I loved the lady who passed out wee slices of a wrap ..
Humus and veggies.. Good.. 
I had one and then made Terry go back and get another.. 
He loved doing that for me.. rolled eyes..
He hates humus... grin..

I just feel like I learned so much.. 
I love being inspired, don't you?

Are you all bored yet?

On with the show.. smile.. 

He then dropped me off at Chapters and he went to the  Canadian Tire (every red blooded Canadian man tries to go there every Saturday) .. That is what my son-in-law told me anyway.. grin..
I enjoyed myself there for awhile and found a new UK magazine to bring home.. 

Then we went to Costco where I bought a big bag of organic quinoa , lettuces, olives, wraps, and oh yes... Greek yogurt... 
(how's that, Paula?)grin... She said she would enjoy reading my grocery list.. smile..

We met a friend there that we had not seen for a long time.. 
It was so good to see her.. 

We had lunch and then we came home..

Shonda called and we chatted for about an hour.. 
Sweet girl..   

Do you see the herbs in my kitchen window.. 
Basil and Rosemary..

Well, dear girls that is all for tonight.. 
I know you all won't read this but the pics are pretty..
I did not know that I had the white geranium until it bloomed.. 

It was lovely chatting with you all tonight..
I am just so thankful for all the blessings of this day..  
Looking forward to tomorrow and the Lord's Day... 

God bless you all..


  1. I enjoy days like these, it sounds like a very lovely day. xo

  2. Dear Faye,

    I always enjoy your post. And Yes I do read them all the way through and I even enjoy the lovely pics. I love going to the Farmers Market , but I don't usually buy anything, but I still enjoy going and looking at all the stuff. Looks like you had a nice enjoyable outing with your hubby.

    Love Ya,


  3. I found your sweet blog while browsing Blogland. I am so glad I did. I enjoy the wonderful spirit that you exhibit throughout your blog and the scripture. I am going to follow along. I hope you will stop by and follow along with me too. We have much in common. Blessings!

  4. Hi, Faye:
    You had a beautiful, blessed day from the moment you work up and right to this post. I always enjoy reading about your day, you live them to the fullest.
    The market sounds awesome,there's a blogger I just read her post, she has a big
    farmer's market in Michigan somewhere, I can't remember who she is. Menopause Moment!

  5. Faye, your trips to the city sound like ours, especially the Canadian Tire and Costco part. That's what we usually do on date night after supper in town. Tonight we stayed home because of my bad head cold but we got pizza at a local restaurant for supper. I may have to stay home from church tomorrow which I don't like to do but I don't want to spread my germs around. Have a great Sunday. Blessings, Pam

  6. I Always read your posts all the way through, most times more than once! And the comments too! Sounds like you had a great day! So glad to share in your adventures!

  7. This was so wonderful, Faye~ I went back and read your grocery list twice just in case I missed something. *grin*

    I love days like this, too... when you wake up with a plan and not only does your sweetie not put up a fight, he actually has a good time too. Although I'm sure he gets tired of waiting in the car while I spend so much time in the fabric store... but he always asks if I found anything when I get in the car. (Maybe he's just trying to cover up the fact that he's been napping... *haha*)
    My hubby says we're making memories on our little road trips. :)

    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday... love you, dear friend.

  8. Evening Faye Henry
    Enjoyed this post too as always. Please stop by and read my blog friend.
    Hugs to you

  9. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

    Have a great Sunday.


    1. Papa and I love days like this leasure days were ya just do what ya want and goe where you want to ! Your day sounds like a perfect day to me ! Lovely photos ! And um I never get bord of your posts ! Have a wonderful day !

  10. Someday I'll have a chance to visit Canada :) :) There are spots on the West and East coasts that I've just got to visit :) :) That farmer's market sounds fabulous!!! Make sure to wash that quinoa really well, before you cook it!!! I've heard that if you don't, it can sometimes have a bitter taste. Oh, the sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice...I'll let you in on a secret. That stuff is a FANTASTIC natural pro-biotic!!!! If you don't like sauerkraut, or you wnt to start out slow, just add a teaspoon of juice to a bowl of soup, for example. Then you work your way up to one Tablespoon and after that you can try about a teaspoon of the actual sauerkraut. Okay, I LOVE real food..for sure :) :) The homemade soaps sounds really nice, You have a really sweet hubby to do this for you...AND you can talk about Canadian farmers markets anytime :) :) Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  11. Thanks so much. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with you! Have a great week!

