Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A blue blue day...

Hello everyone,... 
Here  it is another rainy day ...

There is something about a rainy day that can make some feel kinda blue..
 Personally, I love the rain but Terry is starting to think it is a blue blue day.. smile.. 
He had such big plans to get the roof on the old farm house but it has rained ever since he bought the shingles, I think... 
Oh well.. 
We need the rain and it is Spring, eh? 

I looked in my files and found a few blue pics to share with you.. 
You probably think that I am scraping the bottom of the barrel and you might be right.. 
My camera was not in the house today so I didn't take any pics..

I just did a bit of housework and cooking, anyway.. 
Ordinary things like cleaning the fridge.. 
I made a salad for lunch and did several loads of laundry.. 
Changed our bedding and cleaned our bathroom..
Just the usual, I guess.. 

I did dig out some fabrics.. 
I am wanting to make some bunting..
Check my Pinterest on the sidebar and my bunting board.. 

We had pork chops for supper and we tried the Oriental Jam .. 
Oh my, that is a keeper for sure.. 
We both loved it so that will need to get made again.. 

Here are a few things BLUE...  

love the look of an old cup in the sugar canister... 

A collection from one of my special places.. 
Kings Landing ...

a shelf down at the cottage... 

the same shelf but at the other end.. 

dishes to sell...

blessings from my great aunt Emily... 
flow blue...

lovely blue flowers... 

Hope you all are having a lovely week.. 
It can be a blue day without feeling blue, I think.. 

Thanks for visiting.. 
Hopefully, next time I will have something more inspiring or creative for you all.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.. 
God bless...


  1. Awe Mr Terry & Mrs Faye,
    Sorry about the 'blue-day', however it's so busy in our home & we have been very busy cutting yards & such that now it's getting "dry"
    So...we would happily take a rain day! :)
    I know it's hard when the plans are held up, the Lord must want you to wait another day.
    This way you have more time to chat! :)smile
    I love "blue" so the pic's were a delight & blessing to me.
    See, how you have brightened up my day, now thats a bit of cherriness to your day (eve)
    Thanks for the post, we were looking forward to hearing from you!
    Blessings to you both & we shall pray that tomorrow the roof gets started & yes, you need to use sun screen! Ha

  2. Hi Faye . It rained a gentle rain this morning for a few hours ya know the kind that gives the gardens a nice drink and doesnt flood them lol anywho , then it cleared up and was sunny but had chilly winds , the rest of the week and long weekend is to be all sun and perfect warm temps no humidity so thats nice. Love your blues , my mum had the same blue plate set . Hope your week ends up sunny so you can get the roof done and have that job off your mind . I am getting all my flowers this weekend for my gardens and planters, Finally I can really get going with my gardens. Have a wonderful evening .

  3. Hello dear Faye, It rained just enough here to water my windowbox and two pots of pansies. They needed a good drink! I really do feel bad for Terry and his plans. The man needs to get his roof shingled! Times a wastin'.... and the paid shingles are right there ready to go! I love your blue. I have a collection of blue and white that I have had for many years. Your pictures brightened my day and made me think it is time to display all the blue again.

    I hope you have a good day tomorrow ....can you believe it is Thursday already?

  4. We had heavy rain yesterday and all through the night. Today the sun came out and it was in the high 70's. My kind of weather. I love your blue pieces. They are beautiful. Make me long for my old kitchen in my parental home which was blue and white. I am wondering what is in Oriental jam? xo

  5. Hello, We have had a lot of rain too. I have to say I loved the rain. A little crazy but I get a chance to do all my inside stuff. When the sun is shining I want to be outside playing with the grand kids and animals. Your photos are great I love the blue."The Sun will come out tomorrow,tomorrow"(Annie)
    Enjoy the rest of your week, Anna

  6. Those rainy days can be great for catching up indoors,but somedays that just isn't what I feel like doing!:)I heard they are forecasting a hotter than usual summer,I guess like my mother in law would say "we'll take it as it comes.."blessings.

  7. I love rain days..but only on occasion..we've been getting glorious sunny weather which is kind of unusual this time of year..ours is usually we are digging the nice weather and so are all the plants we all your blue stuff.I hope the weather clears up for you..have a wonderful thursday:>)

  8. Thank you for all the blues...Blue is my favorit color.
    The color blue invitit me on your blog.
    Wishing you a special thursday!

  9. We had just a little few minute sprinkle of rain today and some big winds. And I loved it. It was a big change from the 82 degrees of yesterday.

    Love your blue pictures. :)

    Have a wonderful day.

    Take care, Janet W

  10. Oh Faye I so love the blues.
    With some red thrown in. :)
    Blue and red makes my heart sing..hehe
    Beautiful rain makes beautiful flowers.
    Hugs & JOY

  11. I love blues too and all your willow pattern pieces are so lovely!
    I'm always so blessed when I read your posts Faye, that I couldn't feel blue!
    Have a great 'ordinary' day!

  12. Blue is just about my favorite color. Toss up between blue and red. Love your blue dishes. Raining here too. I'm liking it though b/c my grass was already getting burnt. Now maybe we'll have a little more green.
    Have a blessed day!

  13. Hi Faye;
    I'm with Terry on this .... too much rain makes me blue too. Although, blue is my favorite color, so it can't be all bad.

  14. Good Morning! I enjoy rainy days sometimes. Enjoyed your blue pictures. The blue dishes remind me of my Grandaddy. He always made his coffee in a Blue Willow coffee cup. He would set the cup in a blue willow bowl and bring it to the table and proceed to pour the coffee into the bowl and drink it from the bowl. I guess he literally drank from his saucer each day. Smile...such sweet memories. Thanks for bringing those back to my mind this morning. Have a great day friend.

  15. Good morning Faye!
    I love this post. You've posted some truly lovly blue things. I love those blue and white dishes. Divine!

    Did I miss the recipe for the oriental jam? I need to find that!

    You always stay busy as a bee.. rain or not !


  16. The thing with the colour blue :-) it fits every occasion ... lovely post as always Faye
    :-) X X X

  17. I love the dishes. I have always been partial to blue dishes. I will have to try the oriental jam. We are having pork tenderloin tonight. I wish I already had some made so I could try it out. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  18. Faye
    Those dainty blue flowers are a favorite.
    I'm not blue today-thank goodness!

  19. lovely blues!!
    have a happy weekend.

  20. I love rainy days most of the time. I love all your pretty blue things you posted. Those blue flowers are so lovely! Hugs!