Monday, May 21, 2012

Such a busy day..

Good Evening my dears..

Our holiday weekend is coming to an end but what a simply beautiful one we had here in Atlantic Canada.. 

Today our youngest son came out to give his Dad a hand and I had to show you all this picture that I took from the kitchen window.. 
I wonder if they know how pretty they look.. grin.. 

I caught them between the flowers on the window sill and the apple blossoms.. smile.. 

They were pretty thrilled with the nice straight rows they achieved in the garden.. 

Before Terry went to the garden he picked me a bag of dandelions..

Then I spent a little while cutting the petals off of the stems..

And by the end of day... 

There were four batches of Dandelion Jelly.. 
It is delicious and tastes like honey.. 
Here is the link .. just click HERE...

He also picked these..

Beautiful apple blossoms.. 
They smell so heavenly, too..

Here they are all cleaned...
I had a nice conversation on the phone with my friend Ethel and that helped me get them finished.. smile.. 

An then there were four bottles of jelly.. 
Doesn't it look nice.. 
A lot of work, though, my dears.. 
Much easier to make strawberry jam, believe me.. 
No pain.. no gain or so they say... smile..
Here is the link for this jelly.. Just click HERE... 

Oh, I thought I would show you a bottle of vinegar that I have on the go.. 
I took the pic the other day and I must say it is tasting pretty good..

Dandelion Vinegar.. 
Just fill a bottle full of the youngest dandelion leaves that you can find and stuff the bottle full.. 
Cover with cider vinegar and let sit for a couple of weeks.. 
I am planning on putting in some pepper pods, too.. 
You guys know me and my salads.. 
I bet the vinaigrette will be delicious.. 
I love trying new things... eh?

Such a busy day.. 
I cooked another organic chicken for supper but dear son had to get going...

Here he is at the end of the day saying good-bye to his Dad.. 
Please note the bag in his hand.. 
Some nice cooked chicken and a Chinese dinner that we had yesterday.. 
Enough left for him for a meal..

I used my new Oriental Rhubarb Jam on some pork and we loved it..
 Today, I made 2 more batches ..

I had to include this.... 
If Dustin is here then Sammi is close by.. smile.. 

Well, that is all for tonight.. 
I am ready for bed.. smile.. 

I have kinda put my back out and am trying to baby it but these jellies need to be made while they are in bloom.. 
Remember, I am leaving for Lancaster County next week (Lord willing) so I need to get them made.. 

Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comments.. 
Welcome to the new followers of the blog.. 
Glad to have you all aboard.. 

Thanking God for you all... 



  1. Those jellies look so pretty. I've heard of eating dandelion leaves but I've never heard of the jelly or apple blossom jelly either. I bet my grandmothers knew about them though.

  2. Well Faye, I have never heard of these jellies before either but they look so pretty and I bet they taste great. I hope your back is better for your trip to PA. That would be wonderful to see that drama. I have heard about them. Wasn't that just super weekend weather?? I could take that for the next 5 months! I hope you have a good week ahead. Hugs, Pamela

  3. WOW ! Awesome photos and women is there anything you dont or cant make off of the land ? lol I think your home made jams, jellies and all are so amazing . I am always so blown away with your talents . Good for you I tip my hat to you ma'am a very resourceful women ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. Hi Faye, greetings from Northern Ontario. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  5. I have been dealing with an achy back too. Just when I think it is calming down, well, it lets me know it isn't! The jellies look so pretty. I hope you have a great time in Lancaster County. It is one of my favorite places to visit. Been there many times. xo

  6. Hi Fay,
    Ooo the jellies look great and are tempting me to tryand make them! Today when I was mowing all the many many dandelions were in the fluffy wishy fly away state and behind us in the orchards the workers left huge piles of that fluffy fluff!! Hee I never saw anything like it!
    But soon those yellow heads will appear again and I will collect some for jelly! Our Honey Bees love them!
    Have a wonderful blessed week, hugs and Love Linnie

  7. Hi have been so busy...and with a bad back, too. My day was not like yours but I am dealing with this old back everyday. I love the pics of your son and Terry. Your garden is going to be wonderful. What kinds of veggies will you and Terry be growing this year? Just seems like we can not have enough vegetables at dinner time lately. Our neighbor (and my long time friend has a huge garden and she brought over a big baggie of fresh asparagus. It was two kids eating candy here!!! LOL! Take care of that back and try to rest it at times.


  8. Oh the wonderful jellies you awesome! I never knew you could make jelly from apple blossoms...I need to try that next season when I have lots of blossoms...there's lots of fruit on the tree now! Have a great evening!!Feel better!!

  9. You have been busy! I never knew your could make jellies from dandelions or apple blossoms. Yummy! Hope your back gets better soon. Enjoy your day. Blessings.

  10. Dustin-"Staff"-LOL...made me laugh this morning!Glad you had a productive day-I seemed to be relaxing a bit more than I should have yesterday.

  11. Beautiful!!!It was a great weekend!!!Enjoy your time in PA. Someday we want to go there....

  12. Goodness Faye, you make the most interesting foods...busy all the time aren't you.
    Hope your back feels better soon...I can relate and feel your pain.

    Your husband and son look like a great team together - your photography is awesome.

    NOW...if you waited another week to go to Lancaster we could have met for lunch or at least a 'HELLO' - We'll be out there from the 11th thru 14th !!


  13. I enjoyed the pictures of your "fellers", Faye... I noticed you took them when they weren't looking... *giggle*
    I'm so sorry to hear about your back... goodness, that must be so painful. I watched Hubby while he was in so much pain with his and I can't imagine how tough it must be. I'll be praying you are well again before your trip...
    Your jellies looks so beautiful and I'm sure they taste even better!

  14. You are such a hard worker Faye. I hope your back gets better soon.

  15. Lovely photos Faye! I can't believe how alike our weather is (at the moment!) we are having such beautiful days too! Going to try your dandelion jelly recipe, what a great way to use something that is usually seen as a weed :) Take care of that back now. You'll be in my prayers xxx

  16. You are wonderfully productive as ever, Faye! I love the apple blossoms!
    So funny that your son is wearing a T shirt with STAFF printed on it!!! He's a good son to come by and help!
    Hope your back is OK.

  17. Such beautiful pictures! There's just something special about a son and his dad working together. I hope you have a safe and happy trip. I look forward to seeing your pictures. I have always wanted to go to Lancaster. Enjoy your day and God bless.