Thursday, April 26, 2012


Good Evening, my dears.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth...

Tonight I am finally going to do a post giving you some info on how to have your own Keepers of the Home meetings.. 

Over the past while I have received  many emails from not only our own province but the U. S. and even the U.K. asking me for information on how you can have your own meetings in your own area..
So... I think it would be better if I  do a post and that way I can just refer everyone to this link.. smile.. 

One of the questions that I am asked is.. 

How did the Keepers of the Home meetings begin?

We began our meeting 4 years ago this May... 

One evening on our way home from church I expressed to my husband that the Lord had given me the desire to help the younger married ladies in our church..

I felt that because of the day and age that we were living in that there was a need to get back to the basics of keeping the home...

 Titus 2: 3-5
Paul advised the older women to teach the younger ones to love their husbands and children and to be keepers of the home..

With Terry's support I inquired of our pastor if it would be possible to start something of this sort in our own church and with his blessing our meetings began..

The Lord even laid the name of the group on my mind as I was expressing my burden to my husband..

How often do we meet?
We try and meet the first Saturday of each month.. 
Usually, we begin at 9 am in our fellowship hall at our church although we have met at one of the girl's homes occasionally.. 
We also plan for some outings about 3 or 4 times a year.. 

What is the order of our meetings?
We begin our Saturday morning meetings with the making of our breakfast.. Everyone helps and I always try to have a new recipe for them.. Sometimes, one or two of the girls will bring us one of their own homemade treats like coffee cake or rice pudding.. 
An older sister in the church will sometimes bless us by sending a sweet bread with her daughter that we so appreciate.. smile
Then we have sweet fellowship while we eat our breakfast and catch up with Mama things...
We may share the hopes and dreams of our hearts...
and answered prayers or requests..

When the girls start on their second cups of coffee then I give a little life lesson.. 
These come from my heart..  I read a lot of good books and of course the Lord always knows the need and hopefully I am listening and can be that hand extended to these sweet mamas... 

 We may then have some type of discussion over future plans and such for the group..

Each time we have some type of activity... 
Such as...
 learning how to make no knead bread
making pickles or jams
crafting decor for our homes
making candles and such..
herbs and gardening.. 
learning how to make green cleaners.. 
soap balls and laundry soap... 
or my cousin Val will visit and  teach them all a handmade craft..
just home keeping type of things... 

If there is a prayer request that is certainly included... 
Then that is it for that day.. smile.. 

What activities do you do outside of the fellowship hall?

Since you girls are readers of this blog then you know we have a cottage in St. Martins.. Well, the girls all come down for an overniter which they love.. 
We have supper together.... 
Sit up late and chat and have a little devotional.. 
Eat snacks and go to the beach for a bonfire.. 
Then after a late night and little sleep we go out to a local restaurant for breakfast and then they all visit the shop...

We go for a field trip to Kings Landing (one of our historical villages here in New Brunswick) or we have gone to the Bulk Barn and then visited a dear Keeper's home and made mixes ... 

Things like that...
All with the goal to find something to learn or inspire...
To increase our desires for placing God in the centre of our homes... 

This Summer we hope to go to a Artisan Bakery and a Herb Farm...

At Christmas, Terry and I host a dinner for the Keepers and their husbands which is always fun.. 


Right now as you know we are concentrating on 
Home... the best place in the world... journals.. 
I hope that this is inspiring them with their desire to turn their homes into what God has planned for their families...

We all aspire to the Proverbs 31 woman in our reaching out to our community... 
We have given luncheon to the elders in our church to show them our love and appreciation and we try to donate Christmas dinners or donations to Women's shelters and such...

Actually, this blog was started with the KEEPERS AT HOME in mind.. 
I hoped it would help all you ladies that strive to make your home a haven for your sweet families..

My posts are often about things that I think the Keepers would be interested in..  
I have usually posted on each of the Keepers meetings ...
Just go to the sidebar and find the search engine.. 
Type in the word Keepers Meetings and then go back to the top and they will all be listed there for you to click on...

Well, dear hearts I hope I have helped you learn what we are about...

If you have any questions just put them in the comment section on the bottom and I will reply to you there.. OK?

Thank you so much for your sweet visit and as always I look forward to reading your notes to me... 

I am heading to Ladies Retreat tomorrow..(Lord willing)

It will be a blessing I am sure...
 Our sweet daughter will be there, too.. smile.. 

Until next time.. 
God bless... 


  1. This is an informative, enlightening post.

    What a blessing I'm sure you are to so many. You could just be sitting back, taking it easy now that the nest is empty.

    At 51, I'm finding deeper purpose for my life by investing in OTHERS. "Someone is watching you" is never forgotten, constantly remembered. May we be counted faithful with a "Well done thou good, faithful servant. Enter in!"

  2. Sounds like a wonderful sisterhood as well . To learn from eachother is a wonderful thing and to have the friendships that you have is a blessing in its self ! Wonderful post. Have a great day !

