Sunday, September 29, 2013

The end of another week...

Good Evening everyone... 
How are you all doing? 
We have had a beautiful weather here in New Brunswick this weekend.. 

On Friday we had to go to Sussex to do a few errands and ended up taking a little drive as we needed to wait for our oldest son to get home from work.. 

The trees are beginning to turn and the landscape is becoming rather lovely, eh? 
Those birds on the water are Canadian Geese, I believe.. 
There was so much quacking and such going on .. 
I mentioned to Terry that perhaps it was a Duck Dynasty.. grin.. 

We were on time to meet Trevor and wish him a Happy Birthday.. 
A day late, though.. 
It is hard to believe that our older children are the age they are.. 
Someone is getting older.. 
I guess it is their parents.. grin..

On Saturday we headed up to the old farm for the afternoon.. 
It was so nice to be there.. 
It was warm so we opened the windows and doors although Terry still made a fire in the stove.. smile.. 

I tried to make a loaf of bread but the yeast had lost it's rising power over the Summer.. 
I did manage to make a couple of pies.. 

I love getting up there and making something in Aunt Eva's old kitchen.. 

There seemed to be a lot more traffic on the road ... 
Rather interesting as usually there is not hardly any.. 
I think it was such a lovely day and people were going out for a nice drive.. 

I just made us a salad and a hamburger soup for supper.. 

Terry worked away outside and cleaned a few windows and then we headed back home.. 
It is getting dark so much earlier already..

Today was a wonderful day of blessing.. 
The Lord's presence was very real during the service and the Word of God was so inspired.. 
After church there was a potluck with lots of corn.. 
The food was awesome and the fellowship so sweet.. 
We are so blessed.. 
And we feel thankful.. 

Thank you, my dears for your visit and I am glad you dropped by.. 
You guys are so faithful and I appreciate each of you.. 
Take care and have a wonderful week.. 
God bless.. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Keepers of the Home meeting and other doings...

Good Morning dearies.. 

Just a short post this morning just to say hi and let you know I am still about.. 
You probably wonder what on earth I am doing as I have not posted for awhile.. 

When we came back home from summering at the cottage we decided that there were some things that had to be done before we 
could get on with regular stuff like putting in the winter's wood although Terry works on that here and there.. 
Just for a break, I think.. 

We are replacing all of our appliances and although that sounds like it is just a day or so of work it has turned into a week and still not finished.. 

Last post I told you about moving in the refrigerator which needed cupboards completely removed and the stove which needs a new range hood because of the color.. 

Then the dishwasher had been in there for over 20 years and not used so it was a joy to get out, believe me.. 
Now, the dear man is needing to buy fittings and we haven't started on the range hood microwave yet which needs even more cupboards removed.. 

The floors which he began before we moved for the summer are still not done so all in all we have been in a bit of a chaos, if you know what I mean.. smile..
We make time for enjoyment.. grin.. 

He and the boys took last weekend and went to New Hampshire to the races while I stayed home but took Saturday and left early in the morning for a farmers market in Fredericton.. 
My friend had her veranda trimmed for Fall and I had to laugh at her upstairs window.. 
Books galore.. 
I just can't relate.. LOL... 
We had a fun day, though and came home with lots of fresh produce.. 

The men all returned safe and sound on Monday night and had a wonderful time.. 
I think Terry kept his grandsons amused.. smile.. 

We had some lovely company on Wednesday for supper and then away off to Bible Study.. 

Then last night we had a little impromptu Keepers of the Home meeting.. 
We just wanted to get together and chat about the coming year and discussed how we would like emulate the Proverbs 31 woman in our prayer life for our families and our fellow Keepers of the Home.. 
We need to uplift each other in prayer.. 
These are perilous days for the family and we need to support each other in prayer.. 

We had a little snack that some brought in.. 
Lovely coffee cake and cookies.. 
Thanks so much, my dears.. 
This is the link for the dip we had.. 

We also made a little Fall Crock pot Potpourri which I found HERE.

Well, I must get on with my day.. 

I don't usually post in the mornings but I am up a bit before Terry so thought I would get it done for now.. 

So happy you dropped by and so good to hear from you all.. 
Hoping things will get organized here soon.. 

The Keepers of the Home are planning on visiting Kings Landing during the next couple of weeks, too.. 
That should be fun.. 

Take care, dear hearts.. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Not quite Fall...

