Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Keepers of the Home meeting and Homework..

Hello my dears.. 

This post is about our Keepers of the Home meeting this past Saturday.. 

We always have a blessed time...

This meeting was a bit different as one of our Keepers invited us to her home to have our meeting...

We enjoy doing this once in awhile.. 
Thank you, Melody... oxox

Here are Melody (whose home we were in) and Steph who is helping with the breakfast.. 

Melody had everything ready for us.. 
Lovely vintage plates that she knows we all love.. smile..

Susan shares some good tidings with us.. 
God is so faithful...

We all helped with breakfast and then had some wonderful fellowship.. Sharing God's blessings the past month.. 
After refilling our coffee cups we moved on to the lesson...

The lesson concerned our prayers and aspirations for the best place on earth.. 

Our homes...

We discussed our THRESHOLDS...

 It is the first place of welcome to our homes but it also  provides the protection for our family..
Here we can go in and close the door on the world and provide a haven for our dear ones.. 

We noted that this is the place that makes us available or not to others.. 

We also talked about the fact that this is where we make our first impressions with the outside world..

 How do we come across when we answer the knock at our door?.. Are we Christ like in our welcome?.. 
Is our threshold neat and tidy?... 

We also decided that the main thing is to welcome Jesus not only into our homes through the doorway but also through the doorways of our hearts as the most welcome of guests…

We looked up some Biblical references... 

Such as John 10 - 9
Jesus Christ is the door...

Exodus 12-7, Psalms 141-3, Deut. 11-20.
The doorway is mentioned many times in the Word..

Then we looked over our homework and everyone had a lovely journal... I was proud of them all.. They are enjoying this, too.. 

Our homework this month is concentrated on our DOORWAYS... 
So with that in mind we made some nice welcome wreaths..

This is our friend Jackie.. 
I believe she is giving me some lovely instructions.. smile.. 

Here are a few of the wreaths.. 

I posted a couple of pictures last post.. 
I think I missed a couple of the wreaths but anyway, you get some idea of our activities... 
Just wingin it...
This is Jesse's wreath...

Well, my dears that is the gist of it all.. 

We did have a blessed day.. 

When one of the dear girls told us that this was the best day of her month and another added that she looks forward to this day from one meeting to the next my heart filled up..

As I was leaving a dear little whisper in my ear.. 
Thank you. Faye  for praying for us..

 It was my turn to whisper, "Thank you, Jesus"...

I so needed those words of encouragement and only He knew it.. 

He is always on time... 

The homework is ready and I will email it out to you.. 

Could you please let me know if you would like it..

Just leave a comment with your address or email me.. 

Thanks so much for visiting.. 
Love hearing from you all.. 

Remember to ...



  1. what a fabulous support this sounds!! lucky you! i too have a solid group of prayer friends..we meet Mondays.. I think our family survived because of their prayers and fellowship. What cratfs you do too!! good for you!! so lovely to have each other.
    I am your newest follower...pls follow back if you can.

  2. Wonderful! I sometimes think of the wall where you first come in, but hadn't considered the thresholditself, very deep, really. Love the wreaths, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Faye,

    Wow, what a wonderful time you had. That is a a good topic, our thresholds. We don't usually think of them do we?

    Love all those pretty wreaths. Thank you for sharing :)

    Have a great evening and a wonder day tomorrow.

    Take care, Janet W

  4. Hi Faye .
    Oh looks like you all had a nice time ! Love all the wreaths very pretty. Wonderful photos of you all to. Thanks for sharing . Have a great evening !

  5. Oh Faye, I get so excited for our meeting each month and can't wait until the next one. you are such a blessing to us all. ready for homework lol. Love ya, Char

  6. I love that - "Keep the Porch light on"!!!!!!! So fitting with your post! Darling post tonight, Faye. I so wish that I could attend a "Keepers of the Home" meeting and meet all of the girls there. The picture of you is darling. Thank you for including your followers with the monthly homework.

  7. Your ladies wreaths turned out beautifully! I would LOVE to visit one of your meetings, it would be wonderful to go to something like that. Looks like you all had so much fun.
    Hugs, Cindy

  8. What a lovely time. I like the wreaths. I wish we had something like that around here.

    Have a wonderful evening.


  9. What a thought about the threshold and how our house looks when one first comes in. Right now mine has a few things sitting there that need to be in garage but now there's little room. Old love seat in there which is being slowly taken apart and put into garbage and recycle bin by hubby, instead of taking it to the dump! What a clever idea. Will look up the references in the Bible that you shared. Wreaths are so nice! Hugs and thanks for sharing about your meeting. what a great idea!

  10. Oh Faye what a lovely meeting you all had! Please send me the homework, I look forward to receiving it :) The wreaths are so pretty, and everything about the threshold is so true, but not something I think much for thought. With love, Carly xx

  11. ...scrub that, I already have it waiting for me in my inbox! Bless you Faye xx

  12. I certainly have lots to do for my HW... at the top of the list is getting rid of the nasty smell (I think that will require opening the windows and giving the house a major cleaning one day... after exams though). Thanks for all the hard work that you do for us... and most certainly all the prayers, I really them right now... XOXO -L-

  13. Good morning sweet lady...
    What a wonderful time it looks like you all had together.
    Love the theme of your meeting, and the wreaths look like the
    perfect project to go with the theme :)

    Thank you for sharing with us :)

  14. I got so teary reading this post...

    It's so my heart. I've been thinking of this very thing - our our welcome is to be expressed via the porch, our door, our smile (yes! even the threshold).

    All the wreaths. I love that they're all unique and beautiful to match each ones heart and home. :)

    I felt like I wsa there with ya'll. I'll be glad to take the homework. I just found my journal the other day - so I'm a little behind. Every day I'm adding to it ... in my heart and mind. :)

  15. Your Keeper of the Home meetings always looks so inviting. There's nothing like that around here...not even with our church. How wonderful if that could happen here.
    I 'felt' what you were saying about the perfect and true.
    Beautiful wreaths.
    p.s. I received your sweet card - thank you so much.

  16. Dear Faye:
    You're so sweet. Your meetings do sound wonderful.
    The wreaths really came out gorgeous.

  17. What fun! Everyone's wreaths are so pretty. I LOVE the dishes your friend used. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  18. Oh Faye,
    If you only knew what a blessing you are to us ladies. Perhaps we are not always there physically but we always are in spirit. I had so much fun and the wreath has brightened up my doorway and made it such a welcoming sight. Thank you.
    Hugs and blessings coming your way.
    Your sister in Christ,

  19. Good evening Miss Faye,
    Sorry I am running a wee-bit behind on this.
    I am yes, interested in my next "home-work".
    I am so blessed by this "keepers-home-work" I thank you for all you do to bless so many & draw them closer to the Lord! Smile
    I am enjoying all your post up to today and just not had extra time to comment...sure enjoyed the reading thou!
    have a blessed evening.