Friday, June 24, 2011

More Herbal Ideas...the last...

Happy Friday everyone...
How are you all tonight?
I am posting my LAST herb segment... yeah....
For a time, anyway... If I haven't convinced you yet to get involved with herbs then I may as well wait for awhile and try again... smile...
Just a couple of new ideas and a few older ones...
I forget to be honest where I saw this idea.. Pinterest, maybe..
I do not know.. But I loved it and decided to make some..
Baby Sock Sachets
I was at a yard sale and I found a little bag full of baby socks..
Just plain little ones but brand new..
You just fill the foot of the sock with lavender or whatever herb you like...
Then tie the top really tight with a pretty ribbon or you could use and elastic and cover it with some sort of a tie..

You can place them in a drawer or linen closet or perhaps make some up for your gift pantry...
A nice little add in for a baby gift..
Every once in awhile just squeeze the foot and it will bring the lavender scent back nice and strong...
Hope you like them..
If you don't grow you own lavender then  you can buy it online or if you are near me I sell it in the shop by the scoop...
Or the Health Food Store nearest you always have it in bulk...
I think rosemary would be nice, too..

The other idea for tonight is this..
You probably do it anyway but here goes..

Herbal Oils..
I love this.. I know I should not have it too often but if we are having pasta night..(which I have cut back to only once a week)
sigh....then I occasionally make this for us..
Now to be honest... this is not Terry's thing...
But it is my thing.... grin...
Bread Dipping... Yummy...
I even bought these sweet little bread dippers at a sale..
For the recipe..
I just take a smaller mason jar and fill it 3/4 full of good oil..
I always add a minced garlic but that is optional.
And then a good handful of chopped herbs of choice..
My fav is basil... but whatever you like..
Then I add a speck of my seasoned basil salt (recipe below) and pepper...
Shake well and let it sit for a few hours... 
Keep it in the fridge though especially if you have garlic in it.. 
Just take it out a bit before serving..
Now... I don't just use this for bread... 
You can use it instead of mayo.. on sandwiches ..especially tomato and salads and such.. 
Or just add some lemon juice or vinegar and you have a salad dressing or marinade... 
Or use it for dip for veggies... 

Here a few links from previous posts when I was on an herb bend... smile.. 
Just click on the word below and it will link to the posting... ok?

 this includes pesto and the salt which is heavenly..
I made it for the first time last year and kind of forgot about it until half way through the Winter.. Then I tried it.. Oh my..
It is delicious on salads, soups, fish or any where that you like salt.. It is coarse salt and you do not need very much..
This year I am making basil, chive and lovage salts...Lord willing.. 
I know ... salt isn't good for you... neither is coffee.. grin..

I made this with chive blossoms, nasturtium , tarragon and rosemary were my favs...
Lovely gifts..
Dip the corks in melted wax and then you can give them away..

We do not buy salad dressings here hardly at all..
Only the two that I use for marinades and sometimes Caesar..
The rest I make... There are so many recipes out there..
But this one is my old standard...

Well, girls have a wonderful weekend..
Enjoy your family and remember to praise God for all His loving kindness...
He is awesome..
Blessings from our house to yours...


  1. Oh, how I love you, Faye! You're always giving us great ideas to try, I'd never considered little socks for sachets! Now I sure will, I have lavender I need to harvest, guess where some will go when the time comes? I'm really enjoying your herb posts, I still have so much to learn, thanks for encouraging & inspiring all of us.
    Hugs, Dear Friend!

  2. More wonderful ideas ! The baby socks are such a cute idea .Guess I need to plant some lavender ! Thanks for the herb ideas.Hugs,Jen

  3. My mum used to make her own sachets from pillow cases , she would use portions of a plain old white pillow case sew and embroder a something pretty on it ! She grew English lavender just for this ! I have English lavender as well and have done it the way my mum did sometimes. The sock sachets is sweet a wonderful idea ! You are such a talented lady with all your home made things !

  4. HI Faye :) :)
    Oh, this was fun : :) :) I think the idea of the baby sock herb sachets is adorable :) :) :) Lavender is such a nice scent. I'll admit that I don't normally use herbs...there's no particular reason...but I do have a book of herbal cleaning recipes for every area of the home. maybe I"ll pull that out and have a look see ;) :)

    Oh, this is random, but as I"m typing this comment I'm looking at this photo of your summer cottage in St. Martins...that's my style of home ;) :) ...and listening to "Amazing Grace" by Chris Tomlin. It's a fantastic song. Did you ever see the movie "Amazing Grace" about William wilberforce? It's a great movie :) :)

    Have a great weekend. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Faye,
    you are such a busy girl. everything sounds wonderful. I love the little sock sachet.
    mmmm lavender.
    Have wonderful weekend friend.
    Hugs Trace

  6. What a cute little idea! Do you know that I already have a use for mismatched kids socks?! I put oatmeal in them and tie the ends and throw them in the tub when the kids are itchy- it helps sooth their skin and it's a whole lot cheaper than buying the Aveeno bath packets...

  7. What a sweet way to use baby socks!! Clarice

  8. Wonderful post! My hubby and I own our own herb business so, I love to see posts about herbs! Love the little socks. Very cute idea!!