Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love a rainy day...

Hello my dears... 

We woke up to a very rainy and windy day here this morning... 
I think I would call it a Faye Henry kind of day.. smile.. 

You sweet ladies who read this blog know how I love the wind and rain... 
I love going for a drive in it, too... 
 I convinced Terry to go to the city and do a bit of shopping.. 

This is a view that I always think is awesome and thought you might like to see it...

It is taken from the old Trans Canada Highway...

The river is the Petitcodiac...

Famous for it's Tidal Bore ...

Anyway, we went to Costco and a couple of thrift stores... 
Then we stopped and picked up a parcel for our oldest son and visited our youngest one for a few minutes.. 
Mama made him some banana chocolate chip muffins.. smile.. 

Not a very good picture, I am afraid... 

Anyway, it poured rain the whole time we were away... 
We really need rain here in New Brunswick ... Our forest fire index is way up from last year... 

On the way home I took this pic of a brook near Terry's childhood home..

I always love this little brook for some reason.. 
It is much fuller than usual...

We have carpets of these flowers.. 

My Mom always called these Adder's Tongues..
 But some call them Dogtooth Violets.. 
I love wild flowers... Don't you?

Anyway, we got home in time to make supper.. 

Terry brought up one of the last few bottles of our homemade 
Dill pickles... 

Well, sweet friends, that is all for tonight.. 

Just another day.. A blessing from our dear Lord.. 

I feel thankful tonight.. 

Thankful for such a lovely day.. 
Driving in the rain together in our yellow Volkswagen and sipping away on a nice hot cup of coffee..
Rain on the windshield and chatting away...
Getting home and  Sammi meeting us at the door.. 

Do you know... it is rather nice being retired... smile.. 

Have an awesome evening everyone... 
God bless...


  1. I totally agree about the awesomeness of retired life, the freedom to come and go as one pleases....the budgeting, well not so much! I like to stay in my jammies on rainy days and clean out closets, make soup or something in the crock pot and drink lots of tea. xo

  2. Faye, no matter what you write about...even rain - you make it sound so pleasant.
    I can see why you are the head of 'Keeper of the Home'...they all must feel so blessed to be in your presence.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Hello Faye, I have been meaning to mention how much I like your header. We have those little blueflowers along our front sidewalk every spring. I like to get out and go do things on a rainy day and lots of time with a cup of decaf. But other times, it is good to stay home on a rainy day. It is heavenly having my husband retired. Kids are gone so it is so very nice to have him home with me. Seems like this is our cherished time together. Before,I forget, Faye, will you wish your Mom a Happy Mother's Day for me? I would like it if you did. Have a blessed evening and a better tomorrow, Dear Heart.


  4. Love the journeys with you...
    Happy Mother's day!

  5. Wonderful photos . I do like your header photo to. YUMMY I love banana chocolate chip muffins . I like rainy days to but they dont like me makes me ache but I to like being in my jammies reading or watching movies on rainy days and love having my slowcooker going with some home made stew or chili going all day and drink hot cups of tea if it is a chilly rainy day . I do love the smell of everything during and after the rain so fresh and sweet smelling. I am retired but sadly Papa still works I would enjoy it more if he was retired with me. Great post . Have a good evening !

  6. Faye, what are the flowers in your header? They are such a beautiful blue. I agree that the views from the old TCH are wonderful. I kind of miss them now when taking the new TCH. One of these next tris down I'll take the old road and maybe take some pics.

    1. Hi Pam... I am not sure of the name of the flowers but they come up right after the snowdrops.. They grow in large patches like...
      These are at the cottage as you can see.... smile..

  7. sounds like a delightful day...rain and all! good for you!

  8. Dear Faye,

    It is always so nice to visit you here. :) Isn't it lovely to be in the wind and the rain. I love listening to it on the roof and the windows. And watching it crash in big drops on the driveway. :)

    We have had warmer weather here. It is nice but may get too hot for me.

    Great pictures. Glad you had a nice trip to the city.
    Yummy banana chocolate chip muffins.

    Have a great Friday. Take care, Janet W

  9. I know you would love Cornwall if you feel like that about the do I!
    It is such a beautiful thing, isn't it?
    I felt your words today.
    Bye for now,

  10. Yes I love wild flowers too! But I wouldn't mind one of your muffins as a wee treat with my cup of tea!

  11. Morning Faye!
    Muffin for me too please..Oh yum.
    I love your beautiful photos and sweet Mama love.
    Love & JOY

  12. Rainy days make me feel so tired but not yesterday as I was able to have coffee with a friend. One of these days you'll have to take a drive to my house for a visit...

  13. There is something about a rainy day, and if you throw in some rolling gentle is a comfort, and simple joy. Enjoyed the ride with you and your sweety...thanks for letting me come along....

  14. Good morning Faye..
    Sounds like you had a wonderful day :)
    Beautiful scenery.. and that short video... amazing!
    What a kind mom you are to bake up muffins for your son.

    Hope you have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day.


  15. Dear Faye ~~ One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure. LOL
    I Blogged yesterday about too many
    Rainy days. :-)
    So Glad you had such a nice day and that you
    received the rain your region so badly needed.
    I too Love your headed photo, what a lucky son who received those yummy muffins.
    I so enjoy my visits here ... you are a Blessing.
    Happy Mother's Day !!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  16. Beautiful pictures! We too love wildflowers. We are always watching for them to bloom. Enjoy your day and God bless.