Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shop Stuff...

Hi.. How is everyone tonight? 
Just a few shoppe pics for you...I hope I am not boring you silly with all this...
Oh well...
I will be back to normal after I get opened on Saturday morning.. Lord willing...

I made these linen sachets that I found the recipe for on the web... 
They smell glorious... 

A really olde doll...

She was a real find...

This is homemade too... smile..

Not by me, though..
A little birdie made it... smile.

I did make these ....

Old prim handkerchief bags..

Some depression glass and a whole set of these dishes..

I did break the sugar bowl... sigh...

Ditti bags full of old buttons...

That is all for tonight, though..
Sweet dreams everyone.. 
God Bless... 

Love to you all...


  1. Hi Faye, love all your items. Wouldn't we love to know the story about the old doll. The little girl that might have got her for a gift. How old she is, I'm just like that. I love stories.
    I have never seen a handkerchief bag. I have lots and lots of old hankys that belonged to my grandmother. Do you know the story behind the bags? That is neat. Good luck on your opening on Saturday. Have a great weekend.

  2. I just love all these, esp. the dishes & the "hanky" bags, that's all my Mama ever called them, she loved her hankies! The doll is wonderful, guessing the 1940's to 1950's? Some expression on her face! Blessings for the new season in your shop!

  3. Hello Faye....Saturday will be here before you know it. I just know you will be ready and in tip top shape. You have some very sweet items to sell. The "hankie" bag is adorable! Love to hear all that you have going on. You post about alot of things that I find very interesting.

    Blessings to you..


  4. Love the pics. Hey, how much is the doll? :) Lord help me, now my hoarder genes are kickin in... My mom has one like it too. I believe she is a French (some francy French word) that means bedroom doll. At least that is what my mom was told. I think she is worth alot, did you look her up on ebay? I could do so many posts about not looking stuff up and pricing it too cheap and later seeing it listed on ebay (by the buyer) for soo much more! Well, that is the game - it's all a gamble. Now, if my guts tell me to look it up...I do! This is NEVER boring...KEEP it up. Blessings from Wisconsin!

  5. Hi Faye, the articles look lovely,,,I wish I could smell the sachets...mmmm nice...To answer a question you asked me, I don't live by the sea at all. I am 10 south of Lake Erie..that is as close as I come to water. I should like a house like the one in the Ghost & Mrs. Muir, 1947 which overlooks the sea...I love seashells and calmness the sea brings to me, one of God's
    glorious creations. ahh...:) I created the blog title because in my fanciful imagination
    crocheting by the sea is one of the most soothing things I could find to do in this hectic world, and I wanted my blog to be a peaceful place for me, and for those that visit there..:)

  6. Every thing looks really nice. I can only imagine how wonderful the sachets smell.

    The depression glass is beautiful. It looks great next to the dishes.

    Have a great day and I hope that all goes well today as you get ready to open up for the season.


  7. You have so many little curios - isn't the nest amazing?! I found one blown out of a tree just yesterday!
    Hope you really enjoy getting back into the shop and that it goes well!

  8. Faye, I have a feeling you would have to lock me up in your little shoppe at night, I could never get enough of it!
    Love the gorgeous doll, and the ditty bag full of buttons!

  9. Happy Opening Day!!

  10. just checking to see if I can leave a comment