Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I know I have been here before..

Good evening my dears.. 
You are very welcome here at the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

Hope everything is going well in your part of the world... 

Have you ever had a day when you have a sort of anxious feeling but you have no idea why?  

I ask myself is this an age thing?
No, I have had this happen many times over the last 20 years.. 
Perhaps, my head knows something that my heart doesn't or visa versa... smile... 

Many blogs sound as though life is a merry go round but actually life for everyone is normal.. Even when you know who holds your hand..There are times when you feel lonely... 

I said it... lonely...

I have been missing my kids for a couple of days.. 
I know it and Terry knows it but what can you do? 

They are grown up and gone and all there are now are visits or calls to and from them..

 Not quite the same as tucking them into bed or accepting a handful of dandelions or those precious wee hugs...

 If you know what I mean... 

Anyway, I need to make a nice hot cuppa tea and my stomach will get back to normal... I think..

Actually, I  spoke to all 3 of our children today...

But the empty nest is still the empty nest...
Still after all these years.. My word..

I know I have so much to be thankful for.. 
So much.. 
Thank you, Jesus...

On with the story... smile.. 

Just showing you a few things I have picked up for the shop ...

Just a few little finds... 

I have been busy getting ready for Saturday.. 
A little breakfast for the sweet mamas of our group.. 

Take care, dear hearts.. 
Enjoy your sweet days of family under your roof... 

Talk to you all later.. 
God bless... 


  1. I understand how you feel...some days we just have "those" days! I miss my boys every day...and even though we talk to them every's not the same. I always tell my husband I'm not quite finished with this Mom thing!! Have a great day!! Lovely finds!!

  2. Oh...dear Faye, this heartfelt post just brought tears to my eyes. I HAVE BEEN THINKING THE SAME THING! I MISS MY KIDS!!!!!! They are so busy, so wrapped up in their childrens lives and so involved in their jobs and activities. This is just what I want them to do ...BUT I MISS THEM. They are very kind and loving to their Dad and me ...but I MISS THEM! I don't think this feeling ever goes away. And yes, it can make us very lonely. But all will be well if we just trust in the Lord and carry on.

  3. I go through the same empty feeling now and then myself , this weekend my boys are visiting and we just had a visit from my step daughter weekend past . They are all at the age now were they are busy with their own lives but thankfully for MSN , email, texing and phone we can keep in touch all though it isnt the same as having them here . I am never done being a mum , either a mum to other kids or even our furbabies ! Have a good evening !

  4. I hope you feel better after you drink your tea. You did a fine job of raising your kids to be independent and productive adults! Maybe a little fur baby might take your mind off it a bit :) xo

  5. Faye..
    It is hard.. when you've spent your entire life dedicated to them, then --poof -
    they're gone.

    It takes some getting used to.

    We have two of our three here now.. for a bit.. then they will be gone again.

    I'll think of you .. and know that you have felt this way also; that I'm not alone :)

    Lovely things that you've picked up for the shop.

    Have a nice evening, and sending you hugs.

  6. A mother's love... sending you hugs and praying God comforts you as you are His Child and that's a wonderful thought!
    God bless

  7. Oh Faye, I try to cherish the days I have with my boys, even when they are hard work, because I know full well that all too soon they will be out in the world...I hope you are feeling better Mum has only just emptied her nest, as my brother, at the grand age of 31, has just moved out on his own; I think I will give her a call later :)

    You finds are lovely - I can imagine a tea table set with the china :) You have a particularly good eye for these things eh. Those balls of string look so nice displayed as you have them too, only you could make such a utilitarian item look so pretty :)

    Hope you enjoyed your tea!

    Until later friend :) xx

  8. Sending you a giant hug Faye Henry.
    I so know the feeling and it can feel so lonely.
    Love & Joy In Our Comforter!

  9. I can't necessarily relate to your children - unfortunately my son and I are not that close and he lives here in town. Once in awhile I do have that spot and pray that we were closer. Of course I pray for his salvation most of all. I get that "aching" for my brothers in CA. I haven't seen them in 21 years. I talked to them on the phone and all, but not the same. Yes, I guess we all have those aches. When I do, I will try to remember to get that cup of tea too.

    What great finds you found there. It will be interesting how that red chair turns out.

  10. You've got some nice finds there Faye. I find I miss my little grandson now when I don't see him for a couple of days. I find those anxious feelings usually turn out to mean something. Take care.

  11. I'm gonna really throw in a monkey wrench here. I have all three of my little babies here right now with me...and I still feel this way.

    I don't know why... but today is one of those anxious, a deep-rooted 'in a funk' kind of days, for me.

    I want to choose JOY...and now I'm hearing the strains of this song, Give me Jesus. He is what I need. ((breathe)) All I need.
    thanks for listening. ;)