Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A little home keeping idea..

Good Evening everyone.. 

So glad you are taking the time to drop by ... 
You are all so NICE... smile..

It is a bit rainy here tonight but it is supposed to be clearing off by morning..
 Terry is heading for the farm tomorrow with our youngest son to do a bit of work but I think I need to stay home and accomplish a few things.. 

Time is flying by and in only a few weeks now we should be opening the

As usual, this world class procrastinator is only starting to get motivated... I ask you... What is my problem??..

What ever it is I have been blessed with it for most of my life..

Oh well, I am one of those people who work much better under pressure...
(rolling my eyes..)


I thought I would show you a simple home keeping chore that I worked on one day this week..

Some everyday dishcloths.. 

I saw that someone had made them on a couple of blogs and
I loved them..

 Also..I had several old towels that were pretty ragged so I decided to give them a try... 

One old towel made 8 dishcloths...

I was wondering how well they would work so I gave one a try..

They are lovely.. 

As you can see, I hand wash our dishes.. 

We have a dishwasher but because of our water hardness the dishes do not turn out great in the dishwasher.. 

So... I wash them by hand..

I could say that there are only two of us but to be honest I have as many dirty dishes as a family of five...

I haven't figured that one out yet either.. smile..

If you would like to sew a few of these up and recycle your old towels or flannel sheets you can find the tutorial  HERE..

I would love to find a good homemade dish washing liquid, too.. 

I now have Gain which my dear friend Ethel picked up for me in the U.S. because we don't have it here in Canada and I love the smell..

I am so fickle when it comes to scent... 

If you happen to have a good recipe then I would love to have it.. 

I looked up recipes but they call for Castile soap which we do not have here, either... 

Well, my dears that is about it for tonight..

Sometimes, I wonder if I am boring you all silly .. 
Perhaps, I should just post pictures.. smile.. 

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and visits.. 
Until we chat again.. 
God bless...



  1. This is such a great idea! We use old towels for rags but these are much prettier! I'm definitely going to make some! Yours are pretty!

  2. Faye, your dishcloths are so pretty all stacked up. A great idea! I mostly do our dishes by hand too even since we got the dishwasher last summer. lol We have a water softener so there is no problem with scaling and such and the dishwasher does a great job. I hope there are sunny days ahead! Blessings, Pamela

  3. That sounds like something my dear mother would do...
    So who knows there is a good chance I will too, as I've done so many things I've learned from her and never thought I would... :)

  4. Hi Faye..
    Love how your dish clothes turned out.

    I've been wanting to make some cleaning cloths like this for a while.
    It's on my list of things I want and need to do~~LOL.

    Thanks for sharing yours with us.

    Have a wonderful night.

  5. what a good idea!! I use old towel to mop and keep using them over and over. your dishcloths are pretty!

  6. Hi Faye;
    Dr Bronner's Magic Soap is a Castile soap, I think you can still buy it at the health food shop in Sussex. I got some there awhile back.
    I love your blog - thanks for writing every day.


  7. Hi Faye,I am a proscrastinator, too! I don't really like being this way, but have been for my whole life! Your dish cloths are so pretty they can be displayed as "good" towels! xo

  8. I would be so disappointed if you only posted pictures. I look forward to whatever you have to share with us in each post and always find inspiration in it. Whether it may be a recipe or a crafting idea, an update of your day or maybe a little trip you've taken, I'm grateful that you share these snippets of your life with us and consider you a friend that I'm keeping in touch with. I hope you never decide to stop as I would truly miss our friendly "visits".

  9. Those are surely too pretty for dishcloths? But then it would help me accomplish that chore with a more cheerful heart if I used such a lovely piece of material!!!
    PS Love the Union Jack mug!!!lol!

  10. Hi Faye, One thing you are not my dear is boring. I so love your blog. I have been keeping a list of projects for rainy days on the weekends and this one certainly will be on it. :) Have a great day.
    Hugs, Krista

  11. Well I must say Lady that you don't appear to be a procrastinator...seems you always have so much happening and that impresses me.
    What a great idea for the dishcloths! I like how you showed them off in the water and the wire basket...great effects.


  12. What a great idea for recycling towels. We also have hard water where we live. I found a great product called Lemi-Shine. I put a tablespoon in with the dishwasher soap and my dishes come out shiny and without the hard water spots and scales.

    Have a wonderful day.


  13. Love the new font! I recently bought some Martha Stewart lavender dish soap when it was on sale for 1/2 price at seems nice- I bet you'd like it ( I even used some in all purpose cleaner that I made)... I took the orange cleaner and made it Lemon... I just put lemon peels in place of the orange and at the end I also put in a squirt of the dish soap and some lavender essential that's the smell of clean! Oh how I wish my sewing machine was working- I'd practice my sewing skills on those dish cloths!

  14. I like your blog - not boring at all. I make my dishcloths by crocheting around plastic scrubbies - one is a circle one and the other one I use those flat green square things that I cut in half. I found some colored ones at Dollar General and they make great fun gifts. I have a dishwasher but there are some things that are better by washing. I like my Dawn dish soap.

  15. You are not boring at all! I love the prints on your dish cloths. So pretty.

  16. You're not boring at all. From one hand dishwasher to the next. I love it.

    I was wondering if you got your cloth idea from Julia (Blissfully Content). Yep!

    I have yet to make them myself. I was going to suggest Amanda over at Homegrown and Beeyoutiful. She recently posted a recipe for homemade dish soap. But it does call for the Castile Soap.

    Good luck!

  17. PS: I work best under pressure myself. ;)

  18. I love using old cloths for cleaning. I use old t-shirt material for dusting, washing furniture and walls......everything.

    Miss Faye, you could never bore us. Your posts are very interesting no matter what they are about. Thank you.

  19. I have a dishwasher that sits unused also. ONLY because it's not working, lol. I do like the way my glasses turn out better by hand than in the washer..but..when it's just the three of us..having the dishwasher to stick the dirty dishes in is nice. I hate dishes on the counter!!!

    Ohhh and the procrastinator. Queen of it here. It's why I'm always late too. I sit and "think" about what I "need" to do for hours. Then think I can stick 3 hours of work into two hours and still make it to where ever it is I need to be on time! Lol..WRONG!!

    Yep..I most definately will be late for my own funeral. Which to me..means I'll live a long long life, lol!!

  20. I love the dishclothes. Such a useful idea! I have never made my own dish soap before but would definitely be interested in giving it a try. You say you can't get castile soap where you live. Could you substitute ivory, maybe? Just an idea. Thanks for all the info about the keepers at home. Such a good idea and so nice of you to do it. Enjoy your day and God bless.