Saturday, February 26, 2022

February's Ramble and Roll....

Hello dear hearts... 
Welcome back to the Blessed Hearth... 
It is a beautiful but a bit chilly Saturday afternoon here in Maritime Canada... 
Terry and I are having a holiday of sorts.. smile.. 
Not getting much accomplished but enjoying ourselves.. 
Spent the morning with our daughter and son in law.. 
It was so nice.. 
We need the family a lot more it seems lately.. 
They are sure a blessing from the Lord.. 

Terry is watching the Nascar race so I thought I would finish up this 
post that I began probably a week ago.. 

Had myself locked out of blogger.. 
I must say of all the things that I have lost and miss the most is my mind.. lol... 
Anyway, after a bit of traversing back and forth I found my way back here.. 

As I am calling this a bit of a ramble and roll... 
I best get to it.. 

I have been trying my best to get some make and dos done.. 
This is a calendar I made.. 

I just use the paper bags that the stores are packing things in now.. 
They only cost a few cents and I find them so useful for so many projects.. 
I bought a small calendar and just used the monthly pages.. 
Dug out a few of my British Country Living with it's beautiful pics and cut and pasted... 
I have been doing my extra large one for the kitchen for years.. 
I was mentioning it to my sister and she liked the sound of it so I decided to make a small one for her.. 
The other day I bought another small one to make for my bedroom..
I like the size of it...  

Then as Terry gives me new list books every Christmas which I love.. 
I glued a new cover on this years..
Not that it will last a year.. 
It only has 750 pages.  lol.. He gets them at Staples..  
Brown Transferware.. 
I love it and have a huge collection.. 
I collected it when we had the cottage in St. Martins.. 
One shelf at the cottage of Brownware.. 

My latest felting project.. 
A cushion cover I think.. 

It is not finished yet.. 
Will show you it all next time.. 

Rolling on here... 
I received this wee gift from our youngest son.. 
A brass kind of bookmark for this booklover.. smile.. 

It was tucked inside this paper which you can plant.. 
Sweet, eh!

And a sweet candle... 
Made with wild flowers... 💗
The City of Calgary did up a box of hand done work and sold them for gifts.. 
It was lovely.. 
Packed right full of lovely things.. 

I have been doing the usual cooking and a bit of baking.. 

Acadian Chicken Friguot.... 
A Maritime dish.. 
Chicken and Dumplings with Summer Savory..

We had another bit of a storm yesterday... Another Friday storm.. 
This was Friday's Lunch.. 
Shepherds Pie

And no knead bread.. 
Made in a long sweet bread pan.. 

The Shepherds Pie above sort of recipe.. 

Just fry up the hamburger, onion and garlic till almost cooked through..
Boil up a few potatoes, drain, mash and whip up. 
Add tomato soup to hamburger mixture.. 
Place in a casserole dish, add green beans (home canned preferably) smile 
and your whipped potatoes.. 
You can put a layer of cheese but I just spread a bit of butter and paprika.. 
Bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes or till heated through.. 

Rolling along.. 
Or is it rambling.. 😏

I guess I have been making breads.... 

This is the no knead recipe made into cinnamon rolls and baked as a bread.. 

One of Terry's Valentine treats... smile.. 

This is an oat banana bread which did not go over with him.. 

He didn't like the old fashioned oats sprinkled over the top!
I thought it was excellent.. smile.. 

Another version of the no knead bread.. 

Made it different ... Just because... (I know... I don't have much to do)  and another banana bread... 
He loves that one.. 

Gee... I made a lot of bread this month.. 
The regular no knead one.. 

I think I will make another kind in March... lol.. 
This one is just so easy.... 

Rambling along... 
This is my winter window sill garden.. grin.. 
Alfalfa Sprouts which I love dearly.. 
Cutting the bottoms off of green onions and regrowing a couple of times.. 
And fresh herbs...
Love the basil the best! 
The middle one is an Asian herb but I forget the name... 
It is pretty but I don't use it much yet... 
And sage, of course.. 
In the sunroom I have rosemary, thyme and parsley... 

Copied this off of Pinterest, I think... 
Some wisdom for us... 

As usual ... 
Trying to tidy up drawers and such.. 
I am such a messy person.. 
Oh dear... 
Love my cloth napkins, placemats and napkin holders.. 
Do you use cloth napkins?  

A few pics I took on the way home during a storm... 

used the edit to make them black and white.. 
I think I am going to have them enlarged for myself.. 
And frame them... smile.. 

Did you enjoy your Valentine's Day?   

We went out to St- Huberts earlier in the week and then just stayed home on Valentine's Day.. 

Made a wee  bit of effort... 
We have had 51 Valentine's Days together married.. 
Next month we will be married for 52 years but since it is February I didn't think that counted.. 
I can't really remember that first Valentine's Day as we were just 
getting acquainted.. 
We met in January at our school carnival.. 
MY.... it was so long ago but seems like yesterday.. 

All right old lady!
Keep rolling.. grin.. 

I made some white sugar cookies with icing too.. 
I think they were for me.. 
Love one with my tea and book.. 

Felted a bunch of stuffed hearts for gifts.. 

And a few tags... 💕

Rambling along.. 
We had a huge snow storm or three in February.. 
The dear man had a lot of cleaning up to do to get all the walks and driveway cleared.. 
But he did it... 

Felt so bad for the birds so made them some cupcakes.. 

They have gone over very well.. 
Just melted some lard and added bird food and nuts and such that were getting a bit old.. 
I usually freeze all of the nuts that I buy but at Christmas I forgot.. 
I think they enjoyed them anyway.. 

Here is a book I loaded up on my Kindle.. 

It was very enjoyable.. 
Love Marilla... 

And finally.. 
I found this on Pinterest and used it one afternoon for a wee Bible Study.. 
They have lots of different ones on there so I just take a screen shot so I don't need to keep looking them up.. 

How are you ladies enjoying these last weeks of Winter? 
I know here we have a couple more months perhaps then a lot of you.. 
But we are used to it.. 
Trying not to rush my life away just for a warm day.. 

God blesses us occasionally with a lovely warm one so at least we remember what will soon be here.. grin.. 
Had one of those days last week.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by my dears.. 
In a world full of gloom and despair then we can find peace and rest through our Lord.. 
Making our homes a sanctuary for our families  and our hearts a sanctuary of praise for the One who holds it all in His hands.. 
That is where I find my peace.. 
Through Him and his Word.. 

Hope to hear from you all in the comments here, FaceBook or Instagram.. 
I know some of you readers are on Instagram and I hope I haven't bored you with double posts sort of.. 

God bless... 

Keeping the world in our prayers.. 
Trusting God...