Monday, May 14, 2012

the last few days...

good evening everyone... 

do you know this is the second time that i am doing this posting.. 
i had it all finished and went to correct a spelling and the whole thing disappeared.. sigh.. 

so i guess you will get the short version, now.. 
probably for the best anyway... smile.. 

i will just share some pics of the last few days with you.. 
a bouquet of daffodils...
from you know who...

something i look for every time we drive to Sussex...

a wonderful mother's day spent with our dear family... 

a gift of rhubarb from a sweet neighbor.. 
ours is not ready yet... 

making a loaf of bread to thank them for the rhubarb ...

and including a bottle of jam.. 

the recipe is HERE for my Mom's recipe..

our tea time... 

oh, those dear sheep...

soaking apricots ....

to make a huge batch of apricot rhubarb jam.. 
it tastes kind of like marmalade...

trying out another new rhubarb recipe.. 
oriental rhubarb jam... 
good with pork or chicken, i am thinking...
i made thirty some jars of jam today... smile..

thank you for all the sweet mother's day wishes.. 
hope you all had an awesome day, too.. 

we have a full week planned. 
terry is putting a new roof on the old farm so i will likely be going out there with him...

by the way...
did you know that Jesus can be your everything?..
 and  when He is your everything then your everything can do anything...
that is a little statement made by Rev. T. F. Tenney on a tape I listened to today..
so true... 

blessings dear friends.. thanks for dropping by... 


  1. Hello Faye, Your daffodils are lovely. He did a really sweet thing for you. Good to hear that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I had a great day here, too. Your bread looks delicious and 30 jars of jam today is quite a bit. Good for you. Love the sheep pics.

  2. WOW ! Have you ever been a busy bee. It all looks awesome and Yummy , Lovely photos . Have a good day my friend !

  3. Your jam and bread looks so delicious, wish I had some right now!! The daffodils are lovely, one of my favorite flowers in spring. xo

  4. Just love and totally relate to these homey pictures.I MUST try that jam,looks delicious!!

  5. Faye that apricot rhubarb jam sounds delicious. You have been a busy gal. I hope you have a good week. Hugs, Pam

  6. I could almost smell the jam. The pictures are beautiful.
    May the Lord bless you !


  7. You've been so busy! Nothing like a fresh batch of jam in the pantry :) Looks like we've both been sheep watching! Have a lovely time at the farm Faye xx

  8. Yummy jam friend!
    And oh the bread...Please pass me a slice.
    Joy joy HE is my everything..

  9. The jam looks beautiful! I would like the recipe for the apricot rhubarb jam. I have never tried it before and am always looking for new rhubarb recipes. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  10. I can smell that bread from here- LOL... on a day like today I probably eat the whole loaf :) How frustrating when the computer doesn't act the way it should! Did you try to push the "edit undo" button to see if you could get your words back? THat's the first thing that I try... my laptop must be related to yours! LOL

  11. Now I am inspired. I have oodles of blackberries in the freezer waiting to become jam...maybe after I get the gardens shaped back up.

    Good luck with the roofing...long, hot, strenuous work. Tell Terry to be safe and wear sunscreen!


  12. Good Evening to you, Everything looks great and yummy. I am waiting patiently to pick strawberries so my grandchildren and I will make jam.My best to you, Anna.

  13. Really enJOYed your post, even though it did make me "hungry". :) I bet your family just loves your cooking! Thank you for sharing a piece of it - wish I could taste a small piece of that bread. ha ha.

  14. Hi Faye,

    Very nice pictures.

    I love daffodils.

    And the food looks yummy.

    Have a great Thursday. Take care, Janet W

  15. great post love the pics and the jam and bread looks so good. Love Ya, Char