Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finding stuff for the shop...

Hello ... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.  

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments last posting..

Today has been a kind of easy day as I am just sitting and doing the dreaded taxes... smile.. 
Papers everywhere.. yuk.. 

Oh well, I will hopefully have them finished before I leave next week on my little trip.. 

I thought you might like to see some shop finds that I came across.. 

I love the old paper plaque above.. 
Our God never Faileth.. 

Then there is this wool quilt top...

My friend, Trace would love this.. smile.. 
She loves wools... 

Then there are Nipon plates..

There are 3 of them.. 


A quilted pillow top that just needs to be put together..


this dear little pitcher.. 
Do you know what the two wee bowls are.. 
Food and water dish for a Canary.. grin.. 
Or so I was told at the auction.. 
Gotta a Canary?  

And then there is this gorgeous old scrapbook album...

Look at the date... 1881... 
Salisbury, N. B.  is where I grew up.. 
Don't you love it?  I do... 
It is full of old cards and scraps of Victorian papers..

A sweet lavender heart wreath.. 

and a tin candle lamp.. a bit of prim...

Two more lovely old books..

A Standard Canadian Speaker and Entertainer Book.. 
And another sweet little one.. 

We won't be opening the shop until the middle of June.. 

Anyway, dear ladies thank you so much for dropping by.. 
I appreciate your company and notes so much.. smile..

Take care and God bless... 


  1. Very pretty things. I wonder what that glass dish IS for???

  2. Evening Faye. Love all your finds but the clear glass items are my favorite. I am sure you will have your shop stocked to the brim by the middle of June. Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

  3. I love that old scrap book album. I bet it has some pretty things inside. I don't have a canary but the glass bowls are really cute. lol I should bring down a load of stuff to sell. Oh my, but I have too much stored away that never sees the light of day. (I'm a poet!) Have fun getting things together. Hugs!

  4. All such pretty things . Thanks for sharing them with us . Have a wonderful day !

  5. Hi Faye, I love my evening visits. I always see some little pretty item that I would like to buy! I do have two birdies, that would be very classy drinking bowls for them! xo

  6. Oh what great things you found! I love the quilt and pillow tops. The old books are great too. You do come across wonderful things.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday my friend.

    Take care, Janet W

  7. So mutch beauty.
    I love all the pictures, they look so nice.
    The old album is very special!

    Have a light wednesday!

  8. Dear Faye, Just love all your post and all the lovely picture's... Wish I could blog you you do. Sorry I'm much at it. Take Care.ooxx

  9. Morning!
    Oh love all your treasures.
    Just love the paper plaque too.
    God Never Faileth..I Just LOVE that.
    We are blessed.

  10. They are all so pretty. I love the plaque. Such true words and the little candle holder is adorable. No, I don't have a canary. Perhaps I would put some fresh butter and jam in them. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. What some great finds! Love the little tin candle lamp and the old books. Hugs!

  12. I think that my favorite is the tin tealight lamp :)

  13. Just dropping by, and saying 'hi'!
    As usual you have found some very tempting vintage beauties...
    Ref your previous post :I do hope your back is easing now?
    White violets, lily of the valley and apple blossom, 3 top favourites of mine too ~ what a delicious scent must have come from that little posy!
    xxx H

  14. Your shop must be amazing! At least I get to enjoy the pictures of things that you have in it.