  3. Oh Miss Faye,
    Thank you so much for posting this as you know we are very blessed and very interested in this!
    We are enjoying the "home-work" so much!
    It is so special & yes, draws me ( & my girls) nearer to the one our homes are to be centered around! The LORD!
    This world is trying so to pull women the opposite direction.
    Thank you for sharing, serving and blessing so many.
    Hugs to you & blessings~

  4. Thank you so much for that, dear Faye, I would love to lead a group like yours some time. I also have a burden for this type of thing, but I don't think this is the time, yet. I go to a church where 80% of the people are Filipino and they have a very different culture. The girls who are coming upon womanhood and are very interested in the Canadian culture are far more interested than the ones already in the late 20's and 30's, so perhaps I could try it in the future. You have inspired me and I know that what you're doing is very much needed. You are such a special lady, I'm so glad that God helped me to find you here.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  5. What a wonderful person you are to have such a vision and follow it through so faithfully. Bless your heart. There are so many young gals who could use this type of fellowship.

  6. Thank you for sharing how this all came about Faye. I think it's so wonderful to be able to fellowship and share with all these lovely ladies. Go check my blog when you get a chance; got some wonderful news to share! Hugs!

  7. Hi there Miss Faye, How are you? I wanted to tell you that I belonged to a group of women (similar to your group) when I was a young woman and my children were growing up. It was through our church. I must say it was some of the most memorable times in my life. It is interesting to hear how your "Keeper of the Home" started.

  8. Oh what I would give to belong to a group like this. It sounds like so much fun and so heart warming. It is really sad even with my friends that are my age how they do not value their homes or families like I was brought up to. They don't care to sit down to dinner together as a family or even attend church regularly. I hope I can be some witness to them all and pray for God to shine thru me when I am around them all. I enjoy reading your posts about your meetings. HAve a great weekend dear. Smiles and Hugs.

  9. God bless you, Faye in all your efforts for His Glory - even though we may never meet in person, your posts still reach me and my soul is encouraged.

  10. Thank you for sharing Sweet Faye Henry!
    God truly is using you big.
    I have learned so much from you and look forward to each one of your posts.
    I love being a little bit a part of your Keepers of the Home.
    Joy in Him

  11. Even though my website project is finished, I will add this link in...what a great post...pretty much sums us up! I always look forward to our meetings and I have learned so much. There was a time that I hated being home and would do just about anything to get out, but now I have learned the value of being at home and rather enjoy it...I've been home all week, mostly catching up on cleaning, and spending time making lots of homemade things (food and cleaners)... Today I'm going to just relax mostly and rest up for ladies retreat.

  12. Faye this is just the best post enlightening - I think this is something everyone should be into...maybe not just the young marrieds but even those that are thinking of getting married and to start out on the right foot...
    There are so many families that just don't know how to be a 'family' because of the rush, rush of our society and also more often than not they leave God out of the picture entirely.
    Thanks for these helpful.

  13. Good Morning Faye,
    Thanks for sharing information about your group.
    It's a wonderful idea, and you gals always seem to have
    such fun together.
    It is an inspiration for us all to fellowship a little more,
    and put our hearts into our families and homes :)

  14. Faye I've been reading your post about Keepers of The Home. But never did I think about doing it myself until this post. I taught an adult Ed class last fall where we did canning,making soap, laundry det. and more. I had 17 in my class and we so enjoyed each others company. I think this is a wonderful idea thank you for the post. As always your a wonderful insperation.

  15. What a wonderful group!! I would have loved that as a young mom!! I wish more young women today took their keepers of the home job more seriously!!

  16. Thank You Faye for sharing ... sounds like a Wonderful Group.
    Please enjoy your time way at the Ladies Retreat, will be Fun to share with your Daughter.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

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  18. I sure would like to be a part of your group. Someday I would also like to have one here in Cedar Rapids. Right now we have started a good morning group - where 12 of us e-mail what we read in God's Word, put down quotes of authors, or what we are feeling, and prayer requests. We have been doing this for a month, we are hoping next month to get more women involved and split them up in small groups. It would be fantastic if we could follow your lead and have the small groups do things together hmmmmmmm Something to pray about!

  19. Faye,

    Oh I would love to live nearby and attend your keeper of the home meetings. They sound delightful!

  20. Faye, thanks for this interesting post on how it all works with your meetings...
    The girls you meet with are so fortunate to have this opportunity, you are doing sterling work.
    Enjoy your retreat, and don't forget to re - fuel yourself as well!
    Hazelnut xxx

  21. Julie has left a new comment on your post "Some info about KEEPERS OF THE HOME MEETINGS....":

    Thank you Faye! I really appreciate the post. As you already know, I have been wondering for some time about how this was started up and very interested in providing something along the same lines on this side of the border. The ladies in our church did start a small group, but it is mostly made up of elderly women, because there are very few young women in our church. I was more interested in starting something up outside our church in order to attract a wider group of all ages, and like you said, "All with the goal to find something to learn or inspire and to increase our desires for placing God in the centre of our homes". I have been teaching a primitive craft class each fall through the Adult Education system for the last few years and think this would be right up my ally. Janice and I have spoken and have agreed to start something together. I will keep you posted on how we are doing. Again, THANK YOU for your inspiration.