Monday, April 9, 2012

This and that...

Good Evening everyone.. 

Can you believe that Easter has come and gone.. 
My... last week was so busy.. 
I am exhausted.. I think.. smile..

Our dear family were all here today.  It is so nice when they all come home, eh? 

Yes, the flowers are snowdrops from the cottage.. 
We have a lot there so I will transplant these ones outside here at home this week.. 
I found the idea to put them in the old cake molds from 
Our French Country Home blog... 

 Our grandsons have grown so much lately.. 
We now have 4 teens...
 They are certainly going to be a tall bunch of boys..

 They give me a hugs and pat my shoulder and I  to look way up.. grin..

God has certainly blessed us and we are so thankful.. 

I haven't had a chance to post about our Keepers of the Home meeting..
We had it on Saturday Morning... 
Last week I prepared for it.. 
Doing the lesson and getting the homework ready for next month.. 

Making some fruit muffins for breakfast... 

Tried out a new recipe for bread pudding ....

It was really good.. Terry loved it but I didn't get time to make it for the girls.. 
They didn't think they would have liked it anyway... smile.. 

Here are a couple of pics to give you a hint at something we did...

I am sorry but tonight I am too tired to share it all with you and will try to do it this week.. 
I have the homework ready for all who would like it but I will post the lesson next time.. OK? 
Sorry about that but it was a very busy day and I think I will go and make myself a nice cup of tea and head off to slumber land.. 
It is almost 9 pm here.. My computer clock shows the wrong time for some reason.. 
Someone asked me the other day why I was up doing a post in the middle of the night... smile.. 
It shows several hours earlier and I don't know how to fix it.. 
Oh well.. You will think I am ambitious.. 

Thanks my dears for dropping by and as you know I love your sweet comments.. 
Want to see a pic of our daughter today?  
The rest don't like me putting them on here.. smile.. 
Shonda doesn't say anything.. yet... grin.. 

Smile Sweetie... 
We love her new glasses..
 Her father had a pair in 1970... 
The style has returned... 


  1. Oh...that Shondra is so sweet! Love your Easter table with the pretty silver and the individual salt and peppers. I see you kept the great depression pitcher for you. Time to get some rest. Looking forward to "the homework".

    Sweet dreams, Dear Heart!


  2. Your daughters glasses are really stylish :) :)

    Oh, I really like your Keeper's of the Home group...too bad I don't live closer. I'd love to attend. It looks like you had another blessed time of fellowship, encouragment and fun :) :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. It's hard to get anyone to smile when they know you're going to blog about them! She is very pretty and I love that bread pudding! That would make ME smile!

  4. Get some rest, Faye, you have been very busy. Great photo of Shonda. xo

  5. WOW! What a busy day you must have had today. But also sooo worth it? Great to have everyone home together. :)

    Get some rest,k? Night night

    Have a wonderful Tuesday

    Take care, Janet W

  6. Hello Faye, It was a busy last week for me as well as I haven't updated my blog in a while. Being a bad girl. Got to do better. Your table is so pretty and such a good picture of Shondra. I so LOVE her glasses. I loved that style and so glad bigger ones are coming back in style. They look great on her. Remember last year sometime you posted a picture of your dolphin plant in bloom? Well my Mister and myself fell in love with it and we found a seed company that sells the plants. Ours came this week. Do you have any advice on taking care of it? Hope you have a great Tuesday.

  7. We didn't have any family over after church this year. Daughter was at work. Phil and i had colds last week so I hesitated to invite anyone since I didn't know how we would be feeling by end of week. I was gone most of Sat. at a photography meeting. I will see them this Sat. when I watch the 2 adorable grandchildren. We ate so much yesterday I wasn't sure if I wanted to eat Subway, as we do Sunday evenings. Went to Easter breakfast at church...always delicious. Then a salad with ham and bread for dinner. I am eating a chocolate marshmellow cross a friend gave me as a treat yesterday. I'd not seen one. It's good! Made by Whitman chocolate, USA made as well! Thanks for sharing your Easter day with us.

  8. Faye
    You are a very busy lady!
    Shonda looks sweet in her new specs.
    Rest well tonight!

  9. Your daughter is beautiful. I love the glasses!

  10. I'm glad you had a great day wit the fam...I noticed my wreath in the pic... I added a bit more to it when I got it home, but it only added subtle detail... you can't even really notice the additions :( but I like it anyway. JAcob found a spot for it, and its' not even on the wall- LOL

  11. Shonda is a Beautiful Girl and
    I Love her Glasses.
    Great Looking Muffins & Pudding I bet
    they were Delicious.
    Love the Table Setting ... so Sweet ... I'd
    be Happy to eat Bread & Water if it was
    served that way. :-)
    Blessings & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  12. Hi Faye,
    I am so sorry I missed the meeting on Saturday, but have been doing my homework and looking forward to hearing the next step for homework. The wreaths look beautiful ladies! PS. Please pray once again for my Dad as he had to return to the hospital on Sunday.
    Thanks again
    Krista Hugs

  13. How wonderful to have your family there, and spend time with them.

    Looks like you HAVE been very, very busy.
    Sheesh you always make my tired...just seeing all the things that you've been up to :)

    Have a wonderful day.
    p.s What a sweet daughter you have there...and I too LOVE those glasses.

  14. I am so glad you were able to enjoy all your family being with you to celebrate Easter. Your table is beautiful. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  15. I would imagine you did have a very busy week, Faye... share with us about your meeting when you catch your second wind. *grin*
    Shonda's glasses look great... I don't look good in mine~ I only wear them when I want to look smart. (In other words, I need to wear them all the time. *haha*)
    Your muffins and bread pudding are making me hungry... how do you do that?
    Rest, dear friend~ and have a wonderful day...

  16. Beautiful post....the table is lovely....I have teen grandsons as they do grow fast....blessings

  17. Home makers give so much of themselves, and you specialise, Faye!
    Lovely family, lovely table! It is so worth it, I know. Do not feel bad to do a short blog post! It is great anyway.
    xxx Hugs, Hazelnut

  18. Hello, Faye~ I left a comment earlier today and now it's gone... *sigh*...
    Thought I would try leaving another message to see if it's working now, if not, I'm still going into the spam folder. I'll just start emailing my comments to you, I guess...((HUGS))