Hello everyone.. 
We woke up to a beautiful morning today.. 
Sunshine and warm temps.. 
Gotta love Fall when it is like this, eh? 

The other day I mentioned that I had bought some peppers for my vinegar...
Well, I made it yesterday, I think.. 
I know you southern girls love your peppers but here we are not quite so adventurous.. grin.. 
This is enough to make a delicious blend to use with salad dressings, fish and oven fries... 
I just wash the peppers and put them in a sterilized bottle with a cork and then fill up with a good vinegar.. 
Let it sit for a few days and then keep in your fridge as it will go bad.. 
When the vinegar gets down you can keep adding more vinegar .. 
Easy, eh... 
Another time I hope to make some other kinds for my gift pantry and show you a new way to package them.. 
Perhaps when I get my herbs brought home from the cottage.. 

I wonder who this lad could be... 
Our oldest grandson has himself a part time job.. 
It is hard to believe how fast time has flown since the day he came into our lives.. 
Such a sweet boy.. 

My new fridge has come home and I had to transfer all of the frozen stuff over to the new one.. 
Poor Terry had to take off house doors and fridge doors and freezer doors.. 
Oh my.. 
I almost wondered if it was worth it.. 

Then he had to move the old one to the basement all by himself.. 
And my kids wonder why I get anxious at times.. 

It is down there all set up for extra veggies, fruits, juices and such.. 

And the new one is wonderful.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

Some fruit thawed out a bit so I just made a batch of jam.
I think I will call it Tuddi Fruiti... grin.. 
Blackberries, cranberries, oranges and oh yes a bit of zucchini to make 4 cups.. 

It is a bit tart but rather good, I think.. 
I gave the pastor a bottle and told him he was my testing person.. 
I probably should have tried it out on someone else first.. 
I thought of that after.. grin.. 

I was so looking forward to this morning as we had to make a little trip...  
To the other end of the Bay of Fundy which is in my favorite county.. 
Albert County.. 
Here in New Brunswick if you hale from Albert County then you let everyone know that.. grin.. 
Yes, I proud to be an Albert County girl... 

Terry wanted to squeeze in a couple more loads of wood into the basement so I made us a batch of pear muffins.. 

Flavored with anise.. 
They went with our Tim Horton's coffee that we bought in Salisbury on our way.. 

I had a little cupboard to deliver from the shop to a lady who lives down that way.. 
This gave us a chance to visit a new cafe that some sweet friends of ours had opened.. 
THE APPLE BLOSSOM CAFE  in Hillsborough.. 
They were all there and the lunch was so delicious.. 

A garden pesto pinini sandwich and a garden salad with a most scrumptious maple garlic dressing.. 
Thank you, dear ladies for such a lovely visit.. 

The views down that way are so beautiful.. 
Fields and pastures all the way to the Bay... 
I guess you can tell I took the pics through my side window.. 

On the way home we saw a wagon filled with pumpkins for sale so we bought a couple for the front step.. 
Are you all decorated for the Autumn ? 
I hope to get a bit done over the weekend.. 
What are your plans?  

Thanks so much for your sweet visit and welcome to the new followers .. 
As you all know I love your notes and emails.. 
Hope to chat again soon.. 

God bless.. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Home time..

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you all had an awesome weekend.. 

Our first one home for many many weeks.. 
I must say it feels so good to be home and getting back to normal..

Terry has been busy picking our tomatoes as frost is forecast for tonight.. 
We have lots of cukes and green beans, too which taste so good.. 

I think I will try out a couple of new pickle recipes as soon as my new stove arrives.. 
We left our old one at the cottage and I have been trying to be creative with a slow cooker, indoor BBQ,  potato baker and micro-wave.. 
It has been much easier then I thought.. 
The only thing that is kind of complicated is making breads and desserts which we haven't needed really anyway.. 

Well, until today that is.. 
It is Terry's birthday so of course a little dessert was required if not needed.. smile.. 

I made a cheesecake which does not need baked... 
I am sure you all make it.. 
The crust does not even need baked.. 
Then we had a slow cooker casserole made with some grilled chicken legs, rice, mushrooms, celery and onions.. 
All held together with condensed cream soup and broth.. 
One of those recipes you make out of your head if you know what I mean.. smile.. 
Then we went for a little drive and dropped by and visited some friends for an hour or so..
He had a good day.. 
The dear man.. 

Fall has certainly arrived here in Maritime Canada.. 

