Sunday, June 30, 2013

Here in St. Martins..

Good Evening.. 
Hope you are all having a blessed weekend.. 
Tomorrow is Canada Day and also a special one for our family.. 
Our youngest was born 30 years ago on July 1st.. 
The dear lad keeps saying he is only 26 but not so.. grin.. 
Happy Birthday, dear son.. 
You are a blessing in our lives.. 
This was a pic they sent me from their phone when they were in Quebec City having a blast.. smile.. 

The shop is now open.. 
Thank you, dear Lord and you for your prayers.. 
I have included a few pics of my new work space which I love and know I will enjoy.. 
My hubby rocks.. grin.. 
Along with everything we have been wave chasing the last few days.. 
The rain is quite something but it brings wonderful waves which we love.. 
I tried to include a small video so you could see and hear just a smidgen but it did not work out.. 
Anyway, dear hearts this is just a wee post.. 
We will soon be normal.. 
Once I get the cottage sorted then I can enjoy the rest of the Summer.. 
Rain or Shine.. 
Take care of yourselves and may God bless you all.. 
Thanks so much for your visits and notes.. 
Love and Prayers

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting ready for the season...

Hello everyone.. 
It has been a while but I think I am back.. 

We had our Internet hooked up yesterday.
God was good and we were provided with a high speed port. 
They said that this little village is one busy place right now and so many have moved in for the Summer that the ports were already taken.  Yikes.. 
 I called back a bit later and that girl found me one..
Thank you, Lord..  
Here I am... 

Took a few pics the last week so you would know what we were up to.. (just in case you are interested)
I think I will explain the pics this time.. 

A lot of blogs just put on a bunch of photos and a bit of explanation below.. 
What do you all prefer.. 
I guess a change is good now and then, eh.. 

We have been home and packed our vehicles and returned to the cottage loaded for the shop and here, too, of course.. 

We have had one lovely week with beautiful temps... 
The lobster season was on and a lot of boats coming and going.. 

At the shop the little hedge is blooming away.. 

I took this pic last year but it still looks the same.. 
Someone told me the name of them but I forget again.. Sorry..

One night last week a dear lad dropped these by for us .... 
Aren't they lovely? 
We had them the next day and they were perfect.. 
Trout.. my fave... 

The evenings here are simply gorgeous.. 

The breezes off of the Bay of Fundy smell nice and fresh.. 
Love it.. 

Here is the spot in my shop that is now my work area.. 

Terry put a big corner desk in there for me and a high counter to hide my mess.. 
Tomorrow, Lord willing I will start placing everything.. 
He is done doing the rooms that he was working on for now and will putter away at finishing them.. 

We want to open by Saturday so I have to do my thing.. 
I have been pricing and piling in piles ready to hang and such.. 
Pray for me tomorrow that I get this task finished.. OK? 

We went home again this past weekend for more stuff.. 
It takes a lot of work to move down for a few months.. 

If it wasn't for the shop it would be a piece of cake but trying 
to bring craft supplies and all is horrendous.. 

I don't like to forget anything because that means Terry has to look for it when he goes home and that is not always a pretty sight. grin..

His roses were blooming..

As you can see he has them all along the driveway on both sides and they are getting bigger each year.. 

We packed up again and had Dustin and Veronique for a visit.. 
Also, so blessed to get to our little church.. 
Awesome service.. 
Will so miss being there but will enjoy being in church with our daughter once they get back from Florida.. 

We also visited Trevor and his family as they had just returned home from Ontario.. 
They had a great time.. 
So glad God blessed them with a safe journey.. 


I have been busy making and creating, too.. 
Homemade Potpourris are a standard feature here..

A little closeup of the roses.. 

Aren't they beautiful.. 
We call them Old Moss Roses.. 
What do you call them? 
I usually dry a dehydrator full to add to potpourri... 

A few little cushions that are still at the shop.. 

I love anything with violets on them... 
So dear, eh? 

Most evenings as I told you before we go for a wee drive.. 
This was last night..
See the fog bank there in the distance? 

