Friday, May 25, 2012

Jammin' at the farm...

Good Evening sweet ladies.. 

Today we went up to our old farm.. 
Terry has been going up and working on the roof this week.. 
I had to stay home as my back was acting up and I had so much to do before we go away..

Well, last night he was very late getting home and as you know I am a very rational person and do not panic a bit .. 
Right...(rolled eyes).. 

I tried calling several people who could go check and make sure he had not fallen off of the roof.  He is a bit notorious for doing that you know.. I could not reach anyone..

Before he left he assured me he was in the bucket of the truck and tied in and not to worry and for me to  just relax and get my back better.. 
But my imagination is still in good working order.. 
About the only thing on this old body that has kept up.. grin.. 

Well... to make a long story short.. 
I finally reached one of our neighbors up there and the dear girl went and checked .. 

He had just got everything packed up and ready to move out.. 
Only a couple of hours late and we have no phone out there and no reception with our cells.. 
Needless to say.. 
I went with him

Along with my lilacs, bottles and certo... grin.. 

I am desperate to get these jellies all made since the flowers will probably be gone when I get back from my trip..

I like stocking the pantry at the shoppe with them... 

Here is the Lilac Jelly..

Pretty, eh?

The recipe is the same as the one for Dandelion and Apple Blossom Jelly.. Click HERE..

There are  a few of you dear girls making them so here is another one for your repertoire.. smile..

I also added 6 drops of red and 6 drops of blue food coloring.. 
Add it after it gets boiling.. Ok? 
Oh.. I boiled it extra long and only used 1 certo packet, though.. 
It tastes good, too.. 

Then Terry went out to the old rhubarb patch and brought in a bunch.. 

I did not take enough bottles so I scrounged around and found these pint sized ones and just used a little cellophane wrap as the lids were not new.. 

I won't sell these.. They are just for us.. 

My Mom's Rhubarb recipe..
The link is in a post back a few days.. 

There was enough left to make a recipe that we like.. 

Victorian Barbeque Sauce.. 
It has raisins, onions, cinnamon and other spices.. 
It is lovely for Summer.. 
Very unique... 

I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, though.. 

All in all, I made another 24 bottles.. more or less.. 

I also made a neat drink but I will share that tomorrow, perhaps.. 
I hope all these recipes aren't boring you silly.. 


Terry was in such a rush this morning to leave that I forgot a few things... 
Like bread..

So I made a loaf of no knead bread... 
Click HERE..

The oven up there cooks bread so yummy.. 
Kinda burnt.. grin.. 
It really isn't but it is very crusty.. 
It tastes like bread that Mom used to cook in the wood stove oven.. 

For lunch we had Tuna Pasta Salad.. 

My dear husband hints for this every now and then.. 
Do you girls have a favorite pasta salad recipe?  

Well, ladies I need to go to bed.. 
I am sitting here with the heating pad on high.. smile..

Thank you for praying for me.. 
Next week I will be sitting a lot so everything will be fine.. 

May Jesus bless you with grace, mercy and peace this weekend.. 
Sending you hugs..


  1. Feel better, Faye. Take some aspirin or something with you. Your jellies always look so pretty and your bread, mmmm. I like how you just whip things up! Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  2. Hi Faye,

    You are such an inspiration ~ you can accomplish so much even with a bad back. Your lavender jelly is so pretty and I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks! I hope you are feeling ever so much better for your trip and will really enjoy yourself. I will continue to pray that you have a quick, complete recovery!! Take care.

  3. I LOVE the red dishes. I would like to have some of them. Mine are blue. Your jelly looks delicious. I would like to have the victorian bbq sauce recipe. I certainly pray for healing with your back. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. Hello Faye,

    I hope your back is better now.
    I enjoyed to look at the photographs and almost smell your good looking bread.
    Wishing you a refreshing weekend full of rest and peace.

  5. Hi Faye

    I hope your back is better. Have you tried a chiropractor - an adjustment usually works for me.
    I have been trying blue Violet Jelly .... if you are interested, the recipe I used is on my pinterest board. It is very pretty with a mild green flavor - sort of tastes like fresh mown grass smells (if that makes sense!)
    All the best;

  6. Faye, I am loving all of your recipes. Last night I made the apple blossom jelly. It was delicious! My husband thought so, as well. Are you planning on posting your victorian barbecue sauce recipe? I still have so much rhubarb left and need to find something to do with it.
    I am so sorry that your back is bothering you. There is nothing like a sore back. I pray for healing and a quick return to good health for you.

  7. Every time I look at your post I get hungry. I pray for healing and quick return to good health for you too!

  8. i am amazed faye how you always have the right ingredients 'on hand' to make all of these fabulous recipes!! but i suppose these are tried/true favorites that you plan for seasonally!! i'm looking into 'clean' food diet but you are the 'Queen of Clean' already...using nature's produce!! i love your salads! i hope you can rest up some on your trip so your back gets back to normal!

  9. Dear Faye. Everything just looks so good and yummy
    makes my mouth water. Do take care. and have Fun and Safe Trip.

  10. Dearest Faye,
    Please know that you are a blessing and have inspired me to be a beter Christian and Keeper of "my" home. I LOVE your site and find it soothing and extremely inspirational. My spirit soars to unreachable heights as I enjoy your site, and I love your music! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gifts of yourself you have shared. Many blessing to you and your family!
    Forever thankful,
    Traci Bartley