The corn is so high in the fields and the mornings are very cool.. 
The furnace has been on and felt good.. 
I had to bring my plants in that I leave out for the Summer while we are gone.. 
They have grown well..

I have so many herbs to bring home yet from the cottage but there is not frost there for a few weeks yet.. 
I guess the Bay keeps it warmer there or something.. 

We enjoyed lovely services in our home church yesterday and sweet fellowship with our church family.. 

So all in all we seem to be getting back in gear.. 
Except my house.. 
It takes me so long to accomplish what used to take half the time.. 
What can I say.. 
I will just putter away at it.. 
All in good time, I guess.. smile.. 

Well, sweet ladies I need to go to bed.. 
We are leaving early in the morning to pick up our new appliances and hopefully some garlic to plant.. 

You take care and thanks so much for your sweet support.. 
Welcome to the new followers, too.. 

God bless..

Friday, September 13, 2013

The road leads home..

Good Evening dear hearts.. 
Here I am back once again.. 

I have been absent for a bit but thought that tonight I would try and catch up with you all.. 

The last time I posted we were doing the Closing for the Season sale at the shop.. 
It turned out well and so enjoyed seeing everyone and selling several large pieces of furniture and such.. 

Then last Sunday we did have the ART IN THE PARK SALE even though it rained all day... 
We ended up being situated at the Interpretive Centre which was a plus as far as I was concerned.. 
This was my view from the back veranda and it was simply gorgeous.. 
Terry helped me get my preserves and such up and ready for sale.. 

One dear gentleman called out that he was glad the pickle lady had arrived.. grin.. 
I used to be known for my crafts but I guess that has changed.. smile..
The flowers hanging on the porches were spectacular, eh?
I was sitting there covered up with a quilt and enjoying the wind and rain.. 
Listening to the waves as the tide came in.. 
And drinking delicious hot coffee.. 
If you remember I am a stormy weather girl.. smile.. 
It was a lovely day...
There were many booths and Terry actually won one of these pictures that they were giving away.. 
They served a lovely lunch and we packed up and decided to take a wee drive along the trail.. 

I believe that this is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I don't think I am prejudiced...

We had several people into the shop this Summer who said that the Bay of Fundy was on their bucket lists.. grin.. 

One dear lady from Alberta, Canada was 90 years old and she arrived there with her daughters saying that it was one place she wanted to visit before she was too old.. 
Isn't that wonderful.. 
She said it was well worth the trip.. 
On the Fundy Trail there are falls and bridges and so much more.. 

This is a lookout that shows the Centre where we had our sale.. 

A very long ways down... 

The fog lifted late in the afternoon and then we headed back to the cottage.. 
Here is Terry getting some spring water for the last time this Summer.. 
We enjoy this little drive and love drinking such pure water.. 

But now we say good-bye for another Summer.. 

On Monday we closed our old cottage for another year.. 
We packed up most of our stuff and loaded the car and the truck.. 

And we closed up the shop for another season.. 

It was a good Summer.. 
I loved the weather as I do not like a lot of heat
but now the leaves are changing already here in Eastern Canada.. 

Kind of hard to believe that the season is all but over.. 

But you know me... 
When that first fall breeze blows in our bedroom window there at the cottage this girl is ready to head home..

The view is certainly different.. 
No smell of the sea or sound of crashing waves.. 
More the smell of some farm and sheep on the hillsides.. 
The wind blows lovely here though and our waterbed is just so wonderful.. 
Everything is on one level and there are lots of things to look forward to.
Like heading to the farm whenever we get a chance.. 
Going to our own little church
and enjoying our sons and their families.

 But I must say that I already miss our daughter and her family. They make the Summer special but we will get together just the same but not quite as often.. 

I have a new list book that Terry bought me and am busy filling it up with projects..

I bought some hot peppers today to make my special vinegar and am very excited as my sweet hubby bought me some new appliances which we needed.. 
Black ones.. smile.. 

Anyway, dear hearts, I must go for tonight.. 

We were busy all week and did not get the internet working until this morning but I do hope to do much better with my blogging.. 
Thank you for being so patient with me this past Summer.. 
I could not seem to do it all .. 
Just not as young as I used to be, I guess.. 

So glad you stopped by and so love your notes as you know.. 
Tell me what you have planned for Fall.. 
Any projects on your list of to do things??.. 

Isn't God good.. 
I appreciate Him so much tonight.. 
So privileged to know Him and have Him leading and guiding our lives.. 

Take care, sweet friends..