Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Making a Clothes Pin Bag and a little study for you...

Hello ...
Hope all is well in your part of the world.. 
We are having sunny days after sunny days here...

It is a great time to put out the laundry after using the dryer all winter.. I could watch clothes blow on the line for ages.. 
Or flags blow in the breezes,... smile.. 

Anyway, I posted last year HERE on how to make a clothespin bag.. 

Well, that one needed replaced.. Whenever I would go to a Thrift store lately I would look for a little piece of clothing that would suffice for a new bag and I found this ...

A little wee jean skirt... 

Now it is a clothespin bag..

Just click on above and it will take you to the instructions for using a child's sweater, too.. 
All I had to do to this was sew across the bottom and it works great.. 

Today, our youngest son came out and helped his Dad so I was able to do some sewing....

I bought a box of old fabrics at an auction and decided to sew some things up for the shop...

This is a cushion cover but I don't have it stuffed yet.. 
I love how it turned out and will share it with you later..

I did a bag and a couple of cushions and such.. 
None are completely finished... 
Some need stuffed and some need some embroidery... 
But at least I feel like I am getting a start on it all..

I have been working on a little study project and thought perhaps you would like to do it, too.. 

It is on the Seven Redemptive Names of Jehovah..

I have been reading an old book that belonged to one of our elder pastors.. 

It is called CHRIST THE HEALER by F. F. Bosworth
A wonderful book written so that even I can understand it .. smile.. 

Anyway, this section was in it and I decided to memorize the seven names... 

Here they are... 

1.  JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH-  the Lord is there or present..
2.  JEHOVAH-SHALOM-  the Lord our Peace..
3.. JEHOVAH-RA-AH - "The Lord is my Shepherd."
4.  JEHOVAH-JIRAH - means the Lord will provide..
5.. JEHOVAH-NISSI- means the Lord is our Banner or Victor or Captain..
6.. JEHOVAH-TSIDKENU is translated "the Lord our Righteousness..
7.. JEHOVAH-RAPHA- is translated "I am the Lord thy Physician," or " I am the Lord that healeth thee."

There is something about reading this that has touched my soul.. 
I wanted to put it in my memory so I could think on it whenever I wanted to... 

Each one is explained, too..

Maybe, you would like to do the same.. smile..
Let me know if you decide to memorize them, too..  

In this end day it is all about HIM.. 

Thank you so much for visiting and welcome to the new followers..

So glad you all dropped by and as always I look forward to hearing from you.. 

Hugs from Maritime Canada... 




  1. I love the smell of sheets and towels when they have dried outdoors in the wind and sun. Cute little bag. I had something similar in denim fabric shaped like a girdle (!) that I used for pantyhose. xo

  2. I decided not to be so lazy and sign for a change... My clothesline has been torn down to make way for a garage... I hope I'll be able to get it back before the snow flies LOL... Those names of Jehovah put the song into my mind he's "the Great I am"

  3. That clothespin bag is the cutest thing! I've never heard of all those Jehovah names before. Interesting.

  4. I love the closespin bag that is the cutest one I have ever seen and your cover is lovely ! I love your crafts . I feel the same about cloths on the line and a flag flaping in the wind as well. Have a wonderful evening !

  5. What a great idea. Our SIL is going to be installing my clothesline this year. Just need to figure out where to attach the end closest to the house.

  6. Hi there fellow Canadian! You have a lovely blog.We visited St.Martins four years ago when we travelled to the east coast.It stands out in my memory ,so quaint and picturesque.

  7. Hi Faye,

    I just LOVE your clothespin bag. I want one. I don't have a clothesline here but hope to when we move. I too love watching clothes drying and blowing in the breeze. And flags too. I could just sit for hours watching them. :)

    I like your cushion cover. Looks like a nice puffy quilt. I can sure use one and a cushion with it. I have been sitting here so long on an old kitchen chair that my 'sit-down' is sore. LOL

    Have a great day my friend. Take care, Janet W

  8. Love the little child's dungarees repurposed for a clothes peg bag - I need to make one for my mum!
    Some time ago I studied those titles of Jehovah and they are still wonderful to think over! Old yet ever new! Do you sing the hymn Jehovah Tsidkenu? It is a favorite with us.
    Blessings dear friend

  9. Good Morning Friend
    Oh how beautiful..
    I would love to memorize but never had a great memory!
    Sure will give it a try. Think I may write them in my journal too.
    Love & Joy

  10. Oh Faye your sewing is lovely! I'm looking forward to seeing your cushion all finished, the effect is beautiful. I listened to a similar study on the names of the Lord, by Joyce Meyer, it was very good. So worthwhile remembering! Happy studying xx

  11. Hi Faye, I love the clothespin bag. I am going to head to the Salvation Army to see what I can find to make one. :) I am also so looking forward to seeing your shop this summer. I know my Mom will love it also. Although I am sure she will think it is a long drive. lol Have a great day.

  12. Good morning are always coming up with such wonderful things to share with us.
    Love your header photo by the way.
    I'll be waiting to see the cushion cover.

  13. Good Morning Faye! Thank You for sharing your clothes pin bag tutorial. I must make one of these. With a family of 5, I always have laundry hanging on the line and no where to put my clothes pins, Lol! Have a wonderful day!

  14. I have been using the names the Lord when I write in my journal. I will say, "Dear Jehovah-Jireh", thank your for providing...I have a list of them with my Journal (I have more than 7), I know most of them, but at times I need a little help remembering.

    What a cute clothes pin holder - but I have to admit, I have never hung clothes up. I know my mother did.

    You are one busy woman with all that sewing.

  15. I love the little clothespin bag.It would be a cute idea to use one of my daughter's baby overalls.

  16. I love your little clothes pin bag, it's the same as my mum's in England.....
    She's held onto that little bag for ages :)
    What a lovely business you have....growing herbs and selling their products, something I have wanted to do for several years now.
    Thank you for stopping by, I hope to visit back and forth often !

  17. Hello my dear Maritime Friend,
    That is the sweetest little clothes-pin bag!
    Reading the names of Jehovah almost brings me to tears, they speak very clearly to me of who my God is. I am going to print them out and see if I can memorize them.
    It would be good for me.:)
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  18. hi faye,
    i love the jeans clothespin bag!! it's always so refreshing to see an item repurposed! it's in 'fashion' these days too! i used to make vests from old jeans. what fabric manipulation did you use on the squares? i will have to take a pic of a jacket i made back in the '80's using 'scraps and junk'! it has a lot of personal symbolism in it. it was a 'conversation' starter every time i wore it! your posts are always interesting! thank you for sharing your skills! ^)^linda

  19. Good morning Faye..
    What a timely post.

    My sweet hubby just put up a second hand clothes line for me, and I was in need of an idea for a clothepin bag. Thanks!

    You always inspire me :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Faye, your clothespin bag is delightful! I will have to be on the lookout for something similar to use next time I am at the thrift store.

    Have a lovely Friday afternoon.

  21. Faye, I love that clothespin bag and I especially like the idea of using old clothing. It's so cute! Thank you for linking up and have a blessed day. :-)