Tuesday, June 14, 2011


                                    Good Evening everyone...
Just a short little posting tonight as we are packing and getting stuff ready for tomorrow... We are finally moving back to our cottage and getting the shop open for the summer...
I took a few pics of stuff setting and ready for the morning...
Mostly stuff for the shop, I guess..
Please forgive the background mess.  Papers are ready for wrapping dishes to sell... I am trying to finish up crafts that were not done..
Pin keeps and toile pillows...

Trying to prim up some old bears...
Not quite finished yet... smile..

More trivets and toile candle mats...
Lots of salt scrubs without their covers... yet....

More herbs to be transplanted...
Basil, lavender, and mints..
Old trunks and boxes...

And more lists and more lists... smile..

I may not be posting again for a few days as we have to get the internet hooked up... I am not sure how long it takes..
Anyway... take care of yourselves and your sweet families and I will be back in a day or two.... And I will share lots of pictures...
God bless you all and I will keep you in my prayers..
Please pray for us, too...


  1. Oh, I'm so excited for you Faye! I hope you have a wonderful summer season at the cottage and shop. Blessings dear friend! Hugs!

  2. I hope that you have a wonderful and safe trip to the cottage. Have a great evening.


  3. May the Lord bless and keep you on your journey to your sweet cottage dear friend!
    Love all your treasures.
    Hugs Granny Trace

  4. This looks likt so much fun, I wish I could help..How exciting.......look forward t hearing from you on the return. Blessings for your journey.

  5. OHHH so many wonderful things for your lovely shop!
    So exciting!
    Blessings for a very successful and enjoyable summer at the cottage!

  6. Godspeed! May grace & peace be with you!