Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Morning Mixed Inspiration ...

Good Monday Morning to you all.. 
Pour yourself a cup of tea and sit a spell.. 

Just a quick little post of a mix of pics to inspire your week, I hope. 
Some just everyday and some for Christmas.. 
I am in a hurry as I have so much to do like you all so God bless and have a great week.. 
I did do a post on Saturday night of my own pics and day to day but these are beauties I gleaned from the web as I do each Monday morning.. 
God is good.. xo

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Gathering boughs on a winter drive,,..

Good Evening my dears.. 
Here I am on a Saturday night.. Lately, I just seem to get a little Monday morning post on and that is it for the week.. 
We had a bit of snow here last week and I was worried we would get more and we had not done our annual Albert County moss and bough run.. 
I had a huge cold and even lost my voice and had not been out of the house for five days and this was a good excuse.. smile.. 
We started out and took this pic of my favourite view near our home.. 
We picked up our coffee and away we went.. 
I was all wrapped up for Winter even though poor Terry did all of the work.. 
This is a spot we always get the moss as it grows well there.. 
It is on the road to the farm so I have all summer to see where everything is growing.. 
I think I am a ditch watcher.. smile.. 
Always looking to see what plant I can spy... 
Like these Rose Hips.. 
He snipped lots of branches as I did not dare get out to pick them so on a warmer day I will gather them to dry.. 
Also, I will use branches to decorate here and there.. 
Dear Charlie keeps me company while Terry does all the work.. grin.. 
Rural New Brunswick at this time of year.. 
Still so lovely... 
Prosser Brook finally has more water.. 
We have had such a dry summer that I was worried since the brook was the lowest I have ever noticed it.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

Okay.. which way do we go?? grin.. 
This way, I guess.. 
Charlie suddenly comes to attention.. 
He always seems to know which way we are headed... 
We will stop in for a few minutes and pick up a few forgotten items.. 
One of my favourite books.. 
I would so love to brag that I have a well kept home but it is a very lived in one, shall we say.. 
Lots of lovely information in this book and great reading, too.. 
The afternoon is getting late so after gathering pine, cedar and a few small trees we were on our way back home.. 
Get a bite of something to eat.. 
Quesadillas..So easy and so good.. 
Here is a link to a flatbread recipe that is so easy and good.. 

So this is about all for tonight.. 

Life is good and God is so faithful.
Had a wonderful day visiting with Shonda and the ladies in the St. John church.. 
Made these.. 
Cute, eh?   

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day.. 
Hope you have a blessed one.. 

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you as always..

God bless.. xoxo 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Morning Christmas Inspiration....

Good Morning my dears.. 
Here we are at the  beginning of another week and closer to Christmas then the last time I posted.. 
The weeks will surely fly by so I thought you might like a few images from the web and some of my own that turned my crank this week.. smile.. 

Christmas is all about Christ and our dear families that he has gifted us with, eh? 
It is nice to receive gifts but what blesses this mama's heart is the dear faces around the Christmas table.. 
Well, on Christmas Day or a day or so later once our children leave the nest... smile.. 
Such a wonderful time of the year to really celebrate!
The greatest gift He gave and the love we share with our families and friends... 
Looking forward to making and doing and planning and decorating.. 
Where is my List Books??  lol... 
So here we go.. 

Love love this wreath.. 
Went with some friends this weekend to a lovely Christmas event at an old train station and bought a homemade fir wreath from a sweet friend.. 
All I need to do is add a set of lights, a few pine cones and one of my little Christmas churches.. 
Ta da... 

This is a vignette from the little room that I used to decorate for my grandsons when they were little.. 
I would love to be able to do this again but one Christmas a couple of years ago we were short a chair for the dinner so someone brought this old red chair out.. 
After dinner they put it in the Sun Room and I was in there talking to our sons and just sat down on the chair.. 
It was old and dried out from the wood heat and when I sat down it just broke in two.. 
I landed on the floor and that Christmas is remembered as the Christmas that Mom broke the chair and landed on the floor.. 

I found this one on the web and it was entitled:
 The year I couldn't afford presents and made my own.. 
Loved the thought and expect the recipients were more then pleased.. eh? 

This is another idea for gifts or myself.. 
Little Rosemary wreaths.. 
I brought home a bunch of Rosemary so this is an easy one.. 
Just wiring on the branches and a bow.. 
You could buy enough herb at the super market and make one of your own.. 

This was our mantel in the family room a couple of years ago.. 
Not sure how it will be done this year.. 
We will see.. 

And another easy one.. 
A small evergreen wreath and a set of battery lights on an old chair placed in a corner some where.. 

My daughter's work.. 
Vintage ornaments from Dave's Mom and an old frame.. 
Beautiful, eh? 

She and I did a craft show together a year or so ago and this was some of her work.. 
She gave me one of the Jingle pillows for my birthday.. 
Love it.. 

I know that a lot of girls who follow my blog are much more modern with the whites, greys and blues but I love the cosiness of this room.. 
For years and years my decorating was governed by what crafts were in style that year.. 
Country, Victorian or Primitive, etc and I had to decorate accordingly in order to sell crafts here at my Open House.. 
A friend asked me this week what my style was now and I was so pleased to say that I just do what I like.. 
I think Shonda said that I was UK Country and I think she was right... smile.. 
This one reminds me of our Living Room... 

Usually here in Canada Christmas means snow.. 
Not every year mind you but often.. 
Snowmen abound here but I am very happy with a green Christmas.. Perhaps since I was born during one... grin.. 

Isn't this sweet.. 
I bought a lovely old pitcher this summer from my friend Barb who owns an antique shop in Sussex... 
I also have those sweet plate candle holders and lots of wood spools.. 
Very farmhouse style but I love it... 
And I think I can find a few preserves here, too.. smile.. 

Christmas baking.. 
I don't do nearly the baking that I used to but it is still fun to whip up some gingerbread and see what you can do with it.. 
Perhaps some gingerbread spoons or such... smile.. 

Keeping my eye opens for a few old fancy jars to make some of these window sill votives.. 
A bit of wire and some candles.. Add a sprig of pine and a few berries and they are done.. 

Simple and easy way to decorate a tree in a little out of the way place in your home.. 
Table settings.. 

Notice the mason jars in the first one.. 
There are 32 examples at this site... 

Well my friends this is all for this Monday... 
Hope you enjoyed them.. 

Thanks so much for dropping by and I love your notes.. 
Take care and God bless you today..