Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little touch here and a little touch there...

Greetings to you all this evening..

Did you know the hockey playoffs are on??
Do you have a hockey fan in your family? 
I do... 

By the time they are over I will be quite tired of it all.. smile.. 

And to top it all off I have a famous cousin who plays for the Boston Bruins... 
He is a bit of a spitfire, I think.. Some says it runs in the family.. smile.. 
He is a good player, though.. grin.. 

I thought I would go around the house and take a few pics for you.. 
Just a few little quaint touches... 
Hope you enjoy...

Lots of old books in this house... smile..

And several bird's nests.. 
My husband brought this one in to me the other day.. 

Violets are one of my fave flowers.. 
If it has a violet on it then I usually love it... 

An olde pin cushion from my dear friend, Julia.. 
I wrote about her HERE...

Under Two Flags...
I bought this book for it's cover.. grin..  

This little book is called the Acadian Album..

It is an autograph album that belonged to a girl called Annie.. 
Several verses are signed from Mass. USA but then there  
 are verses written from Salisbury, N. B. where I grew up and some are from  Lewis Mountain which is about 5 minutes from here.. 
I forget where I bought this..
A $5.00 tag is still on it so it must have been a yard sale..  
oh dear...

Another beautiful little treasure.. 
So old...
See the blanket it is lying on.. It is on a window seat in one of the spare rooms.. My step father gave it to me.. 
His s first wife made it from a real sheep's fleece.. 
I treasure it, too.. 

An old french ivory brush and an alarm clock... 
I love old clocks... smile.. 

And an old letter from William..

A little hand stitching I did.. 
Are you a kindred spirit?? smile.. 
If you love old stuff like this then I would say we may be.. 

I hope you liked these little touches... 
It's the little things that make a house a home.. 
Or so my Mom always tells me.. smile.. 

Thank you so much for stopping by ... 
I loved having you.. I hope you leave me a wee note.. smile..

Take care my dears... 


  1. Here I am...,,,again. I love the photos. Seems like your blog is like one of those beloved devotionals, there is always encouragement to be found in the pages.
    Hope you have a lovely Friday, and weekend.

  2. I look forward to my visit here each evening, I love the music and what you share. xo

  3. So many old and precious things that you treasure so much! It is wonderful to hear about them. I love your old hair brush with the violets. I think I have told you that my Grandma's name was anything with violets makes me think of her. She was a dear lady. Oh...and I remember you speaking of your Julia and how much you loved her.

  4. Kindred spirits... I think you have a lot of those reading you, Faye... thanks for a wonderful post.

  5. Wonderful post, Faye! I think we are all kindred spirits,
    if we love to surround ourselves with old things from the
    past. I know I love old things and that mirror is darling!
    Love your old books, too! Thanks so much for sharing.


  6. Yes Faye..
    we are kindred spirits; as I too love old stuff :)

    Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures of sweet things in your home.

    It is those sweet and thoughtful touches that increase the charm and welcome of a home :)

  7. Hi there,

    Another kindred spirit here....I so love old things.

    Thank you for sharing these photos.:)

    Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

    Take care my friend, Janet W

  8. I guess I am a kindered spirit too. I loved all your old keepsakes. Thanks for sharing

  9. I have to say that I love old things and I love looking at them in OTHER's homes but I'm too much of a minimalist to keep them myself. LOL!!! I wanted to mention to you that I started a Crafty Things link-up on Fridays on my blog. I know you do a lot of crafts so I wanted to invite you to join in if you have a crafty post!

  10. I love all your special little touches Faye. Aren't old books wonderful; I'd be lost without a book to read. Don't know too much about hockey being a florida girl! Hope you've had a great week and enjoy your weekend. Hugs dear friend! I'm off to therapy this morning.

  11. I think all of us who visit here are kindred spirits. :o) Loved seeing all your special things. Thanks for the tour.

    Yes, we're into hockey playoffs around my house. We watch here and there to see what the score is. I remember you mentioning before you had a cousin who played for the Bruins. Are you allowed to tell us his name? :o)

  12. Morning My Dear Kindred Spirit!
    Oh how I just love all your touches that make your house a home.
    Happy Friday.

  13. Yes, Sandra.. His name is Brad Marchand... Our grandkids love watching him.. smile...

  14. Faye, another thing in common...bird nests. I collect them too. I like the small ones. I put them in my old planters in my laundry room. I just found two, one with our horse Jack's mane or tail hair and another at my nephew's house that had last years's Easter grass woven in it. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  15. Morning Faye,
    thanks for the sweet peeks around your home...such treasures you have.
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Good Morning Faye! What SWEET treasures. I Love all your displays. Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  18. I feel so privileged being able to share these beautiful glimpses around your home, Faye!
    Blessings for a lovely weekend!

  19. Hi Fay,
    I love each and every one of your touches!! Everything just fits together so lovely!
    Blessings and Hugs,Linnie

  20. love the little touches, they are meaningful. even the little thing we do can seem so big. love ya, char

  21. I would say that we are kindred spirits, dear Faye. I adore old books and the autograph book is really a treasure, isn't it.
    My sis-in-law and her hubby, they live in Regina, are real Boston Bruin fans. Can you email me and tell me the name of your cousin that plays for them? I would love it.:) They will be going to Boston again, (they were there at least once) to see them play!
    I like your new header, the picture is so sweet.
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. Hi Faye, I miss this post until this evening (Sat.) and enjoyed seeing all the sweet vintage things around your home. So you're related to a Boston Bruin? That's pretty interesting. We aren't hockey or sports fans at all so I haven't a clue what's going on except that Toronto and Montreal are out of the playoffs. LOL Lot's of jokes going around about that. I love your new header! Beautiful photo. Blessings, Pamela