Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Auction Blessings and such....

Good Morning everyone... 

How are you all today?
  I sound like my mother.. smile.. 

Anyway, just a short post..
 I have a lot to do and a short time to do it all.. grin..
 But anyway.. 
Yesterday, was our TOWN DAY.... Once a week we generally go to the city and do our errands and such.. 

Every once in awhile we go in later in the day and if it is close to the time for getting the shop open we stay in and attend a weekly auction that they have... 

I don't like to go a lot because we do not need anything and as far as the shop goes then you have to store the stuff until we get down to St. Martins.. 

We attended it last night and I thought perhaps you might like to see the few things that we bid on ... 

Two old hooked rugs... 
the colors are still bright but they are worn some... 

An old star quilt and a MOTHER print....

Can you believe this? 

A box of vintage handmade aprons.... LOVE them....xoxo

Some old dishes...
 I have this set already for sale at the shop so I will just add these little fruit nappies and plates to it... 

A gorgeous water pitcher in perfect condition...

A few old linens and lace.. 
The bottom one is a vintage bed skirt.. Love it, too...
You know me and old lace... smile..

A dear little box of note papers..
So sweet and dainty... 
Good quality linen paper...

A  prim little table....
Just needs some TLC.. like some paint and distressing....

An old Miclarys kettle and a neat old tray... 

We also bought an old pine box for our grandsons and a chair to show the Keepers something... 
Also a box of sheets that we want to give away... 
So.... that is it... All in all a very good day.. smile..

There is one thing in the pics above that I would like to keep.. 
Want to guess what it is?  smile.... 

And for the rest of today I am working for the Keepers Meeting on Saturday morning... 

Drinking my coffee, too .....

Oh.. we stopped at a thrift store and I was able to get new curtains for my kitchen window that I showed you last post.. 

I had made those curtains for the last part of the Winter but these are more Summer like....

Going a bit more farm style ......

A really good deal, too.. I will show you when I get them washed and put up.. They are still crisp and new...

Thank you, Lord for all the lovely blessings.. 

Terry is up and I better get at it.. 
Have a wonderful day... 
Love to you all...


  1. What a thrill of things you brought home! Lovely!

  2. Oh my Goodness! What Lovely finds! I'm guessing you either want to keep the Vintage lace linens and bed skirt or the Miclary's kettle! But then again the box of aprons is wonderful too! Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Easter to you!

  3. Hi Faye, It is so much fun to go to an auction. You came home with some very nice things. It is hard for me to decide what you are going to keep. They all seems like things you would like. But I will say either the bedskirt if it fits one of your beds or the teakettle so you could grow some herbs in it.

  4. What a great auction, how lovely to find such items Faye! xx

  5. When my mother was alive she was always giving me beautiful note cards similar to the ones you got at the auction...thanks for the memory :)


  6. Goodmorning Faye..

    Love the old dishes and that old quilt ... wonderful treasures!
    Looking forward to seeing what you decide to keep, and what you do with it.
    You are so creative, I'm certain it will be something wonderful.
    Have a sunny, happy day :)

  7. Faye love all your treasures that you found! Such wonderful blessings.Can't wait to see the new curtains up.Have a blessed day,Jen

  8. Great finds, Faye. I love the china, the pretty pink pitcher and all the linens. Do you want to keep the bed skirt? :) xo

  9. Oh my, what a wonderful treasure haul! Only one thing you would like to keep?!?! I want to keep it all, hehe. If I had to choose one thing, it would have to be the vintage aprons. I love wearing them. This is why I could never buy for a shop... I want to keep everything I come across. I have a hard time listing things in my Etsy shop as it is, I can't imagine having a brick and mortar shop... oh my!

    Have a fantastic week, sweet friend~

  10. Oh, Faye~ you had me squealing with each new picture!! Wonderful finds... and I'm guessing you're going to keep the notecards so you can write a sweet note to me, right? *giggle*
    I love the quilt and the little table... well. I love them all. I would have a hard time letting go of any of it.
    Hope you're having a wonderful week, dear friend.

  11. I guess the auction was worth the trip :) I expect you might keep the little blue table. I think it is really cute. I love the Bridal Rose fruit nappies and the pink pitcher. Have a great day! Hugs, Pam

  12. LOVE the items that you found!!!

  13. You hit the auction on the right day! So many lovely pieces! I love the china!

  14. I love everything you got at the auction, I would want to keep everything. Think hubby and I will be making a trip to your shop this summer. The pink pitcher looks like depression glass I have a couple pieces that belonged to my husbands grandmother who lived in Fredricton. So enjoy reading your post.

  15. Those are all wonderful things, if I had them I would want to keep them all, I'm guessing the Mother print. I am terrible at any guess of any kind. I hope you have a wondeful week and weekend. I wasn't expecting to see my son until May, but surprise! He will be home tonight to stay until Monday morning.
    God bless you!

  16. You should take me to the auction with you sometime... I might not behave well though- LOL! Can't wait for keepers on Saturday- it'll be great fun :)

  17. Faye :-) You really need to come and sort our attic out :-) I WILL PAY YOU :-)
    How much for the quilt ? :-) :-)
    Thanks you Faye :-) she is different from Ames, and we are pleased she is. If you ever need your garden turning over :-) We have just the paws to do it for you :-)
    Lovs from you know who :-)
    And as always love from us :-) XXX

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  19. sorry, for the delete...too many mistakes! maybe too late at night for me to be writing as i was super tired today... you had some really interesting finds at the auction! i think you'd keep the pitcher for your own kitchen!! but i know you love olde lace! i want to crochet some doilies soon! i've been saving patterns i run across! i knit 3 curtains for my home last year. a little lace with all the stone in/on my home!! thank you for sharing! ^)^linda

  20. Oh what wonderful things. I love them all.:) I don't think I have ever been that lucky all in one trip. :)

    Have a good evening and a wonderful Thursday.

    Take care, Janet W

  21. Hi Faye,
    It's all fantastic!! You must have been so pleased. I guess the vintage aprons? Or the lace. What an absolute find!
    Btw, Here's my reply to your sweet comment on my blog, to save you time in hopping over there again!

    hazelnut said...
    ♥ Dear Faye, thankyou for the sweet comment, you are such a busy lady!
    If you don't see this here I'll understand.
    I am trying to be very simple at the mo' ( ha ha, yes - I know I know... Lol)
    Easter blessings to you too,!
    Please try to send me the next
    'Keepers' homework..if you can. ♥

  22. I say the lace doilies are what you want to keep! I love your finds!

  23. Are you kidding?? One thing???
    Thanks a lot!! Now I have to pray for forgivness for I am guilty of COVETING EVERYTHING!!! Tee Hee Heee!!
    Blessings and plent of HUGS, Linnie

  24. You got some really nice things. I LOVE the old aprons. So nice. The curtains look so springy. I love to use lace curtains in the summer with my windows open and watch them blow in the breeze. Ah, simple pleasures. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  25. What marvelous finds, oh ~ a box of aprons. Lovely lace curtains.

  26. Lovely treasures!

    Happy Easter, Faye!


  27. My goodness, Faye, how blessed you were to find such pretty things! Happy Easter to you! :)