Thursday, May 3, 2012

An ordinary day...

Hello my dears..
How are you all doing? 

What a beautiful day here in the Maritimes... 

Terry was out and about cutting down some limbs and gathering them up.... 
See how the grass has greened up ... 

Later on in the day he had the little tractor out doing the garden.. 
He generally has a lovely one.. 
Veggies galore ...

 Last year, the garden did not fare well because it was so wet and he was working away some plus we were at the cottage ... 

We did manage to get lots of tomatoes and such, though.. 
My main thing is to have lots of cukes, tomatoes and green beans..

And lots of herbs, of course, but they are my responsibility... 

Last year a sweet friend gave me a lot of basil which is my favorite herb to eat..
I really hope to get a good supply of my own growing this year.. 
It needs to be planted here as the beds at the cottage are not good for basil for some reason...

The canning season is almost upon us here... 
The fiddle heads are out so I have heard and the rhubarb is coming right along.. 
I need to make dandelion jelly then apple blossom and Queen Anne's lace jelly.. Oh my... 

Today, I cleaned my kitchen and family room ... The counters and cupboards all needed a through going over and the floors needed done again.. 

I also worked on some little prizes and such for our Keepers Meeting on Saturday... 

These two old cups are on their way to being pin keeps.. 
We are meeting tomorrow night and setting up tables and making a few favors and centrepieces for our Mother's Breakfast.. 
That should be fun... 

This afternoon some friends phoned and said they were dropping in... 
 I thought they would be here for Supper so I peeled and chopped these up... 

Potatoes, carrots, turnip, red onion and whole garlic cloves... 
Don't peel the garlic.. 
Dry the veggies well then sprinkle on some salt, pepper and dried Italian seasoning... 
Drizzle on some olive oil and mix well with your hands and spread in a tray..  Roast in a 350 degree F. oven...
Discard the garlic or save them and squeeze onto some toast...

We really like root veggies done this way..I  marinaded a few pork steaks and put them in the oven at the same time.. 
A nice salad and supper was ready... 

The only thing is that our friends didn't show.. 
I guess there was some miscommunication going on.. smile.. 

Oh well.. next time.. 
It is evening here now and the kitchen is darkening.. 

Time to make my evening tea... 

In my favorite cup.. smile..

Lots of things to work on... 

I was sitting beside my grandson the other Sunday and I noticed he was reading the book of Exodus... 
Now I am reading it through again.. smile.. 

Thank you dear friends for your sweet comments last posting.. 
I appreciate your concern and your lovely personal emails.. 
You guys are great.. 

And you who have blogs are such a blessing, too.. 
I find so much inspiration out there... 

Thanks for visiting tonight.. 
Talk to you all again soon.. 

God bless...


  1. Good evening Faye,
    What a sweet post...I like that you talked about your day - very much like a lot of my days.
    I like the teacup pin cushions - the girls will love these.

    I read on down to the prior post and I'm sorry you were feeling lonely - there are days like that and only a mother knows. Our boys have been gone from home for YEARS and there are times I wish I could snap my fingers and they would appear.

    Hope this week is going better.


  2. Evening Faye . I just love your photos and Terry's tractor is cute I love it ! Supper looks and sounds soo YUMMY ! I hope your gardens do well this year and give you an abundace of goodies ! Right now there is a big bad thunderstorm with lots of rain on its way , it is 9:44 as I write this almost bed time for us . Papa and I love thunderstorms . Have a good evening !

  3. I look forward to your posts,Faye, they inspire me. And I love the music! I kind of miss Amazing Grace :) xo

  4. Dinner sounds delish. Next time there's a no show, call me!

  5. Hello Faye, Looks like a great place for Terry to have a garden. We love all those root veggies, too. oh ..we love parsnips. Do you cook them? I usually do them in my Mom's cast iron fry pan but adding them to your dish might be good. Do parsnips taste like turnips? I wonder. You will have fun with the girls tomorrow night. I wish I was there with you! Rest easy and sleep well, Dear.


  6. Faye, that is the simplest of recipes but I MUST try it this weekend... I love turnips, my mother cooked them often.. and I would love to try them this way. I love pork steak, too, the cheapest cut but OH so good! Thanks to you for these. Faye, your header picture is so soothing to me... just to visit you soothes me.

  7. Your veggies look lovely Faye, your friends missed out there! It was definately a pork day yesterday; we had a casserole with dumplings, yum. Counteracts all the rain we're having here!
    I like your last photo...very British, even a UK Country Living magazine there I see!! Do you get all the English magazines there?
    Love your little tractor too - my eldest boy Henry has a favourite cartoon show called Little Red Tractor, and he looks just like Terry's tractor!
    Have a great day Faye! xx

  8. We have a small garden that my husband takes care of. Hasn't really started it quite yet, Iowa has been having some strange weather, plus he has been working a lot of overtime. I wonder is it too late for me to grow herbs? I will check that out.
    You dish up there really looks good!

