Friday, February 17, 2012


Happy Friday everyone.. 
A very short posting today my dears.. 

Terry and I were listening to a Christian radio channel yesterday (VOAR in Newfoundland) and Greg Smalley was doing an interview on behalf of Focus on the Family..

They were talking about a free date night challenge that they are doing.. 

It was such a great interview and so many wonderful ideas for not only couples in crisis but also for everyone who is wanting to invest in their marriage..

He spoke of how marriages are not on cruise control and that each day we need to put energy and time into keeping it current and effective.. 

I have posted before of the time many years ago when Terry and I were in a crisis.. We both wanted our marriage to work and decided to set aside every Friday night for Date Night..

It proved to be beneficial and we have continued it ever since..

 We do not always go out but there is usually  something special about this night.. 

At Keepers of the Home meetings we encourage couples to set aside an evening just for them..

Date Night is an investment in time to help you to honour and value each other..

A time to learn about each other..

It should not be a time of discussing family problems but of having fun together..

Focus on the Family have so many wonderful and FREE ideas on how you can make your marriage work..

Sometimes couples just need help... 
Good Christian help is a blessing and worth looking into..

God loves you and he loves your marriage..

It is the will of God for your life and you need to do all you can to help you both get through the valleys.. 

And yes, we all have our valleys..

Forty one years later Terry and I agree that it was worth every effort we made to keep it together..

The rewards dear hearts are priceless..

Looking down the dinner table on special family days and seeing our children and their children is just one way that I count as blessing..
There is nothing that can replace that..
Here is the link so you can check it out if you are so inclined..

It was lovely having you visit..

I know that this posting is not for everyone.. 
But it is certainly necessary in a lot of families today.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you all. .

Love and Prayers.
Faye Henry


  1. I enjoyed this, Faye, even though I am a single woman, but I do believe couples need to make an effort to get back to their loving place before they run to see a lawyer. xo

  2. Funny but every Friday night I remember it is your and Terry,s date night. Fred and I don,t have a date night but we are always together and the best part is we can be in the same room not saying a thing but being happy and content just being there together.After being together 40 yrs. this fall I can truly say I,d marry him all over again. he is one of my greatest blessings.Happy "Date Night." Luv val

  3. Hi, Faye. I am going to check out that link.

    Have a wonderful date night and weekend.


  4. I heard of that Date night challenge and I even checked the link. I love date night although I don't think that we do it nearly enough, maybe once a month or every 6 weeks... Enjoy your night. I smell your best glazed pork in the kitchen...gotta run :)

  5. I guess we have been having date night for 46 years! Either Friday night or Saturday night is set aside for just us. The kids are gone and it makes it much easier now. Tonight we will be here at home with a chinese dinner and a movie.

  6. Have a fun date, tonight with your DH! I love the verse, ' A threefold cord cannt easily be broken' and we base our marriage on it!

  7. Fridays are date night for us too! I think it's a wonderful idea.

  8. Hi Faye,

    Our church leaders suggest a date night as well as a family night. It is a great thing. It helps to keep us all in touch with each other more. And doing something special like that together will be a good memory in the future.

    Happy date night. :)

    Take care, Janet W

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    2. A great post but I had to end my first marriage of 18 years due to his verbal and mental abuse , Papa had to leave his for the same thing. But Papa and I have been together for 6 years and we complete eachother , laugh together , love together , we understand eachother and are the best of friends as well ! and always treat eachother with respect. We enjoy eachothers company . So on that note sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt for certain reasons like these ! Papa and I feel we are always on a date night ! I think it is great that you and Terry have a date night and are going strong as well it does the heart and soul good ! Have a great day !

  9. Faye, that is so neat that you wrote about the date night challenge as last Friday night our church had a date night dinner (turkey and all the fixings) and the Greg Smalley video. We will be going out for a date tomorrow evening (if I get over this cold) and I'm looking forward to it. We usually try to get out one night a weekend sometimes just for supper and a trip to some stores. As long as we're together and having fun I enjoy these times. Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Pam

  10. oh I loved this we are in a rut like you wouldn't believe..we don't go out..and it is getting we need to a date night once a week or twice a month (payday) and I have the site you gave us book marked..thank you so much..have a wonderful weekend.;)

  11. Faye ~~ Beautiful Post ... I so agree it it so important to put energy & time into our marriage. I so believe in "date night". I have told all my nieces even if its spent at home ... make it something Special. Give the kids an early supper & bath ... bring in take out, light a few candles and enjoy each others company.
    Blessing & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  12. Dan & I try to go out at least 2-3 times each month to have a time away from the kids to connect. It was hard for us when our children were younger because our families lived hundreds of miles away and we had two children with special needs (one with autism and the other with severe, life threatening allergies). We are definitely enjoying the few hours we can go off by ourselves now! Great post.

  13. Thank you for sharing about the importance of marriage. We need that encouragement....I needed that encouragement. Sorrows have a way sometimes of overcoming and drowning every other feeling. It's so easy to also be completely absorbed in the happenings of life and never focus on what's in our hearts and our relationship. Thank you so much.

  14. Hi Faye,
    Wonderful post.
    You know...even if we all don't fess up to it...I think we all take something from what you said. We all need to work on our relationships - otherwise they become mundane and taken for granted. We may not think we need to re-focus...but many of us do.
    Thanks so much.

  15. Thanks for the info. I'll be looking that one up! As parents of 3, it's a little hard to get away, but so worth the effort. {and Thanks so much for your comment and support on my blog recently. :D }