Don't you just love fog? 
This kind, I mean.. 
Not the dense stuff you can't drive in.. smile.. 
Most days it will drift in about supper time and then it disappears..
Well.. not always.. 
Sometimes it hangs around for  

I was up early this morning and made a few batches of rhubarb jam.. 

I am so slow this year but better late then never.. smile.. 
At the shop we have old stuff... 

Old dishes, silver, linens, quilts and such.. 
None of it is really good stuff but lovely if you like that kind of thing.. 
We are only open for the summer so we don't stock costly antiques..
Just some prims and a nice bit here and there.. 
My salves and such are getting done.. 
Violet Salves and an All purpose one.. 
I did these this evening.. 

Lots more to do yet, though.. 

This is a calm day last week.. 
Today the waves were nice and high.. 
Terry and I went to town to pick up last minute things like bags, sea salt, receipt books, herbs and plants and such.. 

When we arrived back we noticed the waves were high and went and parked beside them and just laid our heads back and had a wee shut eye... 
Oh, it was wonderful.. grin.. 
People must think we are crazy.. 
Two old people with their heads laid back snoozing away.. 
I usually just watch the waves but today I was sleepy for some reason.. 
Guess it was the wind.. smile..

Well, dear hearts that is what I have been doing.. 
I will try to get to your blogs and answer your emails a bit each day.. 
Next week things should start becoming normal.. I hope.. 

Our phone number is 506 833 4801

We won't be open until this Saturday about noon.. 
Then it will be by chance or appointment although I do try to be here as much as possible.. 

I hope to open a Facebook page and that might help.. 
Please feel free to phone for hours or if you are coming this way.. 

So glad you all dropped by and look forward to hearing from you.. 
I have missed you.. 

God bless.. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Missing you all..

Good Morning, dearies.. 

Just a wee note before I am without Internet for a week or so.. 

 I thought I would leave you with a few pics of what we will no doubt be doing.. 

Getting the shop ready to open.. 
The House of Henry..
It will probably take another 2 weeks.. yikes.. 
Pray for me that I can get it done.. 

Then we will enjoy the lovely Bay of Fundy... 
Walk down to it at the end of each day..
 Go for a drives along side it.. 
Sit and listen to the waves...
 And dream.. smile.. 

Hoping to visit our lovely daughter and family, too, one evening..

Working on my herb beds and making a few concoctions, too, I hope.. 

Then back to the cottage and still working on getting it habitable.. smile.. 

And of course, we will still eat.. 
(my favorite lunch)

Anyway, we are now headed to church .. 

Having a bit of time with the family after to celebrate their precious Dad.. 
And a great one he is, too.. 
So thankful to God for the dear man I married and the wonderful example that he is of a true Christian father.. 
Our children have been blessed...

Thankful, too, for my sweet father who has gone on to meet the Lord 23 years ago..
I still miss him.. 
And Terry's Dad.. 
One of the sweetest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet and know.. smile..

Happy Father's Day to all of you dear men who read my blog.. 
I know there are a few.. smile..

Take care of yourselves and your sweet families and may the Lord be with you all.. 

I will check in as soon as I can..
I will miss you all.. 


Friday, June 14, 2013

Back to the Cottage...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you all missed me.. smile.. 

We have been at the cottage getting everything back to normal for a couple of months stay.. 

The weather was fine when we left with the truck loaded on Tuesday but by the time we arrived it was getting ready to rain.. 
And rain it did!!

It is almost always the welcome we receive each Summer and as you know I love it.. 
The wind is awesome and the waves are huge.. 

I made up the beds and opened the window wide and when we went to bed it was lovely.. 
Nice flannel sheets and a duvet.. 

We are sleeping in a different room this year as we can't have the wind blowing on our heads anymore.. 
Old age and the old arthritis is being such a pain this year.. 

But this room has more advantages, though as it does not have the sun until the afternoon .. 
The other room is so bright in the mornings.. 

