Monday, April 16, 2012


Good Evening, my dears.. 

Just wondering if you would  like to go to the farm with us for the day... 

As you know, we have this old farm up in the Kent Hills and we go and spend a day whenever we can.. 

It belonged to my aunt and her husband's family since 1907 and my family went there often as I was growing up..
When my aunt and uncle went to a nursing home we were so happy to be able to purchase it.. 

Our kids thought we were nuts but we love it..

Our sons like it now but it is not something Shonda wants us to leave to her in the will.. grin.. 
Oh each his own, eh!

We didn't leave until late morning but here we are.. 

Almost there..

See the windmills up ahead.. 

When we see them we know we are almost there.. 
Actually, the old place is only about a half an hour from our home..

Sammi (our dog) always knows when we are almost there and puts his front feet up on the dash.. smile.. 

There it is.. 
Just sitting there waiting.. 
Old and dilapidated but loved by us.. smile..

There is always a lot of work to do... 
Terry brought the lawnmower..

He wants to cut down all the old grass as it kind of got away on him in the Fall... 
This way it will be a lot easier to manage.. 

As for me... 
I get the kettle going.. 

Since we are tearing the back porch apart we get a lot of flies.. 
Ugh.. I hate them... 

Anyway, I need to give the kitchen a good clean because we haven't been here for awhile..

I think a nice cup of tea is in order, eh?  

After all that cleaning this is a good place to drink it.. smile.. 

We need some supper, too.. 
I usually bring the main stuff to make meals here but the basics are always in the cupboards.. 

I guess we will have a salad.. (as usual..)

I brought some parsley... 
Do you like parsley and garlic salad dressing?

I always enjoy setting the old harvest table here..

As you know, these  dishes are special as they once belonged to a farmer's wife we loved...

Just a regular tossed salad...

And one of our faves..

Spaghetti Puttanesca  

I have pasta only once a week now.. I guess this is it.. 

An old rocker sitting in the living room...

The sun shining in the old china cupboard glass...

Well, it is time to go home.. 
Where is Terry, Sam... 

Which way did he go????

The wind is howling here today.. 

See my hair blowing.. Straight up.. grin..

How I love the wind..
 It blows so much more here than at home..

I need to  sit in the truck or Terry would not quit working..

Now he is cleaning the stream that flows from our spring.. 

I wish I had half of his energy.. 

He needs to stop and go home though but I enjoy sitting in the warm truck and listening to the wind.. 
If we lived here I would need to put a sleeping porch on.. 
The wind howls and you can hear the brook rushing by.. 
sigh... zzzz... smile...

The sun is setting out over the barn..

The old place will sit quiet and still while the wind whistles  through the cracks of the barn  ... 

The fire will go out in the old stove... 

Until we come back again.. 

Thank you sweet Lord for a lovely day together here at this old place that we count as blessing.. 

Hope you enjoyed your visit.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.. 

Hugs from an old farm here in Eastern Canada..


  1. Oh my Faye, it looks like another time and place. I wish I had some of Terry's energy too! I can barely pull my weeds! Pretty dishes for your pasta. Beautiful sunset. xo

  2. The food looks yummy! Love the sunset pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Hi Faye,

    What a nice visit thanks for taking us along.

    I love the country. And the old stove. Salad and pasta look yummy.

    Pretty dishes and sunset.

    Take care, Janet W ((HUGS))

  4. That was lovely Faye, how lucky you are to have such a great place! Your Terry works like a Trojan, him and Ben would get on very well!! You know, it was real windy here too last night :) xx

  5. That looks like a nice spot to be! You always have the table set and so welcoming.

  6. Yesterday was such a nice day for a drive! Looks like rain here this morning...Did you know that we got stuck in that driveway a few years ago?? It's funny now, but is wasn't then...

  7. Nice photos ! I would love to have more land with a barn . I was raised on a hobby farm and so miss it all . One day though Papa said to me I will have my hobby farm with all my minitures I want ! It was windy here yesterday but at least it was sunny and warm ! Have a good day !

  8. Thanks for the nice tour of the farm. I love being out on our little piece of land, away from the hustle and bustle of town/city life. The dishes are beautiful.

    Have a wonderful day.


  9. Dear Faye, What a lovely trip to the farm, it looks so peaceful and welcoming.
    love ya Char

  10. Thank you for this lovely always I can be sure of sweetness and simple lovliness...

  11. Love going on these visits with you to your farm Faye! I am always a sucker for old barns and farmhouses...I just LOVE them! So much history...if only the walls could talk!

  12. What a wonderful special place you have there Faye Henry!
    Oh and the sweet dishes.

  13. Your farm is fabulous! Felt like I was right there. That must be a real treat to visit such a charming place. Wow!

  14. Oh my what a neat place! I would love to explore! Sounds so peaceful there. Thanks for allowing us to tag along on your journey.

  15. Loved the visit indeed. I get to go to my husband's folks farm. There is always work to be done there. The wind always blows up there too. Thank you for sharing your farm.

  16. What beautiful pictures!! And quite a peaceful spot.

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your life, and your heart.

    I've always wanted a little farm to fix up and call my own. My husband teases me about various "dream shacks" we pass that I invariably fall in love with! Some of them are even what he calls "pre-leaned!" ;) But our ministry on the road is what the Lord has for us right now, and I'm thankful for it!

    God bless!


  17. I enjoyed the trip to the farm with you Faye! I think I'd enjoy a wonderful little place like this to get away to once in a while. Hugs!

  18. Oh Faye, how wonderful to be able to enjoy a day at an old farm. I'd be moseing around outdoors along the brook and in the barn and in the attic. I love the farm table and the old dishes. You are blessed to have this place to escape to. I'll see you when I get back. Hugs, Pam

  19. what a wonderful escape from reality!! seen thru someone else's eyes & lens. thank you for sharing your life experiences...^)^linda

  20. I love going out to the old farm with you, Faye and lunch was perfect - so fresh!
    Love your header pic too!
    Blessings from Ireland!

  21. Faye,
    You are such a lovely host. Dinner was wonderful and I loved the tour of the old farm, I see why you love it there. Thank you for sharing :)

    Hugs my friend,

  22. Thans I enjoyed my visit as always.Just love the old place,wish I could of stayed.Thans for your love,and droping by.ooxx

  23. Such a wonderful place to go and relax, get away for awhile. Well I guess not really... seems Terry goes there to work, lol. But I'm sure Sam enjoys it =]

  24. oh I loved reading this post today and seeing all the wonderful photos..I felt like I was actually there with you..loved my visit.)

  25. Oh my goodness Faye, How did I miss my visit to the farm? My soul needed this trip tonight. I would so love to slip away up there and spend the week with my book, crafts and devotional. Lovely pictures. Thanks so much for sharing even though I am so late visiting.