Friday, May 11, 2012

That husband of mine...

Happy Friday everyone.. 
Hope you are all having an awesome day.. 

We woke up to a simply beautiful morning.. 

Terry decided he needed to take some stuff out to the farm so of course if he goes then I want to go along too.. 

The closest route for us to get there has been closed all Winter due to the fixing of one of the bridges.. 

Today, my darling husband  thinks perhaps we should take a short cut that people with four wheel drives are taking.. 

It has been raining here all week and I kindly pointed this fact out to him.. 

I don't know about your husbands but mine thinks that he knows best when it comes to such things... (rolled eyes)  ..

Hey, he can probably save a few bucks worth of gas.. right?

 This is what the GOOD part of the road looked like.. 

Did I mention that we were also hauling a loaded trailer? 

Now.. one of my most unfavored things to do is ride old muddy back roads even on good days.. The day after heavy rainfall makes it an even more unfavored thing for me to want to do..sigh.. 

I again KINDLY point out that it would no doubt cost a lot more to get the whole thing hauled out of there then to go a few extra miles..

Oh my... He says he has it all under control... 
 We go about a mile then he decides to get out and see what it is like ahead a bit.. 

Me ... 
I am in the truck calling on the Lord to get us out of there.. 

He gets back in and with my eyes tightly closed and calling on heaven he goes a ways further.. 

Then ...
 Wisdom came down and he gets out and unloads and unhooks the trailer and pulls it out of the way by hand.. 
Oh man.. I hope I don't have to call 911 way back here.. 
Does my phone even work?
Oh Lord help us...

Did I mention that the road is very narrow with mud on both sides? 

Well, thank the good Lord we get turned around and the trailer rehooked and finally get out of there..

All thanks to the grace of God.. 


"I hope you never talk me into doing something like that again!!"

Yup... that is what I am married to... grin.. 

Oh well... Life goes on... eh!

We arrive at the farm without hardly even any mud on the truck... 

The trees are beginning to get their leaves..
We had stopped at the store and picked up a few things for me to make lunch with.. 

Tomato and Bacon Buns... 
Nothing fancy but good.. 

Beautiful skies today... 

The old apple tree is slowly starting to bud..

And the lilacs are greening up..

Choke Cherries are budding, too.
After everything is unloaded Terry went back to the brook to look for fiddleheads.. 
They are a wonderful wild fern that grows here along the brooks and rivers.. They taste something like asparagus only better.. 

I cleaned up and took a wee walk and we head home again.. 

Such a quiet and peaceful place ... 
Only the birds singing and the wind blowing... 

Thank you dear ladies for your sweet visit.. 
I hope you find this a bit entertaining.. smile.. 
All is well that ends well, eh?  

Take care, dear hearts.. 
Looking forward to reading all your little notes that you leave me.. 

May the Lord bless and keep you... 


  1. I believe the good Lord invented pick up trucks for women to get the goods they want & for fellows to have the adventures they crave! Young or old, they always want another adventure, at least mine do. This from a woman who has one older fellow & one younger fellow and three trucks, one older & one younger and one still waiting for an adventure after arriving here from the wonderous mountains beyond the state line. Of course, that one only needs about a million parts to make it capable of doing so. Thanks for the tale, I really enjoyed it and the photos too. Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Husbands eh? ya cant live with them and ya cant live with out them ! Glad you didnt get stuck out there , the man up stairs was watching over you . Lovely photos . Have a good evening .

  3. I started praying as I was reading, Faye! Great story, and Terry's remark to you is priceless!! xo

  4. That Terry...he's a great guy and he knows when to get out!!!! We no longer take those back roads during the spring time and when it has been raining. My husband smirks and thinks he can get us out of everything! He says ---"Never Fear...Jim is here" Yeh, right! Great story, Faye. Say hello to Terry.

  5. I like your stories and the pictures you make.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Aren't husbands just wonderful despite the ideas they come up with! I thank God everyday for my special fella. I enjoyed the photos this morning.

  7. I am not at all suprpised by Terry's comment...(he's bad with a capital "B"-LOL). It sounds like quite a fun adventure...hmmm- I'm going to see if we can go on a road trip tomorrow- but I'll warn that it'll be best to stick to paved roads!

  8. Hahah! I love your husbands sense of humor. He reminds me of my dad, willing to try anything, but wisdom (or the Lord) wins out in the end.
    Your tomato and bacon buns look yummy.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  9. Ha Ha Faye;
    I have one of those too (husbands!) All I could do was chuckle as I read about your experience, and conversations, on the back road.

  10. That was a typical man thing to do for sure. They love back roads and mud don't they? I'm glad the Lord 'spoke' to him and gave him the wisdom to turn around! It looks like you had a lovely time at the farm. So peaceful. We had fiddle heads for supper twice this week. YUM! Happy Mother's Day to you! Hugs, Pamela

  11. this is hilarious, faye!! reminds me when we were in Colorado mtns & my terry decided we could go the 'back' way from Crested Butte to Aspen!! we went where only park rangers go on their '2'-wheelers, not '4'!! the road dropped off into the ravine!! i was 'chosen' one to 'back' down the side of the mtn, with no space on either side!! i never prayed so hard in my life!! ^)^linda

  12. Bahahahaha! I laughed out loud at this and i even had to read it to my hubby and he even got a laugh out of it. I so love reading your post, so entertaining...hehe
    Love ya,

  13. I think all Hubbies must be alike. This SO sounds like mine. Thank you for sharing the pictures. Such a beautiful place. I have never eaten fiddleheads but I'm sure I would like them. I love asparagus. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  14. This was a great belly laugh Faye.Terry is so funny! You should be writting a book.Nothing like a good ole muddy road!

  15. Good morning my dear cousin. I'm following your blog. It brought tears to my eyes this a.m. However, I found your trek with hubby on the dirt road very interesting as Jess & I spent the day together yesterday. On a dirt road (a shortcut she said) her car got sucked into muck on the roadside just like slush in the winter. The car sunk to the frame. Her cell phone did work but no one on the other end answered. Within 2 minutes 2 men came & towed us out, they knew each others friends after exchanging names. Sort of like schmoosing in the muck. I thank the Good Lord I'm not still there. Coming back we took the long way around.