Wednesday, May 9, 2012

And the week goes on...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you are all doing well.. 
We have had a busy week thus far.. 
Yesterday, we went down to St. Martins to hook up the water in the cottage.. 
Can you see the lovely Bay of Fundy in the picture above.. 

See the Bay way over there in the blue and the distant shores are of Nova Scotia.. 

You followers know that we live in a wee village here in New Brunswick, Canada and in the Summer we live in our old 150 year old summer house... 
Old, peeling paint and in need of a new roof this year.. 
smile... Oh well...

Here is the view of the Bay from our driveway.. 

Pretty with the tide slowly coming in this day..

A nice breeze was blowing in though and a hint of rain was in the air.. 

There wasn't much I could do while Terry worked at the water so I drifted on over to my little pink cottage shop...

I took this pic on my way to the secret path that Janelle made for me.. 
See the back of the shop by the tree? 


I could smell these before I saw them...

Lovely magnolia blooms... sigh... so fragrant...

I wonder what is going on in the HOUSE OF HENRY... 
The little cross stitch my friend Christine from Northern Ireland sent me...

Little Henry is sitting and sniffing the magnolias... ahhhh..

Don't you love old chocolate boxes?...
I do... 

These guys are enjoying the sunshine...

A bit of odds and ends.. 
Love the blue...

We always check out the Bay before we head for home.. 

Kinda calm today... 

Gotta get going... 

The magnolias will no doubt be gone by the time we get back again... 

We were to our District Conference and were so blessed to hear anointed preaching of the Word that so inspired and challenged... 
Thank you, Lord..

Hope you dear ladies are having a wonderful week.. 

Thank you so much for your sweet visit and I look so forward to hearing from you.. 

Hugs from me to you...


  1. just sublime!
    loving the photos!

  2. Lovely photos . A big thunderstorm just missed us here in our little village it came from the north west and went north east of us but I could hear the thunder just a roaring in the distance. Papa works just 20 min away north west of us and they got it , he said he has never seen rain that hard it just poured and the thunder was loud . Here it is sunny strange how that is sometimes . Have a good day !

  3. Oh that is pretty! We so enjoyed our visit to St.Martins in 2008,that was almost four years ago already!I'm so thankful we did it then as now it's pretty rare that we all vacation together as our oldest is 19 now and there's jobs, school and boyfriends...oh well such is life.We loved the Bay of fundy.Hope to come back sometime. Our good friends are travelling out east this summer. Is there a bed and breakfast in St. Martins you'd recommend?

  4. When I see those pics of the Bay I think of the poem, 'I must go down to the sea again, To the lonely sea and the sky...' Just lovely!
    And thank you so much for the mention - you are so lovely yourself!!!
    Love the bears sitting watching out the windows so stoically!
    Blessings for a peaceful rest of the week for you!

  5. Love those pictures!!
    Soon you'll be spending nights at the cottage, and opening the shop for all those lucky shoppers.

    I've missed your visits to my blog...hope you can visit soon :)

    Warm regards...

  6. You live in a perfect spot. I didn't know magnolias would grow here!

  7. Hello Faye, Soon you will be spending your summer days at the sea! Lucky you! Love to walk the old path to the wee shop and the magnolias are beautiful. You know I love it at the cottage ...well, at the farm, too! I really love the doll in the "House of Henry" picture. She's cute. Did you make her? Thanks for the great photos.


  8. Hi Faye, Enjoyed your post. Keep them coming. Summer pictures and food are so enjoyable. Elsie

  9. Hi Fay,
    Thank You for a wonderful tour! I loved to look at the Bay, it brought back memories of our trip out to your area ;-D It was a grand visit!!
    Your shop looks so inviting!
    Many Blessings Hugs and Love, Linnie

  10. Faye, I am so impressed that you have a magnolia tree! I thought they only grew in southern climates! Love all the photos. I would love to visit your shop one day. Have a wonderful Mother's Day, Faye! You deserve the absolute best! xo

  11. Glad you enjoyed the conference...Looks like it was a nice day on the that's not the case there today! (with all this wind and rain we're having)...Looks like all the characters at the house of Henry are just waiting for the shop to open up!

  12. Just beautiful ...and so peaceful thanks for sharing ...I love all your bears adorable ! Wishing you a beautiful week! hugs and blessings lil raggedy angie

  13. you are so fortunate to have that view from your place on the bay!! we, in the middle of the mainland(US) can be totally envious of you enjoying those views of the bay! i could sit outside all day long soaking it in if i were up there!! as long as i have my knitting in hand! smile! i have to tell you i've gotten a few responses from ladies at St.Mary's Catholic church who are interested in joining my Prayer Shawl Ministry i'm trying to start there!! i hope to get many more involved... i always enjoy your posts!! Blessings to you on Mother's Day!! ^)^linda

  14. Another wonderful road trip! we have been thinking about going to St. Martins some time soon. The pics arw so wonderful. love ya. Char

  15. The sea is really calming, lucky you with that view! I can imagine you are very peaceful when you're there Faye :) We have a big magnolia in our garden here too, I will think of your tree all the way over there when I look at it now! Hope it is still pretty when you next visit :) xx

  16. What a neat looking place. So peaceful! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures. Have a great day.

  17. Beautiful pic's...
    the Magnolia trees make me think of the
    south where my hubby
    is from! Yum the smell :) Memories!

  18. I love visiting St. Martin's and it is great to see your photos of the bay and the wonderful views. A beautiful part of NB.