The Blessed Hearth

The Blessed Hearth


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cottage style....

Greetings ladies...
As you know if you have been reading here is that Terry and I will soon be moving to the cottage in St. Martins for the summer ...
Most of you are new followers and would not have been reading  the blog last summer when we were there.. .
With that in mind I thought you might be a bit interested in our old house that we call the cottage...
I love seeing old places and thought it might be a bit different for a change...
I am posting just a few pics from the first floor for this time and will do more when we actually get down  there...
These pics were taken last year and might be on my other site..
I am not sure.. I hope I am not boring you all..

Come on in... This is our back door where we have a wee patio..
There is a small table where Terry and I have some meals and a couple of chaises where I stay out and listen to the waves for way too long sometimes.... smile...
The dampness is not too good for these old bones... grin..
The double windows above the back door is the bathroom and the room with the light on is actually my sewing machine light on in my little craft room..
This place is very old and decrepit but we love it...

The candle is lit on the old kitchen table...

We don't have built in cupboards just an old hutch..
These are our everyday dishes...
Old brown transfer ware that I keep picking up at thrift stores and yard sales...

Come on into the dining room...
A dear lady sold me this old wheel that sits in the little bay window area...
And an old shelf above an old dresser..
Remember I sell  olde stuff as I am not an antique dealer..
So you see lots of junk...grin...

More old dishes in this hutch in the dining room..

Going through the front hall and looking into the living room..

I love primitive decor but I have not achieved that here at all.
As Terry says it is just our camp....
So I let it all be...

Into our Living room...

Want to sit down and I will get us a nice cuppa....

Another little beach type table top...
Our grandsons love collecting shells...

Well, dear girls that is all for now...
The keepers of the home meet at the cottage for an over niter every summer... We have a blast..
When we actually get moved in I will share more with you if you like... We shall see how this goes over... smile...

Thanks for visiting again tonight...
Love to you all and God bless...


  1. Hi, I am a new follower as of today so it is fun seeing your cottage! Looks nice and cozy to me. :) I love primitive too, but you wouldn't know it looking at my house. We will get there, slowly but surely.

  2. Lots of lovely things you have there, very cosy too! Hope your trip to get there goes smoothly, looking forward to seeing more! xx

  3. Love love loved visiting your cottage. I love old dishes and the warm cozy cottage. More pictures please.
    Hugs to you friend!!

  4. I'm a "junk" dealer, who sometimes sells antiques. :) What is Keepers of the Home a club? It sounds fun!

  5. Hello dear Faye! That was a special treat today! I can just imagine listening to the crash of waves on the shore... Lovely!
    Best wishes

  6. I love your dear little cottage Faye. It's so cozy and bids you welcome!

  7. What a lovely little tour. Thanks for sharing. I love the old dishes.

    Have a great day.


  8. What a sweet home. Those blue and white bowls and the kitty picture are calling my name!

  9. I loved the tour! You've sold me. I heading your way for the summer.;) Seriously, I can see why you enjoy your cottage and your summers there.

    Thank you for coming by and for following. Love your blog....both of them.


  10. Have a great summer at your wonderful cottage again this year, Faye. I always love seeing your pictures from there.


  11. Ahhh- Can't wait for the sleepover! Thanks for the reminder, something I'm looking forward to for sure!

  12. A lovely visit to your cottage ~ thank you for the tour!

    Blessings on your day,

  13. Love the pictures! What kind of blue willow bowls are on the shelf? I don't think I ever saw that shape in blue willow around here. I have a small hodge podge of blue willow ware left to me by my Mama, left to her from hers. Worth very little money wise, but a real treasure to me. I love your home, it is beautiful. Thanks for the invitation to visit on your blog!

  14. Oh~ I love it! It is just perfect, Faye... so simple and peaceful.