  9. Does Terry have the gardening itch?? My dad has tilled up the garden and now we're just waiting to plant it- usually happens over the May long weekend. Those veggies look yummy... when my parents make it, they put the meat in thebottom of the roaster- it's called oven dinner around these parts-LOL.
    Can't wait until tonight... I think that I'll try to make a few things for the penny auction- I'll see how the day turns out...

  10. Good Morning Faye..
    Ordinary days are my favorite!

    I love the peace and tranquility that comes with puttering around in our home, and in our yard, and gardens.

    Lovely pin keeps that you are making.
    They will be a huge hit!

    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  11. Faye, you are blessed to have a garden and a hubby who likes to work in it. We don't have room on our lot for a veggie garden and hubby sure doesn't have time to work on one even if we did. I can't do all the back breaking work anyway so if our son puts in a garden again I may 'help' him or help myself to the results. I love the first 2 pictures of the garden and tractor. I hope you have a good weekend. Hugs, Pamela

  12. Ah Faye, what a lucky lady to have a veggie growing hubby! I am sure you do the beautiful produce justice with your cooking too...aren't fresh herbs wonderful?
    I do the growing in our household, sometimes I just grab a handful of mint or rosemary and have a good long sniffffffff! It takes me to a very soothing place.
    Now I hope you will see your dear grown -up children soon, it is tough when they have flown the nest! We older Mums still get the 'missing you' pangs, don't we?
    A compensatory hug,
    xxx Hazelnut

  13. Hello dear Faye,
    How I wish I had more room for a vegetable garden, Lord willing I will be planting more this year than last.
    Thanks for letting us in on your ordinary day. Your supper sounded dilish, sorry to hear that your friends didn't make it. That has happened to me before.:) You smile and go on.
    I am at Ladies Conference, my part is done, I can relax and enjoy the rest of it now. We have a wonderful Ladies President.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Thank you for sharing your day, I hope his garden fares well this year.
    I think we all get loney from time to time, the sharing makes it better though, doesn't it? I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I got some old chippy dishes at the thrift store today, and 2 blue willow plates & 2 blue willow cereal size bowls for $1.00 today at a yard sale. The blue willow always makes me think of my Mom, I inherited her few pieces that passed from my grandmother first. Today's don't match, but I loved them anyway.

  15. hi faye~
    such a relaxing post! your culinary skills just amaze me! when i was growing up in a small town in Iowa, we had a garden at the edge of town...a city block long by 1/2 block wide!! we had everything in it from corn, beans, squashes, watermelons, tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, various berries: blackberry, bosenberry, raspberry, strawberry, onions, radishes, lettuce......i can't remember it all except that we worked in it all summer long...pulling weeds now is kind of relaxing to me...the feeling of a clean space afterward!! my mom grew flowers around the yard at our house and she was in the Garden Club for many years. seeing your garden area being readied brought back a lot of memories! do you have recipes for Queen Anne Lace and dandelion jelly? i fell in love with WAL while in Colorado in the mountains! we have it here as a 'wild' flower (weed!!). it grows all over here by seeding itself!! it's lace bloom is soooo beautiful! thanks for the memories!! ^)^linda

    1. oops!! that should QAL(queen anne's lace)...not WAL ;( my laptop doesn't know how to spell!! ^)^linda

  16. Awe...good evening Miss Faye,
    Yes, I agree there is a soothing feeling to
    visit you & I know it begins with your love of Christ & the
    love you have for others that begins with your relationship
    with the Lord... there! :)
    My girls and I so look forward to your posts!
    We would love to come to the "Keeper's Meetings".
    Well, we will pray it all goes well & that each of you are blessed!
    We will also look forward to hearing "ALL" about it! Smile!
    Yummy on those that combination :)
    We are so looking forward to planting our garden as well, it's a wee bit too wet for us yet? Lots of spring rains.
    Well hugs to you & bless your weekend~
    Lori for all

  17. P.S.
    We are wondering...
    "what are fiddle heads"?
    Maybe we sound silly & don't know?
    Lori XX

  18. I am not sure what to do about my garden this year. It's a 10x10 foot garden and last 2 years the weather was chilly til late like this year. I might just put in green beans and 2 tomatoes. Green beans were the best in the garden and were so delicious to eat. Sigh! I have a couple British mugs I bought in England while living there 35 years ago. I enjoy that mug as well. I still have an adult daughter at home so am not lonely, yet. I hope to cut my roses back a bit as I couldn't do it earlier as it was so cold. Just need to chop back branches that are rubbing against window screen. Have a good weekend!

  19. Hi Fay those roots do look yummy!!

    I sure hope I will find a Lady's Bible meeting like yours at this new area we have moved to. Every time you share your plans I want to just run right over to your house and join you! :-D
    Have a Blessed week, Hugs linnie