  12. I wish we had such a place to go around here. It sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful day! Katie

  13. I think you had a lovely day. I, on the other hand, mopped floors and cleaned the bathroom!

  14. What a lovely day you had. My son when he was 12 decided to become Vegan and eat healthy. It was hard for me to keep him healthy actually because I couldn't find the things he would eat and have the money for the supplements that he needed. But we got through it. He was very determined. He loves Humus. I think, if I remember right, that I tried it and it wasn't too bad.

    And as always your pictures are wonderful.

    Enjoy your Sunday my friend. :) Take care, Janet W

  15. nice post thanks for sharing looking for to visit more...loves soraya

  16. That sounds like a lot of fun. What a great Farmer's Market. Here in Wisconsin, they passed some new laws that require a license to sell practacally everything - but, especially homemade and home processed items. I'm sure some vendors will not do the markets here anymore. I am going to call the Health Department and see if I can take the class - hopefully there will be enough people interested in taking it. My "country neighbor" is in her 70's she has been canning over 50 years - she still needs to take the class....blessings from Wisconsin.

  17. Oh, what fun! We love going to Farmer's Markets. So much fun and new ideas. I LOVE the picture of the bluebirds your mother gave you. Also the scarf with the beautiful embroidery. So pretty. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  18. What a wonderful day you had, Faye. I love it when I can have a peaceful day with my husband like this, no hurrying, but just taking our time and enjoying things slowly!

  19. Hi Faye,
    I only just read your lovely post about the Farmer's Market. All the food sounds wonderful!
    I just wanted to tell you- a while back, when I was trying a high percentage raw diet, I sprouted wheat and made Essene bread. It was fiddly 'cos I only had a mini food - processor! The result was sweetish, sticky and a bit like malt loaf. There's no other ingredient than the sprouted wheat...amazing.
    Apparently the Essenes used to bake it on a stone, in the sun. The enzymes are not destroyed this way (I dried mine out in a low oven.)
    So you could try this and have a shot of wheat grass juice with it!! Perhaps not..;)
    Hug 2 you,

  20. happy weekend, faye!! your posts are so enjoyable from beginning to end!! how do you get such great pics? and upload everyday?? my camera uploads the whole card everytime, so it discourages me from pic-posting ;-( i love your choice of sandwich ingredients, even the humus!! i eat vegetarian sandwiches whenever i can... esp huge portabella mushrooms!! your basil/rosemary are making me anxious for spring/summer to plant some more herbs, flowers,etc. we have a huge berm that still has a lot of space for plantings. my yard will have its first season of flowering this spring/summer so i'm anxious to see how it looks! our weather in Eastern Iowa has been really mild. i'm glad you enjoyed 'God's Earth'... i'm glad you had a great day with your DH... ^)^linda

  21. Oh how I long for the summer days of our local farmer's market. Hopefully I won't have to wait to much longer, but I shall be patient as The Lord does his work each day in the meantime. Glad you enjoyed your day, it sounds like it was wondeful.
    May God bless you,

  22. Faye
    What a super place to shop and get ideas.
    My husband would love to have access to all
    those yummy ingredients for his homemade breads!

  23. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday, ours was fabulous! We have two services on Sunday morning and leaders are asked to stay for both. Bro Sargeant preached the first one, he was our Speaker for Youth Conference and our pastor preached the second, both were wonderful, we had sinners in the alter and the Holy Ghost was so real. All that to say that we had a wonderful day.
    I met your friends husband! He was very kind and friendly, he told me a little bit more about you, very interesting.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. You have such a sweet hubby. We try to eat good wholesome foods too, quinoa was something that we found to be very delicious. We found it when we did a Daniel's Fast last month.
    Ttyl. Hugs, Cindy

  24. Faye.I love this posting about the market.It is just like I was there with you and what fun I had in my mind.I love the market and being there with you would be so much fun and I could learn so many things.Love Steph