A little funny story for you.. 
The second night I was very tired when we went to bed.. 
About five in the morning I thought I heard the radio on.. 
I woke Terry (although, I don't think I opened my eyes) and asked him what the noise was.. 
He just sort of mumbled something.. 
I asked why the radio was on and he didn't say anything.. 
I laid there half asleep for bit until I realized it was a chorus of birds singing out back in the lilac bushes.. 
You would think I had never heard birds sing before.. 
That\s when I decided I needed a few more hours of sleep.. grin..

The next day was still rainy and very windy.. 
Terry worked at the shop and I worked at the cottage.. 
We went and got some lovely spring water.. 
Terry got ours hooked up but it takes a day or so to clear..

Then yesterday was lovely..
I even got a bit of garden work done.. 
Terry picked me some white lilacs .. 
Don't you love the smell through the house?

And we had a bit of company.. smile..

Now we are home for the weekend and as soon as we arrived I phoned to get our Internet and phone hooked up.. 
Oh Brother.. 
What a time..
 The Internet in St. Martins is almost all taken but thank the Lord we managed to get a spot and will have it in a week.. 
 I guess my blog will suffer a bit but I really do have lots to do so that is for the best I am thinking..  

At least the cottage is basically ready but the shop will take at least another week.. or two.... 

Well, dear hearts.. 
I am going to crawl into our water bed and have a good nights sleep.. 
I will get back to you once more, I hope, before we go back ... 

Thanks so much for stopping by and look so forward to hearing from you all.. 

God bless..

Friday, June 7, 2013

Just a little trip...

Hello my dears.. 

Welcome to the Blessed Hearth on this lovely Friday evening..

We have been away for a few days and had a good time.. 
We just went down to Bangor, Maine and then came back via the coast road.. 
A beautiful drive.. 
I love seeing how people decorate their homes.. 
The pic above was of a day care that I thought someone might be interested in.. smile.. 

We stopped by a little goat farm to see if they were selling any of their soaps but the signs were down.. 
The goats were adorable as always, though.. 

Drove down to Bucksport and saw the bridge and Fort Knox.. 

We did a lot of shopping.. 

Then before we headed home we decided to go to St. Martins to check on the heat at the cottage and leave some stuff for the shop..

I took a few pics of my poor herb beds.. 
The Comfrey is up and doing great.. 
I brought some home to make my gardener's salve ... 
But the yard needs work as do the beds... 

I really do have to get busy... 
Yes, the panic is on.. 

While we were driving through the village I noticed how busy everyone was... 
Mowing their lawns, cleaning and remodeling... 
Getting their businesses up and ready for the season.. 

Then we ran into some friends who own the wonderful Bed and Breakfast up the street with the Mexican food .. 
They were wondering when we were opening the shop.. 

The rooms are not even finished let alone the shop ready to open.. 
Oh well.. 
Besides my heart rate rather high and running out of paper bags for me to breathe into we are doing fine... grin.. 
Just kidding.. 
This is when I do my best work.. smile.. 

Next week we will be there for several days trying to get caught up.. 

I always dread getting the phone hooked up down there as they always mess up my Internet.. Dread.... 
I think I will wait until we are really there ... 

I did find a few lovely old and prim things while we were away.
I love the old Chicken Barn for finding some neat stuff..
Lots of antiques and books.. 
Two of my fave things.. 

We ate at some lovely places and just had fun, too.. 
Of course, we (Terry) did not miss the hockey games.. 
Little cousin (Brad Marchand) does pretty good most of the time.. smile.. 
Hope the Bruins win... 

I made a Shepherd's Pie for supper.. 
Different from my usual so here is the LINK..
I did not add the cheese as we do not need it and added a bit of garlic and herb to the hamburger.. 
Yes, Terry loved it..

He prefers simple food and this was simple but good.. 
That's me.. 

Well, sweet ladies that is all for tonight.  

This time of year our kids start their travelling.. 
I know that is so nice and all but they are on my mind.. 
One is on his way to Old Quebec City tonight.. 
Praying that they get there and back safely.. 
At least she speaks French.. grin.. 

Thanks so much for your visit and I am glad you came.
Welcome to the new followers, too..
Love having you.. 

Take care my friends..