Friday, May 18, 2012

Farm days...

Good Evening, my dears.. 
Another Friday night has rolled around and another week almost over.. 

Time sure is flying by.. 

One more week and I will be leaving for a trip to Pa...
Lord willing.. 
My dear husband is staying home and I am going with some friends..
 It should be a blast..

We are going to Sight and Sound..
A Biblical production which is out of this world.. 
It takes place in Lancaster, Pa..
This one is called Noah's Ark...

 Our oldest grandson saw the same one a couple of weeks ago.. 
He said, "Grandma, it was totally awesome!'
And of course.. some shopping.. Prim love.. smile.. 

Anyway, the sun has come out here in Maritime Canada the last few days..
 Terry was happy as we headed for the farm.. 
I mentioned last posting that he wants to put a new roof on the old house up there.. 
Here is a pic I took out of the window.. 
Note ... the screen.. grin..
He is blessed to have the use of a bucket truck.. 
Makes it much easier.. 

I have a lot to do as we have not been up for awhile..
Scrubbing and waxing the floor and such..

Our youngest son is to show up and help Dad so I make one of  his favorites.. 
Homemade Bread..

There is something about this place that inspires me to cook.. smile...

Peeling veggies and grilling steak... 

Fresh fiddleheads with lemon butter.. yummm....

A very old fashioned lunch table..

This is not just Terry's favorite place on earth .. grin... 
It is Sammi's, too..

At the end of the day he snores like crazy.. 
He is so tired from digging and running back and forth to the spring for a drink.. 
So many interesting smells here to check out.. smile..

I brought some sewing to do in the afternoons..

Pretty fabrics... 

Trying my hand at some bunting.. 

They are very popular in the UK magazines that I love.. 

I found a tutorial on the web and tried it.. 
I think it is a bit big.. 
15 cm wide by 22 cm. on each side..
It is almost finished ..
 I need to find something to use to connect the banners..
I took some seam binding but I don't like the look of it.. 
I will show you when I get it finished.. 
I think it will look neat in the shop.. 
Do any of you girls make bunting?  
What size do you make yours and where do you hang it?

Well, time for a tea break.. 
A favorite  tea of  us Maritimers..

The Eastern part of Canada is made up of 4 provinces and we are called the Maritimes.. 
A little geography lesson for you.. smile..  

King Cole tea.. 
So good..

Well, it is time to hang up my apron and head for home again..

We don't stay there over night very often.. 

We live so close that we usually come home to our bed.. 
Then we head back up in the morning.. 
Tomorrow will be our third day there.. 
A lot of work putting a roof on ..
 It will take a bit, I guess.. 

Thank you, sweet friends for dropping by.

I am sorry if I have not been commenting lately.. 
I have been running the roads too much.. 

Please be patient with me.. OK? 
I do read your comments, though and love everyone of them.. 

May God bless and keep you ... 


  1. Looks like a wonderful day on the farm.
    Beautiful bunting and farm lunch.
    Blessings Trace

  2. I am fascinated with buntings, but I don't sew so....don't think I will make one. Nice to hang for the holidays. I see the ladies hanging them near fireplaces. Have a wonderful weekend, Faye. xo

  3. I imagine Terry will get the roof all finished this weekend with the nice weather! Take care and enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  4. Hope the weather is nice for you this Long weekend , it will be here for us in Ontario . I do like the fabric you showed . All looks so nice great photos love the kitchen table set up nothing better then the country/farm ways . Have a great weekend .

  5. P.S Enjoy your trip and show !

  6. Hello my dear......I absolutely love your apron. I wear my old one quite often but it is getting pretty shabby. Did you make yours, Faye? Love the blue. I am glad Terry is getting the roof done. I imagine he wants to get it done before you go to the Bay of Fundy. Roofing is hard work. Hubby just did our big garage about a year ago. He was tuckered out but it was a good job done! Those fiddleheads...what do they taste like...maybe asparagus? broccoli? or spinach? I have been wondering.Your kitchen table looks like ours many nights. I'll take the farm look anytime. Enjoy your trip next week...It should be fun and very interesting. Buy lots of prim things!

    Sweet dreams and happiness tomorrow!

  7. Hugs to you as well!
    So glad the roof is under way & the sun came out & all is well!
    P.S. Oh Don't worry about comments at this time
    we all know your having a busy spell!
    Just look forward to the posts!

  8. A trip to Lancaster County!!! Woohoo, Faye! I'm so excited for you! You know it is my most favorite place to visit!!
    I always learn sthg on your blog as I never heard of fiddleheads before!! what kind f a taste do they have?
    Hope all goes well at the farm!

  9. OOPs excuse my spelling mistakes - I meant kind of a taste - sorry!

  10. Your blog is always pleasant to read. and makes me hungry.
    Pa. you lucky girl! Have a great time!

  11. Such good pictures! Roofs do take a long time. Roofs are about the only thing my Hubby doesn't do. Both of us have trouble with heights. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  12. Oh I can't wait to see your bunting when it is finished. not sure if I know what it is. Lol! Have a great time today at the farm. Love Ya, Char

  13. Ah, I love the glimpses into your day. I love that teapot! I have never tried King Cole Tea...will have to look for some. And the shame in it all-I don't even know what fiddleheads are. Looks yum though!

    Oh yes, I have made buntings. I just cut a triangle out of a cereal box to use as a pattern-whatever size suits me...I have made larger ones and then cute tiny ones to hang in the girl's rooms. Would look good on a mantle or pulled out at a party! You can use ric rac too to peek out of the seams! :)

  14. Hi, Faye,
    What beautiful pictures you always share!!♥
    I hope you'll have a wonderful time at Sight 'n Sound. I've been to the Noah's Ark one and the Easter one and they are great!! I'd love to go again sometime.
    Your fabric is beautiful...looking forward to seeing the bunting!
    I've never heard of fiddleheads, but they look delicious!
    Love all the blue in your previous post. My mom likes that too, so I try to scour the thrift stores for her.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Hi Faye..
    You are always such a busy gal.
    Sewing, cooking, scrubbing. Making a wonderful home for your sweet family.

    Love the bunting! Can't wait to see what you end up doing with it.

    Have a wonderful, and safe trip!


  16. Enjoy your trip ~ have you been before? I haven't seen that particular show, but I've been several times. The shows are so awesome.